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  1. Guy's, here is a very good Tccd thread. http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread...?t=43659&page=4 Post 87 contains some nice photo's of Brainpower pcb's in comparison with jdec pcb's. I just bought some gskill thats spec'd at 2/2/2/5 @ 200 and 2.5/3/3/7 @ 275. http://www.gskill.com/pc4400-2.5-3-3-7-pc3...2-2-2-5-dc.html 1gb was $275 @ newegg. It will be waiting here for the 939 dfi board. muhahahaaaa. Edit: Cant beat the price of these though, http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-220-033&depa=1 $220.50 for a gig of tccd on brain power pcb's.
  2. Im not posivitve, but If you have the 4.0v bios you should be able to run above 3.6vdimm without hard mods. But the caviat is your psu must have rails around .2 higher than your intended voltage setting. For above 3.6vdimm your 3.3v rail needs to run higher. I think 3.8vdimm is workable, but I may be wrong. good luck any way.
  3. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...59&page=4&pp=25 Let this thread load, there are pics of various brainpower pcb's. (post 87) There is also a list in post 1 which summarizes which ram is tccd with bp pcb's. All in all prob the best tccd thread around. Good luck.
  4. Yes, the neo1 did beat my dfi 754 with out of the box defaults. But after I tweaked the dfi it soundly trounced the neo1 by a substantial margin. But my tweaked DFI 754 is nearly as fast as my stock neo2/fx55 even though the fx carries a healthy mhz, cache, and dual channel advantage. I tweak every bios setting I can get my hands on. Info on the timings is there on the net for people who really want to find it. Some people just arent willing to do the homework. It may be intimidating, but its not truly difficult. Take carefull benchmarks, make incremental changes, test for stability, repeat the whole process to take it one step farther until your limits are defined. I would rather have a looser, more stable bios to start that journey from because it causes alot less headaches. I can always tweak every ounce of performance out of a DFI board because the timings are present. Msi makes presumptions about how I (and most users) will use their boards. They dont think I want or need advanced bios options, perhaps they even think it would be a bad thing to make them available. They stretch the timings on their boards as tight as possible at default, and dont allow the bios options to tweak. With those msi type bios options the only option is to boot windows with reduced clockspeeds, manipulate timings with A64 tweaker, and finaly ramp up your overclocks using a windows utility. I find this an ugly and inefficient solution. Like I said, I find the neo2's bios very restrictive. See, the voltage handling of critical circuits is another area I feel DFI has an advantage. Not just in the voltage options, but in quality. Imo the neo2 board just feels too stretched out electricaly. Raising voltages on the neo2 often seems to cause instability in situations where it should be increasing stablility. All it seems to do is create more heat. The lack of chipset voltage options on the neo2 is another sore point. It all just leads me to believe the board isnt well suited or designed for overclocking. Oh, I just thought of a wish list item. Memory interleaving options. I know we have discussed this in some length and its pretty much a dead issue, but I just wAnT to tweak them for some reason. I dont know why, lol. One other thing, Ive owned 6 different 754 boards from various manufacturers and tweaked the tar out of them all. The DFI 250 is the cream of the crop. Im an avid gamer and I want the finest. When dfi 939 arrives I will preorder if I can, lol. I cant wait.
  5. To be honest Rgone, Im not very happy with the neo2. I have 2x512 pc4k Ballistix that does 265 1T and 280 t2 with decent timings on my Dfi 250gb. (24hrs prime stable and extended gaming stable) The exact same gear on my neo1 only did 230htt 1:1 and wouldnt run 1T at all. I was sooooo happy with the dfi 250gb, but wanted to go 939 so I got a neo 2 to hold me over till 939 dfi. This neo 2 absolutely hates my already proven ballistix. I feel very limited by the narrow range of bios timing options. With this neo2 I can attain stability, but I cant get the htt to prime stable past 211 1:1 no matter what I do. The bios options just arent there in the msi. In my opinion msi tweaks their bios too much in favor of optimal stock performance, leaving their bios without much overclocking head room and no options to create some. Really I just want DFI to continue to offer their robust bios options, and continue using quality components as they have been doing. I have the following waiting for the dfi 939, Fx-55 (water) 2 x 512 pc4k Ballistix 2 x 512 pc44k Gskill Tccd 1gble xtpe/ w vga silencer 4 ocz 600 powerstream My neo2 isnt doing my fx55 justice in the overclocking arena, based on past experience with finicky msi boards I refuse to believe its the cpu. I could be wrong, but years of experience combined with a strong gut instinct is hard to ignore. Really my first post is to let off some steam using humor. The wait for the dfi939 seems long, but waiting for something good is worth it. Im not usualy this calm, but for some strange reason every day the dfi 939 doesnt show up feels like one more day that was spent making sure its gonna be the baddest thing in the valley when it does. Its making the wait strangely tolerable.
  6. I hope you guys include a mallet with your 939 boards. I have a neo2 that's hobbling my Fx55. Ill be soooo happy to get a DFI 939 board that Ill have to concentrate 100% not to smash the neo2. oh hell, who am I kidding. I wont have time to smash the neo2, Ill be installing and tweaking my dfi 939. This neo2 is horrible. I cant wait.
  7. Newegg is my favorite etailer but lately they have been slipping a little.
  8. Im running a newcastle at 250x10 1:1. (2x512 pc4k ballistix) never had an issue with the firewall. I get low pings (10-12ms) on good multiplayer servers and no noticeable lag. Ive run the memory as fast at 263mhz prime stable while gaming.
  9. The 600ocz no longer has a 24 to 20 pin adapter. 4 of the 24 pins are in a separate detachable segment that you can slide off of the 20 pin section.
  10. I had a chance to install the 600. This one seems to work perfectly. Im crossing my fingers, lol. This thing definately has more juice than my true control 550 has. I basicaly ran my tc550 with the 12v/5v/3v rails adjusted to maximum just to reach 12.1v/4.97v/3.28v. Out of the box this ocz 600 had higher observed voltages than the tc500 maxed. With 13.2v/5.5v/3.8v max attainable there is room to tweak. Well, lets see how this thing performs over the next week or so.
  11. Ive also owned alot of 754 boards and I declare the dfi to be the best Ive owned by far. Ive owned, Soltek k8AN something blah (3) chaintech znf3 150'S (2) abit kv8 pro'S msi neo platinum
  12. The replacement 600 came today. Along with it came an Ocz gift pack including an Ocz t-shirt (size geek), a 3 gram tube of Ocz Ultra 5+ thermal compound, an Ocz case badge, and a funky Ocz pen that has interal led's that emit various light patterns. They said this psu would be tested, but Im not into installing it tonight so I wont find out if it works tonight.
  13. Finally got around to installing my ocz 600 the evening of the 14th. Something was defective, it powers up for a 1/4 second then shuts off. (jumpered on a bench it will run though) So on the 14th (sunday) I email SteveOcz from the Ocz tech support forum. He replied within an hour refering me to customer support for an rma, and providing me with an rma form. On the 15th (today) I got an rma confirmation from support. They stated they would send me my replacement sometime this week, along with a fedex shipping voucher so I could return my defective one free of charge. 3 hours later, (still the 15th) I get an email with my tracking number. Upon tracking the number I discover they have fedex overnighted my replacement and I will have it on the 16th. I have to say Im very impressed with their customer support. If the 600 is indeed a tagan, Im not upset at all. 1) tagan is a respected brand 2) the adjustable rails are nice 3) the cable sleeving and titanium finish are awesome 4) awesome product support Should it have been right in the first place? Yes. Did Ocz remedy the situation in good time? Yes imo. Am I upset? No, it didnt damage any of my hardware and I figure Im overdue for a hickup since I ride the cutting edge of technology alot. There are at least two people in Ocz power supply support forum who did loose gear though.
  14. It has two 12v rails, one is 20amps the second is 18 amps. (adj 10.8 to 13.2v) It has 46amps on the 5v rail. (adj 4.5 to 5.5v) It has 28amps on the 3.3v rail. (adj 2.8 to 3.8v) Rated power 600watts, peak power 700 watts. It is atx, btx and pci express ready.
  15. I dont have a camera, sorry. (need to get one) but there are some photo's here, http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/powe...am_power_supply It has a polished titanium finish that is awesome. The cables are all sleeved too.
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