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  1. UPDATE C&Q seems to be working with 3500+ Winchester & 3700+ San Diego if I use Release BIOS till Beta BIOS RDXDB231. With Beta BIOS RDXDC12 & RDXDC23 C&Q does not working (3500+ & 3700+) :confused: Sorry for bad English
  2. Since I use a new Athlon 3700+ San Diego, Cool & Quiet doesn´t work anymore :confused: CPU Stepping: ADA3700DAA5BN KAB2E 0547DPAW 1369359K5.... I tried all different BIOS Versions. With my old 3500+ Winchester, C&Q works perfect In my other Boards the ABIT Fatal1ty AN8-SLI & ASUS A8R-MVP, C&Q works perfect with my new 3700+ San Diego. Thanks for help. Sorry for bad English
  3. Bad work from DFI the Beta BIOS didn´t change anything to the boot problem if USB mouse/keyboard suport is enabled Sorry for bad english
  4. Hello Oskar, the 4 LED problem seems to be gone if I disable USB keyboard and mouse support. But the BIOS Menu "Power On By Keyboard" to "Any Key" still doesn´t save the setting. What I also notice if the USB Keyboard and Mouse support is disabled, the BIOS Screen shows the SiliconImage 3114 Controller, if I enable USB Mouse Support it did not. Another thing is, if USB mouse support is enabled I get this message 'Warning: Have option ROM cannot be invoked (Vendor ID 1095h Device ID 3114h)' after I disable USB mouse support this message is also gone. Sorry for bad English
  5. Exactly the same problems here :confused: What I also notice, if I set in BIOS "Power On By Keyboard" to "Any Key" it will never save the setting. If i go back to BIOS it´s always at default setting by "Button Only" Sorry for bad English
  6. same here, take the driver from the ATI folder on the floppy and everything runs fine
  7. Full agreement :D that´s the reason why I sell the DFI and take the ABIT NF8.
  8. C&Q is also unworkable at stock speed.... I wait 4 month for an working BIOS version but DFI don´t give it to us. So I think it´s an layout problem on this board
  9. We need an working Bios Version for Cool ´n´Quiet !!! not the WinXP Cpu CoolnQuite Utility.
  10. My Mushkin Level I Ram (2x512 MB Winbond CH-5 Chips) is working great on the DFI Board. I never get on other mainboards before such an high FSB/HTT like on the DFI. On the ABIT KV8 Pro 3rd Eye was maxium 209 HTT synchron with 1T comand rate (CPC) On the DFI i reach 235 HTT synchron with 1T comand rate :D I love this DFI mainboard, the only bad side on this board for me is, that "cool ´n´ quiet" still not working with my Mushkin Ram.
  11. @dreiu Maybe it´s not helpful for overclockin, but it is an great feature. And if you think C&Q limits your overclockin, you have the option to turn it off.
  12. It´s absolutely my mind. If DFI Management thinking the same like some overclocking Freaks here, this mainboard will just be an short hype. Fact is, other mainboards comparing to the DFI will have functional C´n´Q and greater speed at same bios settings. Sorry for bad english
  13. Cool'n'Quiet is still not working for me, with the new Beta Bios. When i change the energy option from desktop to minmize energy the system freeze. My ram what i use is 2 x 512 MB Mushkin Level I (Winbond CH5 Chips). Sorry for bad english;)
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