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  1. Ok took the voltage downwards on the memory and a tad bit on the CPU and so far I am still Primeing at about 18hrs in with no problems. Crossing my fingers that everything will be well from here on out.
  2. Ok, my new sticks of RAM no longer throw Memtest errors even after 24hrs of testing. I am still having random shut-down issues, though much much less than before. Could voltage in the CPU or memory be causing this?
  3. Tried this and still got errors with both sticks. See post above on bad stick of RAM. And yes , I have all the power connectors plugged in.
  4. OK looks like I had one of the sticks finally error out on me after about 6hrs running at stock speeds. Once it started, it was all downhill from there. Looks like I will be placing an RMA to Mushkin for this thing after all. Looks like the board is probably ok then. I guess I will see once my new RAM arrives. Thanks for all the help so far guys, let's hope this solves my issues.
  5. Ok, stick 1 has passed the suggested testing strategy without fault. Going to test stick 2 now and see what is what. One question though, is it normal for the board not to boot with one stick if you put it in the wrong RAM slot?
  6. Chip Set 1.56V LDT 1.30V Dram 2.79V My timing settings were set to the reccomended Mushkin settings for the Expert, but I will test with the ones you posted for the non expert model as well.
  7. Thanks for all the responses so far guys. There is a lot of great advice there. Erico: Yes I have tried raising the voltage without success. Will post Genie BIOS settings very shortly. No I have not tried to long CMOS clear. Praz: I am referring to Slot A and B of the Orange RAM slots. ganders75: working on your suggestion as we speak. thefabe: I know about the Xfi IRQ problem and I really do not thing that is the issue here. The problem is getting more and more frequent so it has to be a faulty or getting faulty component.
  8. So my pc has been experiencing random shut downs that are getting more and more frequent. I think it is the motherboard or CPU, but I would like a second opinion. Here is what I have done so far: -I have checked to see if it is a cooling issue, and it is not. (Using Watercooling on almost all components and nothing gets over 40c). -Thought it was the PSU, but I doubt that as well. The shut downs happen totally randomly even when the PC is just sitting idle. Plus my power supply is PC Power and Cooling 850W model which should be just fine for what I am doing. -Tested each Ram stick individually using Windows memtest and memtest86 without issues in slot A. With both sticks in the system, memtest throws a lot of errors even at stock speeds. Specs: DFI NF4 SLI DR Expert Opteron 175 Mushkin Redline PC4000 2GB BFG 7800GTX 512 SLI X-FI Fatality Raptors 850W Pc Power and Cooling All on Watercooling Here is a Picture Ok so here is the issue as it stands. I have just tested both sticks individually in SLOT A and they are fine. When I try to put one stick into SLOT B by itself the system will not give me video but starts up fine. If I put a stick in both SLOT A and SLOT B at the same time, the system boots fine. Does this sound like a dead RAM slot on the motherboard or a Problem with the CPU's memory controller? How can I be sure as it would be a real pain in the butt to take everything apart if it is not really the motherboard with the issue.
  9. From my own testing I can confirm that your location is correct. The PWMIC are is to the right and Upper Right of the CPU socket. Placing a fan over this area decreased my PWMIC temps by over 15C.
  10. Well so far I have not been able to duplicated the results in that review at all. I find that the Ram will not do 2.5 for me no matter what. I probably need to mess around with Drive strength etc. but I have no idea what that does in actuality.
  11. Actually, just found this. I think this will help a lot. http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=6330
  12. Can anyone help me figure out what to set all these settings to for my ram?
  13. Please let me know how it goes, especially your results with it. I am looking for this very shortly.
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