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  1. When u say u used Prime 95 to test the system did you use Torture Test, Custom leave the options as is, and run that for 8 hours +? If so did that come out totally clean ?
  2. Sounds like Ram timing issues. When my ram timing is set to thight I get similar results as you (BSOD and what not). I strongly suggest, you go back to 2 x 512 and test the system like that for a while. If that solves the problem, take them out and try the other 2 sets. I assume you have tested your ram using memtest for 8 hours +. If all is well in memetest, then go in windows..remeber passing memtest does not mean that does timing will work in windows, and mostlikely will require more fine tuning of the timing.
  3. Cannot be, for both have the same entry value in bios ---> 1032...hence one tref setting in bios missing...
  4. Nice info and in some instances refers to the same document...still puzzling question is how come twice the same value (1032) in the bios, and for different latency in theory? Not sure my math skills are what they should be, for from Rgone's formula I am kind of puzzled as to how to get the missing values? Vista if you pay close attention to my post and the table originator and the link you provided you will off course realize that those are the same charts and from the same originator...hence question is still valid and not answered.
  5. I just came across this in trying to help someone and frankly do not have an answer to it, maybe AG or Rgone could query engineers or have an explanation for this one. Look at this table and notice the redundant entry for value 1032, this is not a typo in the chart as I originally suspected, but in fact also in the bios of nf3 or nf4. Is this a typo in the bios hence one setting for tref is gone missing because of it? Chart courtesy of Jess1313 at Overclockers forum 1552= 100mhz(?.?us) 2064= 133mhz(?.?us) 2592= 166mhz(?.?us) 3120= 200mhz(?.?us --------------------- 3632= 100mhz(?.?us) 4128= 133mhz(?.?us) 4672= 166mhz(?.?us) 0064= 200mhz(?.?us) --------------------- 0776= 100mhz(?.?us) 1032= 133mhz(?.?us)<---? 1296= 166mhz(?.?us) 1560= 200mhz(?.?us) --------------------- 1816= 100mhz(?.?us) 2064= 133mhz(?.?us) 2336= 166mhz(?.?us) 0032= 200mhz(?.?us) --------------------- 0388= 100mhz(15.6us) 0516= 133mhz(15.6us) 0648= 166mhz(15.6us) 0780= 200mhz(15.6us) --------------------- 0908= 100mhz(7.8us) 1032= 133mhz(7.8us)<------? 1168= 166mhz(7.8us) 0016= 200mhz(7.8us) --------------------- 1536= 100mhz(3.9us) 2048= 133mhz(3.9us) 2560= 166mhz(3.9us) 3072= 200mhz(3.9us) --------------------- 3684= 100mhz(1.95us) 4196= 133mhz(1.95us) 4708= 166mhz(1.95us) 0128= 200mhz(1.95us) While we are on this subject, does anyone have a clue about the values (entries) for the µs identified with ??. Thanks for your help.
  6. Well if u did exactly what u stated up there, replace my winnie with a venice.....there is one other excercise to do my friend!!!! Go back to bios and redo all your memory tweaking, one of the main feature Venice brings to the table is a brand spanking new and bug fixed memory controller. Take your time and use memtest....and wall it for many hours....you will see improve timing and mostlikely increased bandwith. Dimes to donaugts that your previous mem settings are making venice puke at one point! If nothing else...run memtest all test overnight while you sleep...see what comes up in the morning!!!
  7. You will do fine with an Ultra and will not be penalized ocing wize. Video card, you might want to look into the X800 XL, nice mid range product that will serve you right, even if u do decide to game down the road.
  8. nforce 4 , installs 2 components. A firewall and Active Armour. Uninstall both. Use nvidia lan, for it has it's own bus and will performed better. Give that a try, should resolve your problem. Use Task manager and look at the Network monitoring piece when downloading from a server at home or other pc for example should give u an idea of how it perfroms.
  9. Got to install your USB 2 driver also, go to same DFI CD and reinstall USB 2 drivers. Audio: Make sure that jumper settings on motherboard is in right configuration mode: Disable onboard speaker and switch jumper for Front port audio as oppose to back ( Read the PDF manual on this one).
  10. Excerpt: Out of nowhere, AMD have delivered a hammer blow to ATI, NVIDIA and Intel with a stunning new GPU that is set to light up the accelerator scene in a fashion not seen since 3Dfx brought out the Voodoo. The new chip, codenamed Apollo Fir, has SIXTEEN, yes that’s right, SIXTEEN pixel pipelines. Throw in just about every damn shading technique and hardware feature you can think of and it would seem that on paper, AMD has just won the entire GPU market with its first chip. Apollo Fir right here!
  11. If memory serves me right, and was stated here by AG. AA0 made in China as oppose to the other ones made in Taiwan. Also comments from users...hit search button and enter China.
  12. 105 cfm is loud, yip but not as loud as having two fans one for cpu one for ram, then again I'm already deaf so how would I know..lol Anywho, you got the idea and making progress on the burn in period. When u got 200 FSB at 3 volts done for 48 hours...go next step raise to 220 230 at 3.2 ~3.3..and burn it again for 24 to 48 hours. Once done search for your max fsb still producing say 20 or so errors...burn at that fsb with luck burning at that will clear the errors. remember it takes weeks to get those to wake up..so be patient and plan on doing it over time. Do lots o gaming ..stress memory out. You'll see over time you will be able to get say FSB 240 today at 3.4 volts, in a few weeks you'll do the same at 3.3 or maybe less. Nature of this type of ram. key issue COOL IT !
  13. 1- You are not burning in the ram at those voltages and temps, you are on the path to frying them. Yes it can take the voltage but...... get smart and try this: Get yourself a YS Tech 120 MM fan or similar, it pushes 105 CFM and it will cool cpu + memory ! Mine sure does, memory is cool to the touch under burn in of 24 + hours ( OCZ 3200 VX Gold) Burning in the ram , back off the fsb and the voltage... bring it down to 200 ~ 210 and voltage to 3.0 ~ 3.1 and now run it 24 hours, and maybe periods of 8 to 12 hours per day for next few days. Once done redo your checks and balances, at a given FSB today with luck when burning is in, you will be able to run same fsb with .1 volt less. Lasttly, get yourself a 80 or 92 mm fan and direct it towards the Heat Sink of the PWC IC, ( the thing that is burning hot ). Get that thing cooled, stated many times and all over the place...get that thing cooled when under heavy stress at the minimum such as what you are doing. When fan is cooling it, and you are stressing the memory, if you cannot keep your finger on the heatsink you are not cooling it enough. Simple, if this is too hot to touch forget it, you will reduce the life of your mobo components and or will have errors on the memory side. COOLING is the key! No wonder you got tons of errors, everything to generate those errors are right there in front of you and you are pushing it even more for more errors, back off and cool it ! ( Cool the components that is !)
  14. Thanks to OnePageBook for bringing this to the attention of the community, and Oscar Wu for developping it and working hard even on the Chinese New Year holiday: 1 . 2005 02 09 beta performance bios 2 . update nvmm to 4.79 3 . update nv raid rom 4.81 4 . Add memtest86+ 1.5 (under genie bios) 5 . fix serial 1/2 3/4 when disable serial ata 3/4 , serial ata 1/2 raid array not detect http://oskarwu.myweb.hinet.net/dfi/betabios/N24LD209.rar PS: All DFI NF4 boards use the same bios.
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