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  1. Aha thanks, i'll add the colons in and see if that makes a difference. As for the BIOS, yeah, i updated to the built in memtest one yesterday so unfortunatly it can't be that :/ Edit: It would not let me enter the colons, is this normal? Also it just seems to ignore me putting it in. I type in the code, hit enter, save and exit bios, go back in to bios and it claims there is no specified MAC address?? :confused:
  2. Hey guys, I'm having quite alot of trouble with the onboard lan. The computer starts up recognising no lan connection and there is no green LED on where the network cable plugs in to the motherboard. Then if i'm lucky the LED will come on after awhile and the connection will establish. However it will not show the other computer as existing on the workgroup and trying to ping it from command prompt does not work. Windows claims that there is a connection there though and pinging the server computer (the one in my sig which i am having these problems with) works fine. To troubleshoot i've tried using the 5.10 nvidia chipset drivers. I've tried with and without the forceware firewall, with and without entering the mac address in the bios (does 000129F47D0F look roughly like a MAC address? Hope i got the right one), tried to force 100mbps full duplex all to no avail :/. It can't be the cable or other computer (just a 2 computer network with a direct cable) because they work fine when i use a cheapo £10 network card instead of the onboard lan. It would just be nice to free up a pci slot and save myself £10. Any ideas?
  3. The definitive (only?) reviews of the much talked about board: http://www.ocworkbench.com/2004/dfi/LP-UT-nF3-250Gb/g1.htm http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2198
  4. The voltages were all at default settings (new to overclocking and have not read enough about it yet) Anyhow the 4pin connector was not plugged in, now it is, and the voltage has gone up 11.64 and my 3dmark2001 score jumped up a couple of hundred to boot. Thankyou for pointing this out to me and your paitence
  5. argh Thanks Rgone! Another question for anyone in the know, these voltages seem a little crazy. Potential problems or ok?? :confused:
  6. Hi people just wondering which motherboard monitors you guys use for the lanparty ut nf3 250gb? I've read that a program called motherboard monitor is good but alas it has no support for this board . The nvidia system utility just gives me this display (the system temp is ALWAYS 50 and the processor temp is ALWAYS 60) which is not much use! ANy ideas?
  7. Thanks for all the help so far guys! I downloaded these drivers: http://www.angrygames.com/files/nForce_CK8S_Audio_4.54.zip and when installed they enabled the left+right+front+rear speakers in the Nvidia speaker wizard but that high pitched continuous squeak still came out of the centre speaker. And again, no centre speaker playing in winamp. After trying the above I installed the Realtek Drivers v3.64 and all the speakers work in winamp and WMP10 playing mp3s/videos etc BUT in games ONLY the centre channel works. (I tested on UT2004, counterstrike: source and doom3). When i was using the nvidia driver the 4 speakers and subwoofer worked but not the centre. Bizarre!
  8. ehehe hooray for fatcats as for the problem, yes both are set to 5.1 mode. The strange thing is, on the nvidia speaker wizard the following happens: Left Front: No sound Right Front: No sound Center Speaker: Sound (albiet a high pitched whine) Left Rear: Sound (staticy white noise) Right Rear: Sound (more staticy white noise) Subwoofer: Sound But in winamp and WMP10 i get all the speakers+subwoofer working WITHOUT the center channel. God knows what's going on :/
  9. Hi guys, Really happy with this new setup! Everything is working great EXCEPT for the small niggle of the center speaker not working using onboard sound. The speakers are Creative Inspire 5100's. I've got 5.1 selected in the nvidia control panel and the other 4 speakers+subwoofer work great. The speaker definatly is not blown or anything and i have the following cable setup: Anyone got any ideas?? Thankyou!
  10. Guys, this is Creative we're talking about... I remember having all sorts of problems with their Live! and Audigy1 cards in windowsXP, random crashs, BSODs, lockups. In the end i gave up on them and stuck to the NF2 onboard sound. Guess things might of changed with their audigy2 though...?
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