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  1. I have my nF4 now and have gotten a good enough grasp of it over the last couple days to put up some initial results (see first post). I'm still learnnig, and may improve some as I beome more familiar with the intricacies of the BIOS settings. Most notably, while my memory will fly at read preamble of 4.5, I have not been able to stabilize it at 7.5 at high frequencies. This may be limiting my overclock, but may not. Time and tweaking will tell.


    I moved my nF3 results to post #3 for those who are interested in comparing the two boards. My general impressions are that the nF3 did a great job, and that the nF4 has not led to dramatic improvements. The main differences between the two rigs are the use of an X800 versus an 7800GT, and 2T timings versus 1T.


    If your GSKill FF's TCCD then your should be using bios 510-2Fix, then follow my timings in above post in 64 tweaker. I've tried many different bios's and this kicks all butt. :)

  2. Congrats on a great looking chip! I don't care what it cost, it's much less than an FX!!! I really believe that these things increase so much by model - I'd take a 150 CABGE over a 144 CABNE any day. And please, those who disagree because of performance/price ratios, I understand your point. But in terms of pure performance, there are some monsters out there who haven't even surfaced yet!


    Dual core owners, we are DYING to hear from you! Have we already missed the boat? Or are good steppings still abundant? Only your results can show us the light!!!


    I agree word for word. I'll leave the 144 to the phase cooling lords. I actually purchased this cpu locally so I knew the stepping before hand but the catch is I only paid Opty 148 price which I felt I couldn't turn down.


    I'm wanting so bad to pull the trigger on a Opty 170 but I'll wait to see if the temps are as high as the X2's.

  3. First let me say I believe this is a video card issue but need to ask before I RMA. Just finished putting together new system in my sig. Went very smooth the board was a pleasure to work with. But I can't for the life of me run a single 3dmark bench without artifacts then freezing. I have the CO version of the EVGA 7800GT which is clocked higher than most GT's. There's been many others complaining as well and EVGA even put out another bios to fix this issue but did nothing for me.



    So long story short I have the 24pin, 4pin, and PCI express connected right out of my Powerstream. Now I used the VGA molex from my PS connected to the molex connection on the board. Is this ok to use or should I use a normal 4pin from the PS?


    Also does it make a difference which PCI express slot I use with a single card? I'm currently using the 1st one closest to the cpu.



  4. It takes a special single memory controller to achieve 300HTT 2x512mb. When I had my OCZ PC3200 Plat. rev2 last year matched with a Athlon64 3200 I was able to reach the desktop and run sandra at 305HTT but was totally unstable. On that same cpu I could reach 325HTT 1:1 single 512mb, best memory controller I've ever had on a 754 cpu.



    Pretty much done with 754 and waiting for the dual Opteron/DFI 939 Expert to go with my new GSKill 1GBLE.


    Its even harder to achieve 300HTT with 1mb cache 754's especially the mobiles.

  5. Niki, I'm glad to see your running a ML Turion on your UT board. Would like to know if you have pushed your memory controller yet? I've been thru many 64 mobiles and all the memory controllers are crapping out around 270-280htt in single channel mode and really suck with 2x512mb.


    Would like to hear from others with either Turions or Newarks. I think I'm finally done with 754 unless these new mobiles can reach 300htt and then some.

  6. Nice bios DFI. I lost my ethernet connection a month ago and tried reflashing countless times with different ones and could not get it back. Just flashed the 3/31 last night and couldn't believe when I had my onboard network back.


    Also seems my TwinMos SP utt ch5 sticks plays more friendly with this bios, now up to 260htt at 3.45v. Benchmarks seem to have a slight increase nothing great but nice to have.

  7. Originally posted by Angry_Games

    what '500w psu' exactly do you have?


    2k was never a strong gaming/3d/multimedia OS, especially compared to WinXP (which was built around multimedia useage).


    too many 2k problems with all NF3 chipsets for my liking (but I only would use 2k for server/ftp/webhosting/exchange etc)


    Trust me its not his/her powersupply or AGP aperture size. Its dam W2k with NF3 drivers. I've fought this ugly issue for over 2 weeks with no fix.


    Its use XP or don't game with some 9800 Pro's.

  8. If your running W2K then thats your problem, I had the same issue your having now. No matter what drivers I installed or how many times I reformatted my games still crashed. All was solved with installing XP. Not happy about it but nothing is worse than racing online and game crashes. Really pissed me off.


    Something about some 9800 Pro's and NF3 that sux.

  9. Originally posted by dillingerdan

    SOI? Bugger. How do you tell that RGone? My mobile is now here. :D week 29. stepping AMA3400BEX5AR CAACC 0429TPDW. Do I have SOI?


    Judging by your stepping you have a 3400DTR which are desktop replacement cpu. Really the only difference between a DTR and Mobile is the operating voltage of the two, DTR=1.5v, Mobile=1.4v. Also not all DTR's are CG cores whereas the Mobiles prolly are.


    Here's my Mobile 3400, notice the cpu string.



  10. Originally posted by Moose&Squirrel

    I have a sneaking suspicion this is related to sound.


    Any ideas?


    I don't really want to have to drop in a sound card :




    Don't think its sound related. Note we both have 9800 Pro's and I'm suffering the same syptoms. I can play for hours or for only a few minutes. I've reformatted countless times trying different things with same results.


    I truely believe my BBA 9800 Pro is not compatible with any NF3.


    Actually now I think of it I formatted with XP Pro SP2 and had no problems with gaming, went back to W2K cause I thought it was a driver issue. More and more I think about it the W2K ATI driver might be the issue. If you get a chance throw on a fresh install of XP.

  11. Originally posted by ViperJohn

    The 3400 DTR's come in both C0 and CG flavors with C0's being much more common.

    Newegg's 3400 DTR's are C0's according the the AMD part number the Egg has listed

    but some buyers have said they recieved CG's.


    The bottom line is 3400 CG Clawhammers are hard to find at the moment.


    Actually Newegg list the wrong stepping on their 3400DTR. I have one myself which I received a few weeks ago. I know of atleast 4 others that have received CG cores when ordering the 3400DTR from Newegg.


    I wouldn't be surprised to find all DTR's CG cores.


    Bryan don't worry about it being a CO core there's no reason for you to have to run 2t anyways on your DFI and since your a noobie to OCing this will be perfect for ya. I have money that says it will do 2.5 with a good aircooler.


    BTW, whats the week code?

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