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  1. My rig is being cooled by an EXOS water cooling unit. I have my vcore set at default +113% and my vdimm is 2.8 (would not go higher than 2.9 on TCCD). The hanging on the NV raid screen may be due to too low a vcore...but with stock HSF...I would be weary of increasing it. Also, it may be a CPU limitation. As the AMD64 cpus have the memory controller on die...the overclock potential of RAM may be limited by the CPU. My first step for you would be to get a better heatsink and fan..then move up vcore....of course...dun push vcore too high...I think +113% is the max I will go...and I am on water. Hope this helps... Good luck
  2. I would try Oskar Wu's recommended memory settings for TCCD memory modules. I have 2X512MB of TCCD RAM and had some probs until I applied Wu's settings. Now sitting at 10x260...haven't tried higher..cause I am happy where I am. Try the settings out...good luck.
  3. I agree with everyone that building your own watercooler is the way to get the best performance. However, easy kits like the Koolance Exos and the Hydrocool from Corsair are not to be over looked. These kits allow for some good cooling with easy setup and less chance of problems. I personally use the Koolance Exos and am happy with it. I live in a hot environment and with my Koolance Exos I am able to overclock my 3200+ NC AMD64 to 10*260...which I think is not bad Good luck with whatever you choose.
  4. PC Power and Cooling 510 delux...I love it and able to overclock well with it
  5. I have only heard of problems with the 9X multi and two sticks of RAM. I personally had this problem and therefore use the 10X multi. I am able to get to 10*260 FSB with two sticks using Oskar Wu's recommended memory settings. I have not tried to go higher because I am happy at this speed. Your hanging problem may be due to poor memory settings or too low a vcore...try messing with both. Good luck
  6. Can anyone make me a cool sig. I tried to join this toaster thing...but apparently my A64 does not qualify...I guess cause its too easy to get to 250FSB or 2500.
  7. While it is true that one stick will provide you with a good overclock...there are a number of variables that come into play i.e. limitation of RAM...CPU...PSU...etc. I personally have two sticks and am able to have a 1:1 10*260 overclock...using Wu's settings. If you are a gamer...I suggest two stick...you will need it. If you want pure speed....then get one stick...and let the good times roll. This board is awesome! Good luck!
  8. Anyone gonna come up with toaster sig for A64's? I am dying to get one of these sigs!!!!
  9. Uncle_Sam is right. The 9500Pro has the 9700's 8 pipelines...only on a 128 bit interface. ATI also locked the 9500Pro to prevent us from OCing it easily and having the 9700's goodness.
  10. If you have the money....go PC Power and Cooling Turbo 510 delux...mmmm...its the Rolls of PSUs.
  11. Here you go! http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=43534
  12. Hmm...can't comment on your PS...I have a PC PowerandCooling Turbo 510. This is one of the best power supplies on the market and I get some flacky reads using Smartguardian. There is speculation that there are issues causing poor readings. As suggested by many...test with a multimeter and see what the actual voltages are before you worry too much. However....regarding your BIOS flashing...you can flas your BIOS though Windows using the WINFLASH utility. It is on the MB packaged CD.
  13. Just ran SANDRA....4031MB/s... How is that?
  14. For the longest time my Newcastle 3200+ was stuck at 10*250. After some digging I found Oskar Wu's recommended memory timings for reaching DDR600. When my memory (2X512MB TCCD) did not allow me to reach a FSB of 300, I was a little sore - but chalked up my failure to one of my sticks not being able to get there (could be both...but I like to think it is just one ). I then tried to hit my previous 2.5Ghz by using the 9X multi...this only allowed me to discover that I was plagued by the 9X multi problem. With all else lost I went back to my 10X multi and tried a higher FSB there....low and behold...I hit 10*260! I have not tried to go higher...I'm happy here...2.6Ghz....with a vcore of 1.65...vdimm of 2.8...memory timings at 2.5,4,3,7. Thank you Oskar Wu...I could not have done it without you.
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