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  1. board is down again, bad memory has been confirmed. If you have some of the bios chips for the dfi icfx3200 yet , I'll take 2.
  2. thanks I am not sure if its long enough though
  3. I broke mine. Anyone want to sell their bridge they've never used? sli nf4 expert only, others won't fit. If you know of a third party one that will fit, let me know, and I'll thanks you .
  4. Can you do bios chips for the DFI RD600 board? They are the 8Mbit chips, so I wanted to know before I went all out. The award flash floppy method has failed for me, or its a brand new dud floppy drive.
  5. I agree with angry there, don't go 680i. My board worked great for 6 days, then nothing but BSOD's randomly from every part of the system. I am not alone with these issues. I then I ram'd it, going with a dfi rd600 board for my sli setup now. No point in an endless rma loop, until the next revision of the chipset comes out. hope the board works good with hacked sli drivers, and the expert sli bridge fits.
  6. ok, so using un-matched pairs is impossible, and could cause this issue? even though cpu-z shows them all. even when timings are set properly, and they both handle same timings thats too bad, I cant buy the a matched pair anymore. ddr is gone.
  7. ok you dont understand. How does everyone think thats my issue here. I get treated like a noob, everywhere I go as ask for support. This is horrible. when I put memory in the yellow slots, they work when I put memory in the orange slots, they work when I put memory in all slots, it turns off the yellow slots and only uses the orange slots. now is their a bios that doesn't do this? or is this the cpu's job?
  8. I know I might get told its my opteron 165 again, but I finally got a bios that can boot sticks with the yellow slots. But when it shows the post screen, its shows only channels 1,3 and 5,6 are in use, not all 8 of them , 1,3 and 5,6 , and 2,4 and 7,8 Also in windows, it shows 2GB of ram, I am installing xp 64bit now. I will let you know if this fixes my issues. CPU-Z shows 4096MB of ram, and the spd's of all the sticks. but task manager only shows 2048 as my memory. and running 4 windows memtests, failed to work too. also would trying my dfi nf4 lanparty sli-dr give me a better chance?
  9. ok thanks rgone. I will try my best to get this working then. one set is mushkin hp 3200's 2X1Gb and the other are the ocz's in the sig. same spd's and same timings atleast edit I guess I'll just have to sell the memory. since the chances of getting 4GB working even with same brand, and model is low.
  10. ok, thanks you very much for this info I will test this now. yellows dont work oranges do. thats why I am asking about if their is an issue with yellow slots with certian bios' and if their is a bios that yellow slots do work
  11. Please dont move this to overclock section, I am on defaults rights now. Hello I did a search, and came up empty on this one. The yellow slots wont work at all for me with my 2X1GB ddr 400 2-3-2-6 moduals. I am trying to use 4GB of ram, but the yellow slots just dont work, they worked when I had UTT memory, now they dont work at all. Any ideas anyone? I have tried disabling dram bank interleave, and cpc. I have tried 2 yellow slots 1 in orange, no post. I have tried 2 in orange , posts, but shows only 2GB.
  12. how about the new ocz gameXsteam 850W , just as recommended as the 700W? my ocz powerstream is causing random crashes while running a game since I upgraded to 2GB of ram, now I am going upto 4GB of ram
  13. @TheWizzard I know this might sounds like i am pulling a fast one on yah. But have you tried turning them back on? Didn't you know, merlin has played tricks on people since the time of the knights of the round table.
  14. I finally got one of those working http://hirotaro_the_samurai.dl.interia.pl/EX041106.ZIP wasn't corrupt for me.
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