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  1. long time DFI user, I know this is a question that probably gets asked a bit, do you have any rough eta of when the 590 am2 will be out? Are we talking weeks or months? Just after a ball park figure, as I need to build a new am2 based system soon for a customer, and I want to use DFI if possible.
  2. Hello, I have just tried to install a Promise Fastrak S150 SX4 . When this card is in the system however, the Nvidia RAID controller is disabled. If I change the Nvidia RAID Controller to just normal disk access, then the bios see's the hard drives that are plugged into the Nvidia controller, aswell as the drives that are in the Promise card. Is there anyway that I can use both the Nvidia RAID controller and the Promise RAID controller? Thanks
  3. raid0+1 on the nvidia controller works quite well. I was getting around 110mb/s. which is quiet good.
  4. yes it is an EPS12v power supply. I am not running my pump of it however. The only things running off the power supply atm is the motherboard (24-pin, 8-pin, & floppy pin) 2 wd sataII hdd's, & XFX 7800GTX video card. I did not have this power like issue when I had my SLI-DR, it has only started since I got the EXPERT.
  5. Guys, I have recently upgraded from the SLI-DR to SLI-DR Expert. I am now finding that I am having random reboots, especially when there is lots of load on the system. It has got to the stage where even if run the system @ 2600 (10*260) and mem divider 133 (to eliminate memory) and remove all my cdr's etc, the system will reboot itself in about 3 minutes of being logged in. I have re-installed XP again onto a different drive, but the same thing happens. I have tried other non-bh5 memory, same problem. I have tried other dual-core cpu, same problem. I have also tried a Antec TruePower2 480W, but the same thing happens. The system up until 2 days ago, was running alot better, but occasionally would reboot etc, and same games would crap out to the desktop. 3DMark06 would not run the HDR tests, unless I ran everything at stock. My cpu is 100% prime stable, my memory passes memtest loops for hours. My video card works fine in another computer. I re-installed the OS when I changed mobos. Do I have a faulty board? Or are the power supplies that I am using not grunty enough?
  6. i have the Geil Ultra-X 3200 running at DDR600 1T 2.5-4-4-7. @ 2.8v. no problems here.
  7. have you installed the AMD X2 driver for XP? http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...71_9706,00.html
  8. didn't MSI bring out a 6800GT, that had crap specs, it was clocked slower or something or had less pipes? Rings a bell. Just ensure that it has the same specs. Keep in mind a Leadtek 6800GT, they are alse a great card for the $$$. The coller on them kicks butt, but is heavy and 1" high.
  9. Does the version of Symantec A/V that you run, install all of the liveupdate/liveadvisor crap? I stopped using NAV long ago as it took up too much resources. Maybe its time for me to look into something else. Mind you Avast is completely free.
  10. x64 is awesome. Drivers are getting better and better. Seriously though, my 3Dmark scores are the same now. The latest Nvidia 64-bit beta driver is awesome. x64 boots up so much faster than XP. It doesn't even make it across the bootup "Windows" x64 scroll. I'm up and running and at the login screen in a couple of seconds. Software that is 64-bit, which I'm using:- AVAST AntiVirus Firefox SisoftSandra PowerStrip FarCry CloneDVD ---------------------------------- Diskeeper 9 does not work, there isn't a 64-bit version and the 32-bit is stuffed. Nero are about to release a 64-bit version The system overall just seems so much faster. It feels like someone has put a turbo charger on the OS. I formatted my HDD's etc and did a fresh install of bost OS's, and x64 just seems so much faster. It runs pretty much everything I wont, and now I've got all of the drivers that I require. It's a good thing, definitely worth a try!
  11. Any News on the upcomming DFI S939 NF3 mobo? Will this board be released or was it just a rumour? Any rough release dates? I have a few clients, that need a S939 NF3 AGP board, and would prefer to use DFI over other manufactures. Cheers
  12. I hope someone can help me. I have just upgraded to the 510-3 bios. I've also just got a new 3200+ Venice cpu. The PC is 100% stable @ DDR600 1T 2.5-4-4-7. StressCPU Stable SuperPI 3DMark03 Memtest I was playing around with the inbuilt memtest, and found that my Geil Ultra-X was memtest stable at DDR612 @ 1T 2.5-4-4-8 !!!! I was thinking this is awesome. I then booted into XP and ran SuperPI 1MB to find that it failed pretty quickly. So is memtest worth using at all? I was under the impression that it found errors in your memory better than anything else. I'm beginning to think what is the point of using memtest. The Geil Ultra-X is TCCD memory. What's roughly the max overclock I should get with Cas2.5 and Cas3.0? How to test properly, as memtest is a bit dodgy. Or it just me?
  13. Running Geil Ultra-X @ DDR600 1T 2.5-4-4-8 @ 2.7volts = Happy Camper
  14. has anyone done some benchmarks with a current PCIe card running at X2, X8, or X16 to see that the actual difference is?
  15. You can see my spec in my sig. My system is 100% stresscpu, memtest stable, under bios 310. However when I run 3DMark03, after 1 hour it would hang in the Nature benchmark. I had to wind back the CPU to 2650 for it to be 3DMark03 stable. After upgrading the bios to the 414 bios, this no longer happens, I was able to run 3DMark03 for over 8 hours with no porblems. SuperPI result remained the same @ 31s for 1M.
  16. guys, sorry if I wasnt clear. I had 2 200GB (196mb)hdd's in a RAID-0 array. The 400gb array had 2 partitions: C: 10GB OS D: 382GB DATA I used partition magic 8 and added a partition before the D: partition. Everything was still working after this. I could still boot into XP (from c:) and see all of my data on D: drive. I also formatted the new partition, in preparation for installing x64 on it. after installing x64 on it, neither the C: or new partition could be read from. I ten grabbed another HDD, installed XP on it, added the raid drivers, and confirmed that the D: (DATA) partition was still alright. It was, thank god! I then tried to re-install XP 32-bit onto the C: partition, but the disk structure gets seen as: 196gb unformatted 196gb C: 10gb E: 20gb D: 362gb Why is XP install, either 32-bit or 64-bit seeing both drives inderpendently rather than in the RAID-0 set, even though they still are, as I can still see the D: partition from different XP install thats on another disk? Does this make sense. I never changed the array, the bios still see's the array as a 396gb RAID-0 array It's just Windows XP install that does not. I think tonight, unless someone else gives me any advice, I'll blow away the raid set and re-create it. thanks
  17. You think that the chipset fan is silent? mmm, mine is noisey as, infact it's the loudest chipset fan I've ever heard!
  18. I have a problem installing XP on my existing raid-0 set. I had 2 partitions one for OS and the other for DATA etc. I use Partition Magic 8 to modifiy the second (DATA) partition, so that there was another partition before it, as I wanted to install XP 64-bit on it. so the disk structure then looked like this:- TOTAL DISK 396GB C: E: D: 10GB 20GB 366GB After PM8 was run, the machine was fine and could boot into XP etc, and I could see the data on the D: drive. I then tried to install XP 64-bit, inserted the CD, pressed F6, picked the Nivida RAID driver, and when XP install listed the drives/partitions it didn't detect the RAID set correctly, it was detected as below:- drive1 196gb unpartitioned drive2 196gb C: 10GB E: 20GB D: ??? (cant remember) So I thought whats going on. I created the RAID64 floppy disk as per instructions in other posts. I rebooted and verified the RAID set, in the RAID bios, and it all looked fine. I then re-tried installing XP 64, and got the same thing. So I decided to use use E: partition, and continue installing, without re-formatting the partition. XP 64 begain installing, copying files, and then rebooted into the 2nd part of setup. However it just came up with missing OS press Cntrl-Alt-Delete. Now I was beginning to panic. I grabbed other hdd, installed XP on it, then once up and running added the raid drivers, and checked the RAID-0 set. The only partition that I could read from the raid set was the DATA partition, my original XP OS on C: was gone, and the E: XP-64 partition was unreadable. In fact both partitions (C: & E:) were classed as unreadable and XP wanted to format them. So at least I still had all my DATA on the D: drive partition. I decided to re-install XP (32-bit), booted from the CD, pressed F6, used the floopy that came with the mobo, but at the drive/partition selection screen I got the same thing as before. What the hell is going on? Is my Raid set screwed somehow, but luckily I can still see my D: partition? Where should I go from here? Backup my D: partition and re-create the raid-0 set, and re-install? Thanks
  19. the drive although it's still running at 133 or even 100 is still faster than the IDE equivilent. The SATA150 and IDE133 or IDE100 are theroretical, you never get that throughput.
  20. sealion - Please check you PM's. Thanks
  21. If you're after a beginners kit, I strongly recommend an Asetek Kit. They are easy to put together and perform pretty well. you can pick one up 2nd hand on OCAU:- http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=360068
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