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  1. Don't get to excited its only 1x256 of Corsair PC3500 rev.1.1, thats using a OCZ booster with 3.6v cooled with 90mm fan. Only run that for benching thats it. I would love to find a 512 stick of bh5 cheap matched that with a 3200/3400DTR at 10x270htt 2-2-2-5-1t would be sweeeeet.
  2. Also try disconnecting all your IDE devices and leave your 2 SATA Raptors on SATA 3&4. Anychance you can take a screen shot of your bios settings, dram config, temps, etc.
  3. Yup, TCCD all the way. Even running cas2-2-2-5-1t at 270htt is still slower than 2.5-3-3-5-1t at 290htt. Can't believe for the life of me why this board doesn't respond to really aggressive timings.:confused:
  4. To bad seems like a really nice setup in your sig. What chips are on your Adata? What happens when you just tried 1x512? Getting 2x512 stable at 270htt is very tough for some memory controllers to handle. I've tested many cpu's on my DFI, 3 CH's and 2 NC's all had it own limitations. My best being my 3200DTR and worst being a 3700 CH. Figures right.
  5. I'm running the stock sink and paste but added a 40mm fan. Thats all you need and have zero issues reaching 300htt.
  6. I can't speak for the Abit or Asus but I personally really enjoy benching with my MSI K8N Neo-FSR. I find it very fast and rock stable. Don't get me wrong the DFI is top dog but I just think the MSI makes better use of bandwidth. Dam I knew I shouldn't of opened my mouth again.:shake:
  7. Don't think its your ram, maybe your memory controller isn't picking up on the 2nd stick. My guess is in this order, cpu, board then ram.
  8. Yup vcore seems to fluctuate except when your stressing your cpu. Run prime and watch your voltage rise. I doubt any bios will correct this and really shouldn't be a issue. Run prime to find what voltage you need run. As for the temps I doubt you'll find any NF3 board that will correctly read out your temps. 29c off that Asus sounds low to me unless you had your windows open in the middle of winter. I would say 40-44c would be a good guess at stock voltage and aircooler.
  9. Anything with TCCD chips will fly on this board. All that you mention does indeed make sticks with TCCD chips aboard. Check out this link for the exact model #..............http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overcl...g/AMD/memory/91 There a few more like Patriot & GSkill as well. You have the right idea going with 1x512 for OCing with any 754 cpu.
  10. Bugs? Please explain what bugs you seeing with any of the beta bios's 9/14 and newer?
  11. 1.8v is way to high to get your system to boot properly. If you need to do that something else is wrong. I might say 1.6v is ok but 1.8v is plain nonsense. Making sure your ATI has its own 4pin molex without sharing is a good thing though your PS should be plenty strong enough if that molex was sharing. Just my thoughts.
  12. Why don't you make a sig so we can see your complete specs before offering any advice. Makes things easier.
  13. When you boot up and your get the dreaded "Detecting Array" post that usually means something might be OC beyond its limits. If your sig is correct try lowering your HTT=3 if set to 4 in the bios. What bios u runnng?
  14. Yup, no problems there, though anything over 280htt 1:1 is where this board excels.
  15. 2.7/300hht stable here's what ya need: 3200+OEM NC CG can be found at Newegg GSkill or OCZ PC3200EL Plat rev2 or PC3700EL Plat. Cannot use stock heatsink. Offerings from Swiftech or Thermalright should help. Tips for 300HTT on DFI, only use 1x512 as the 754 cpus's have only single memory controllers, getting 2xanything at 300HTT is tuff. Don't use SATA1 & 2 use only 3 & 4 when OCing past 240htt. TCCD chips run best at cas2.5-3-3-10-1t with little voltage, say between 2.7-2.9v. Any of the new beta bios's are much better than shipping bios. One more thing, 300HTT is not guaranteed with just not any cpu. I've tested 5 754's 3 CH's and 2 NC's each one as it limits. My highest HTT was accomplished with a 3200+DTR maxed out around 325htt and 305htt memtest stable. Goodluck
  16. If running XP use the new 4.12's Cats on ATI website or if W2K use the 4.11's. These new drivers seemed so far to fix my Nascar 2003 game from constantly crashing. Which directx and ATI drivers are you running?
  17. I've taken my OCZ rev2 up to 278 1:1 at 2-3-3-5-1t with 3.45v. memtest stable and everything, problem is no noticeable improvement when running cas2 over 2.5 at same speed. Thus why take the chance of killing your ram.
  18. Few things for ya. 1. Don't use SATA1 or 2 when OCing, use 3&4 above the AGP slot. 2. Don't use lots of voltage on TCCD chips, max 2.9v anymore will create heat and errors. 3. Don't forget your cpu is only a single memory controller in short meaning it will OC 1 stick better than 2 though you should be able reach atleast 250htt with 2x512 anything TCCD chips. 4. Try one stick at a time in dimm1, possible faulty stick 5. Don't use half multipliers on your cpu 6. TCCD can only mustard tight timings around 220-230htt, you need to relax them alittle, try cas2.5-3-3-5-1t. with 2.7v.
  19. You shouldn't need to increase voltage for your board to recognize your ram. When you install 2 sticks and go into windows then right click/properties on MY Computer how much ram does windows recognize?
  20. You should have WinFlash on your installation cd which can be used to flash your bios in windows. Make sure your system is completely stable and not OCing.
  21. Nice OC with little voltage. Those seem like good cpu's though I prefer the ClawHammer DTR's. That 1mb cache is huge more than most think.
  22. Possible with booster in dimm1 but don't know how the board will perform like that, most likely not good.
  23. I've heard around some forums that dimm2 might be defective on some DFI LP's. Try dimms 1&3. Also might want to flash to a newer beta bios as these seem to fix some issues with the shipped bios.
  24. No problems with my booster up 3.6v on my DFI. Use dimm3 for the booster.
  25. Open up SmartGuardian and you'll notice your PWMIC temps are exactly the same temps Sandra reports your CPU at. So Angry is the PWMIC actually the cpu temps or is Sandra just misreading?
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