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  1. The main reason why Conroe is so fast is because it's been designed to be able to process 4 instructions per clock cycle. A64s can only do about 3 instructions per clock cycle. Second reason, it's based on 65nm tech while A64s are still 90nm, thus they clock very well. Basically, Conroe is a generation newer than A64s. So once AMD get their next gen out maybe things will be more even. Remember AMD haven't done any major design changes to the A64 "core" since it's release. Only real changes they've made are to the memory controller and L2 cache sizes. The core, I.E. it's instruction processing units have remained more or less the same. But, yeah Conroe will be damn fast when it's officially released and retailing.
  2. My Opteron 165 does 2.7GHz aircooled with 1.5v, I'd go for an Opty if I was you Cheaper too!
  3. Thank you so much for your help. Nailed the problem on it's head having followed your instructions! Cheers
  4. Hi all Just purchased the hardware listed in my signature and I'm having problems installing Windows XP 64bit. I've used several DFI boards before and I'm familiar with all the settings. I've got it all setup at default speeds and timings now for testing purposes as I just cannot get Windows installed. It's memtest stable for 11+ hours. Basically, I've setup my two Hitachis in RAID 0, formatted them as one "500GB" drive. Format the drive as NTFS and Windows installation copies the files. It reboots and I set the keyboard settings, input my product code, it carries on installing drivers and start menu items etc. It reboots again, this is where it should then come up with the options for finalising the installation, I.E. Security Centre and the like. But about 3 seconds in to loading(it just passes the Windows XP boot screen) it restarts and goes back to the BIOS. Having tried loading Windows in Safe Mode, it gets as far as loading the file acpitbl.bin(going by memory, at work at the moment) and that's where it stops. I've tried installing without RAID turned on but still no good. What shall I try next? Thanks for any help.
  5. Having played a lot more with 0711 BIOS I have found out that the issue I have now is actually my CPU. I knew it was a crap clocker from the start, needs 1.6v for 2.5GHz even though it's watercooled. Well, now I realise the memory controller on it is crap too. 313MHzx8(2.5GHz) with the memory running at 209MHz(133MHz divider) is stable(Prime 95, 8 hours+) 250MHzx7(1.75GHz) with RAM at 250MHz is stable(Prime 95, 8 hours+) 250MHzx9(2.25GHz) with RAM at 250MHz is unstable(Prime 95 stops in 30 mins) 277MHzx9(2.5GHz) with RAM at 229MHz is also unstable(Prime 95 stops in 30 mins) Looks like the board issues are fixed to me, it's just the CPU holding me back, or so it appears
  6. Slots 1 and 3 are definitely the best two on that board you are using. Set Command Rate to 1T too, no need for 2T with your setup and it only kills performance. SATA ports 3 and 4, I.E. the two near the CPU socket are the best. Best thing to do is completely disable ports 1 and 2 in the BIOS
  7. Sorry dude, been away for 2 weeks. I know this is a rather big thread but the issue is discussed at great lengths here - http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=32759 It's a common GF6800/NF3 issue! You should find your BIOS to download here - http://www.mvktech.net/index.php?option=co...er&filecatid=63 BIOS Editor here - http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1118 BIOS Flasher here - http://www.mvktech.net/index.php?option=co...er&filecatid=42 Good luck
  8. Been away for two weeks, just flashed 0711 and so far the difference is brilliant over 0629, far more stable. Not sure whether I'll be able to get the same timmings with my RAM as I did on my DFI NF3 754 board. Will carry on testing
  9. Got a 6800Ultra here, play at 1680x1050, 4xAF, AA off, VSync on with every in game setting on high. Plays extremely smoothly since I got my 2GB of Crucial RAM. With 1GB it was very choppy, often accessing the hard drive. BUT, with 1GB it was fine in single player, so basically, the game appears to use more RAM and be more demanding when in multiplayer mode
  10. To fix this issue with my system I got a new BIOS for the GFX card and I modified it to provide the core with 1.5v in 3D instead of only 1.4v. Turning off fast writes fixes this issue for most, but as you've said it hasn't for you
  11. Fun? LOL, it's been a royal pain in the arse all weekend. I'll sell it all and go for one of the DFI NF4 boards, they are much more mature, tried and tested. for one this board is totally unstable with my 2x512mb Patriot PC3200 XBL(Samsung TCCD) even at STOCK SETTINGS!!!! It's far more stable with my 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC4000, but I've still not been able to get it 100% stable at any settings I've tried.
  12. I do at the moment feel cheated. Seriously considering selling my 6800Ultra, mobo and this crapo 3000+ Venice when I get back from holiday and trying my luck again and going PCI-E
  13. I've gone back to the Orange Slots as it turns out the yellow ones didn't help me at all. I've spent nearly 3 solid days testing now and I think I've almost got to the bottom of the instability. Bloody hell this board is hard work!
  14. My DFI Lan Party NF3 Ultra-D hate my Patriot PC3200 Samsung TCCD RAM, I can get it memtest86 stable, but I can't even run SANDRA bandwidth test without it crashing. So sticking to my 2GB Crucial Ballistix for benching and all testing now. Still not been able to get it stable. I think I'll finally find out what the issue is exactly, but it's taking me ages
  15. I've been playing with my setup since the new board and CPU came. I must have spent 30 hours in the last 2 days testing and I just cannot get it stable in Windows when running Prime 95. This appears to be regardless of CPU and/or RAM speed or timmings. So, I just thought I'd try the yellow slots, and so far, the most stability I've ever had, about 30 mins! Fingers crossed that it holds up
  16. Does anyone else think that their CPU temps look abnormally high?
  17. Got my DFI Lan Party NF Ultra D today along with a new 3000+ Venice 0520. Put it all together with 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC4000, Geforce 6800Ultra, SB Audigy 2 ZS and a 550w Antec TrueControl PSU. Even though the RAM was perfectly stable and error free at 250MHz at 3,3,3,7 on my DFI Lan Party UT NF3 250, it will only do 3,4,4,10 stable on this board at the same frequency. The RAM don't like more than 2.7v(Measure with multimeter, using 2.6v in the BIOS) on this board either even though it was happy to have 2.85v on my 754 NF3 board The CPU is crap also, even though I have top watercooling gear, the CPU still needs 1.55v to even boot into Windows at 2.4GHz Using 0629 BIOS. Any tips, something I may have missed? I've tried a lot already but nothing is helping me Think I'll try turning off DEP and see if that helps at all. EDIT: Nope, turning DEP doesn't help me at all, still need silly voltages to even boot in Windows at only 2.4GHz
  18. Well actually..... It's Ports 1 and 2 that run off the Marvel chip and it's them two ports that .up over 240MHz FSB.
  19. I must add, the DFI NF3 250 GB is exactly the overclocking monster of a motherboard I was hoping for! Cheers Been running it 24/7 at full load with my 3000+ at 2.5GHz and my PC3200 at 250MHz totally stable, I've thrown everything at it, even Prime95, stable for over 24 hours at last check
  20. Read my review, I use Nascar 2003 for some of my benchmarks. You want this page - http://www.gurureview.co.uk/content/view/186/0/1/12/
  21. Nascar 2003 worked fine for me under WinXP 64bit Scyphe, you are wrong about software performance being lower under 64 bit Windows. - http://www.gurureview.co.uk/content/view/186/
  22. Ok, this might sound REALLY picky, LOL, but it's a bug nontheless. As you may be aware SATA ports 1 & 2 use the external PHY while 3 & 4 use the internal one, and upon POST, if you have all 4 SATA ports enabled, it tells you this. However, if you disable SATA ports 1 & 2, it then tells you that 3 & 4 use the external PHY, which is obviously wrong. Ok, that's my input to the bug list
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