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  1. just look at my sig. The same step, 2700MHz on 1.6v volt with no IHS. you better of getting a opty 160 with step CCBBE 0610, 0615, 0617 CCB1E 0608, 0609
  2. WoW, can't wait to get my, hope my can do that.
  3. i have one order a few dat ago can't wait for it to arrive.
  4. Really, if you landed an opty 170 CCBWE 0551 UMWP stepping, you going to get a hard time passing 2700mhz . I manage to get 2700MHz with 1.6v and no IHS.
  5. You know, i actually slided of half a chip on my A64 2800 before, I thought it was death but it still work fine and over clocked to 2400mhz. :nod: Have you put it socket andtest it? It maybe still alive.
  6. I bought a 7900gt too, overclocker to (715,1661) GPU 1.55v and mem is on default.
  7. i have a crappy step opty 170, I run it at 1.6volt to get 2700MHz. I don't have any problem. My CPU is nake and is water cool with a Storm G5 water block. It never exceed the 45 degrees mark at fully load, idle around 29 degrees.
  8. I have corair TwinX XMS C2 3200 v4.1 (TCCD). If the ram in the yellow slot, my PC handed at Backup Cmos. IF they in the orange slot PC run fine, the ram can goes up to 250Mhz.
  9. for Me crappy core 0 that hold me back. Core 0 in my Cpu really love high volt while my core 1 hate it. If i up the volt to 1.65, my core bump out first while my core 0 keep running prime fine.
  10. Which core on your CPU is a bad 1. My is core 0 is a very bad core. I can prime for half an hour on 2750Mhz with 1.65v before core 0 given up.
  11. I have the same step as your, With the IHS 2600MHz on 1.6v, Remove the IHS 2700MHz with 1.6 volt. MY chip has a really sux core 0. I see you bought for CPU at UMART, that is where i got my CPU too. . step.
  12. I don't have any luck with hardware, Heaps of people can mod x800 pro vivo into and x800xt, I bought a saphire x800 pro vivo intent to mod into an xt, guess what, My card has dead quad . My chip has a bad core 0 very bad 1, It need 1.4 volt to get it table at 2400MHz. I wonder is there any way to improve it?
  13. i think i give up, my opty would not go any higher then 2700Mhz at 1.6v
  14. that what i am worring about. i hope i can squeeze a bit more at 1.6v
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