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  1. so is this same thing happening with people who get warm boot problems? because i get warm and cold boot problems BAD. also. could this not damage ram if it is being fed volts while everything else is on? and if the ram is being fed volts is it sending a signal to the on die mem controller??? :eek: because if it is im sure that could cause some damage. either way im thinking this has to damage/kill hardware.
  2. ive used the very latest bios, still no go, but WHAT ABOUT THE ONE FAN CONTROL NOT WORKING? DFI rep gonna ignore? wow, dfi support getting worse and worse, no replys to posts or emails.
  3. man, i really need to get this board RMA'd. I have HORRIBLE cold and warm boot problems, even at stock settings this thing has warm boot problems EVERY boot. plus i have that damn detecting array error that becomes more and more frequent even though i can prime and memtest fine. but i cant rma because i cant be stuck for a month without a rig. is there no help here? my dfi infinity was great. but now this just sucks, kinda makes me wonder if i should go dfi when i goto 939
  4. ok, well my fan control is not working, i can adjust the fans with smart guardian for the cpu and pwm fan, but not the system fans. i would like to be able to adjust the systems fans. is this known problem?
  5. anyone direct me to the very newest bios with the vdimm mod and such? i cant seem to find it. thanks
  6. im pretty sure the drivers have nothing to do with the video card during post, the OS isnt even loaded during boot.
  7. personally i find the best to be 9. going down anywhere to 5 gives lower, and 9-11 all give the same. but i find 9 should be better. just test yourself man. like geez it litterally will take you 2 minutes to find out which is better.
  9. well i check straight from the dimm, so i know there is an ACTAUL vdimm drop, a quite signifacant one. must be a bad flaw with the board, anyone know a fix,
  10. no, im saying the vdimm measured by the vdd of the slots drops about 1.4-1.5V from idle to load. my 3.3v line doesnt drop more than .01v.
  11. 3.26, which i know is wrong as i have truecontrol and have my rails cranked and have checked with multi meters to make sure they are stable.
  12. ok, ive been messuring the vdimm for the mem slots vdd. and i find it drops from 3.32 to 3.18 or less under stress. BUT my 3.3 rail read from multi meter and from atx stays steady at about 3.48. none of my other rails fall either more than .02v between idle and stress. wth? is there a mod to fix this?
  13. yeah, that f*cking detecting array BS pisses me off. I NEED A FIX FOR IT!!!
  14. whats with my hdd speed? its set as master, and only device. im using a dfi nf3 ut. its a 40gb maxtor.
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