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  1. Just put my order in at Newegg 3400+ mobile should arrive on Friday. Hoping to get alittle more HTT wise out of this cpu compared to my 3400+DTR. For some reason I can bench at 10x270htt but refuses to boot with multi 9 at anything over 288htt. Praying for 9x300htt stable.:nod:
  2. DFI board is the only 754 board that will let you run your cpu at 1t over 260htt stable, that alone should make one buy the DFI LP.
  3. Sell your Mushkin lv1 and get something with some TCCD chips. Seems your memory controller on your cpu is liking those chips on your Mushkin.
  4. Nope, not with my 9800Pro, though the game would prolly run better in OGL with a Nvidia card.
  5. You obviously don't play Nascar2003, I gain 8-10fps with the 4.12's over the 4.11's and I don't play HL2. not LOL.
  6. bryan, like ViperJohn suggest go with a OEM chip that you know is a CG core. Buy either the 3400DTR or 3400Mobile both are CH's and CG cores. Obviously you might need to mod your cpu bracket or I think you already said you have a Thermalright that doesn't need moddin.
  7. The Cat. 4.11's are crap and really slow. The 4.12's are much better. Just curious if your running directx 9.0c? I made the mistake of installing 9.0b and had serious locking up issues with Nascar 2003 where the game would freeze or lose video signal to my monitor. I installed 9c or 9b which was a big mistake, forgot all about directx buster. Reformatted with 9c problem gone.
  8. My personal opinion is if this is your first 64 then go with a new 3500+ Winchester/MSI Neo2 combo. This is one hot setup. I know the DFI LP UT is selling like hotcakes but believe me the MSI Neo2 is just as hot or hotter. For 754 DFI/3400DTR or mobile is real nice. For 939 MSI/3500+ Winchester is real sweet. I haven't mentioned any FX due to price, if you have the money for a FX55/MSI combo pull the trigger thats one hellava setup. As for ram any TCCD sticks will do very well on both platforms. The ole standby bh-5 runs nice on the DFI but hit or miss on the MSI Neo2, though supposively the newer batches have been responding better but be prepared to push more than 3.4v thru them to reach 250htt 2-2-2-5-1t on either platform. If Amd made some .09 micron cpu's for 754 that would be nice but it doesn't look like thats on their roadmap. Amd is really in good shape simply having their 754 as their lowest line and still compete with some 939 setups.
  9. Just spotted at Newegg.....................http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-103-477&depa=1 nice price.
  10. I've tested a 3200+ NC CG core at 2.8 against my 3400DTR at 2.6 and that 1mb cache is just amazing. Just not for gaming but just in general my pc seems quicker doing everything. I'll only buy 1mb CH for now on.
  11. Well you'll need either a better powersupply or a OCZ booster to run any bh-5 chips at 250htt. Anything that has TCCD chips will fly on the DFI. Look for brands that use the Powerbrain PCB as these tend to OC alittle better. That being said I have OCZ PC3200EL Plat. rev2 TCCD with v.808 Powerbrain PCB that flies over 300htt but recently testing the Geil UltraX PC3200 TCCD and same PCB and has problems getting over 300htt. Goes to show ya not all TCCD sticks perform the same. I suggest the Patriot TCCD sticks, cheaper than most and reviews have been very good. Crucial Ballistix is good but won't match any TCCD above 270htt, tested a stick of PC3200 myself.
  12. RGone and Rabbi here's a comparison for ya, my 3400DTR.......... Note it Primes at 2.65(10x265htt 12hrs+) on water at same voltage. Priming right now at screen shot, seems I'm having a problem with multi 9 with this cpu. Doesn't seem to want to to 9x290-295 like old 3200DTR. Hoping alittle burn in will loosen up the memory controller alittle, though I have no issues booting up at 8x315htt with this DTR. Think multi 9 is screwing me.
  13. Yup, noticed. Anxious to see if the price difference is worth it.
  14. One better $221........................http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-103-442&depa=1 Link says it should be a CO stepping but my week 0438 I just received today is a CG core, 3400BEX5AR. Doing nicely at 2.55/1.72v. Was hoping for 2.6 not unless alittle burn in is needed.
  15. Thats putting it nicely. I was tempted to respond but isn't worth it. I can only say how can DFI claim to be "The King of OCing motherboards" but don't support OCing. Makes me chuckle.
  16. Makes for a real nice combo. I use the 10/5 beta bios with my 3200DTR. I love the extra cache and will actually say I think they have better memory controllers. My DTR runs my highest HTT and can handle 2x512 higher than anyother cpu I've tested. You won't be disappointed.
  17. I stand corrected, saw the clawhammer and jumped to conclusions. My bad. Usually when you get the Detecting Array that means something about your OC isn't stable. I noticed you said slightly OCed, what exactly is a slight OC to you?
  18. Don't think so, some end with AP not AR meaning CO core. We let ya know on Monday, ordered a 3400+DTR from Newegg that was labeled as AP at the end. Some have said they ordered the exact cpu and received the AR or CG core.
  19. Think you'll need the 9/14 beta or later bios to get your DTR to work properly. I find the 10/5 beta the best for my DTR.
  20. Yeah, running DTR at the moment. The 10/05 seems to like my 3200+DTR the best, atleast performance wise. I'm sure if enough posters voiced that indeed they have the similar issue it will be looked at.
  21. Please point out anywhere in my post that I said my OC wasn't stable? I was just making a point that this board seems to have boot issues. If I'm the only one with this issue then it must be my hardware. Man time for a new PS, I mean mine at only a measly $150 must not be cutting it. :mad: I'm pretty confident other members will voice their opinions as well.
  22. are the bios's. I mean there great for OCing but not very dependable. Example, sometimes(50/50) it takes 2 reboots for the changed bios settings to take effect. Not only that I have this issue where for a cold boot the board isn't booting with the correct voltage settings but say at default settings. Example of that is when from a cold boot screen says something is corrupt please reinstall blank blank blank. I know whats happening is the board is booting with the right OC I have set but the voltages are not and takes a 2nd reboot to enter windows. Please don't try and tell me to run prime or memtest because everyone else here in this forum is prolly experiencing this same problem. This happens with the 9/14 and 10/05 beta, haven't run the 10/15 long enough to know if the problem is there as well.
  23. these are the parameters I use when flashing and have no issues with temps............ /py/wb/sn/cc/cd/cp/f/r works like a charm everytime.
  24. Tried OCing without booster installed? Usually dimm1 is best for running single stick, if you've doubled checked everything and still doesn't perform like your old board then I would RMA it. With your components there no reason why dimm1 shouldn't be reaching 300htt with same components you had before.
  25. Check to make sure you heatsink is making good contact with your DTR. Not many heatsinks fit snug on any cpu's without heatspreaders. Shut down pc then slightly move your heatsink, if it moves pretty easy kinda like sliding on top of the core you need to fix that ASAP. Check your temps in the bios if they start to go past 80c that explains why you system is shutting down. Also your MB could be shorting out in your case. I would check your temps then if all seem fine reinstall your MB.
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