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  1. i have noticed that with my expert if i add/remove ANY device from the last time i had it running i MUST reset the cmos or else it will either not boot, or hang during boot.
  2. Edited sig. System runs fine at 166x15, changing FSB to or higher than 200x8 results in BIOS corruption and makes me have to hot flash the BIOS chip. CPU FSB = 200 AGP Freq = 66 CPU Multi = 10 DRAM Freq = SPD (2-2-2-6) CPU volts = 1.7v DRAM volts = 3.2v SATA, Sound, and IEEE disabled. HDD is on its own ATA channel. CPC on, AGP FW off, Thermal Throttling off. The above settings = BIOS corruption. I have tested the CPU in my NF7-S v2 and it clocks to 200x12.5 and 225x11 on 1.7v Prime stable using the same BH6 RAM in dual channel. Is there anything that i left out, or you want to see? The board = dead (won't POST) and sitting beside me now so i cannot look in the BIOS to see all of the other settings and im trying my best to work off memory. Again, thanks for the help.
  3. Having a problem when trying to run 200 or higher FSB when using a Multi of 8 or more. The board is 100% stable running it at 2.5GHz (166x15 @ 1.7v). I got a new 2x 512 set of PC3200 and wanted to go up to at least 200x12.5 but im having no luck. I have tried 3 seperate 2x 512 PC 3200 kits and all of them net the same result. I have tried to get it to run at 200 or more FSB but each time i set it there and F10 out of the BIOS screen, it just goes blank. I have let it sit there for 30min hoping that it would POST but have had no such luck. From that point, i have tried resetting the CMOS, removing the battery, and have even left the battery out overnight with the board disconnected and it still wont POST. To get it to work again, i have to hot flash the BIOS (my BIOS savior is dead) using another board. I have done this 4 times so far and ended up going back to 166x15 because thats all that it runs at. Looking for some opinions on what to do next. Could it be a defective board, or BIOS chip, or what do you think could be another possible cause? Setup details: NF2 Ultra Infinity Rev A (Made in China) 2600+ Mobile AQYHA step 2x 512 Crucial PC2700 - 2x 512 Mushkin BH6 - 2x 512 Balistix - 2x 512 OCZ EB Thermalright SLK-900A + 92mm Tornado R9800 Pro Fortron 530w PSU Active cooling on North & Southbridge System runs at 30c idle and 40-42c load I have tried all official BIOS's (Currently using 11/21), a few of Hellfire's BIOS's (cant remember all the versions i have tried, info is at the house and i will post back later when i get there) all to no avail. Thanks ahead of time for the assistance.
  4. Mushkin 2-2-2 Special "was" running like a champ for me at 255x10 with 3.4vdimm. I think i may have hurt the chipset though in the process of running it that high when the HSF i was using was not installed properly (operator error). I can still run memtest @ 255-260 with no errors but once i let it go into the OS it crashes within minutes.
  5. There was a problem with turning off Spread Spectrum on the shipping BIOS. Many people (myself uncluded) could not get the board to POST at all using the shipping BIOS. I flashed to the 9/12 beta BIOS when it came out (its an official BIOS now) and it cured my POST problem and made things run soo much better!
  6. Thanks for the assistance guys. Plopped SP1a and installed ForceWare and it works like a dream.
  7. Having an odd peoblem that i have not seemed to be able to fix concerning the onblard LAN. I have done a complete OS reinstall twice and i am still having the same problem. One question of mine is that will the LAN work properly without installing the ForceWare firewall? I am using WinXP and do not have SP1 needed to install the ForceWare firewall manager. The problem i am having with my connection is rather odd (maybe its just me). I have complete LAN access to other computers on my home network but i cannot conenct to anything external like web pages and online games. I have searched here and tried the fixes for LAN issues but i am still having the same problem. Here's the settings in BIOS i have tried: I have all 4 SATA connections disabled for all tests.. 1st Setting set Onboard 1394 - Disabled MAC LAN (Nvidia) - Auto MAC media interface - RGMII Machine MAC (nv) Address - Auto -Grey'd out MAC Address 2nd setting set Onboard 1394 - Disabled MAC LAN (Nvidia) - Auto MAC media interface - RGMII Machine MAC (nv) Address - Enabled Machine MAC address - (I input the mac address from the AGP slot here) Either way, i have network access through the LAN here but i cannot connect to anything else. PC Specs are as follows: AMD64 3000+ CO rev. DFI Lanparty UT nForce3 250gb 2x 512 Crucial Ballistix 120GB WD HDD Radeon 9800Pro flashed to XT SLK 948 U + Tornado All tests have been done at stock settings with everything on Auto. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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