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  1. Why do you even want to flash to 8/24? All it does is make your computer bluescreen and cut away 1000mhz from your highest stable OC
  2. I started getting the same problems after flashing to the latest BIOS (the one with bank interleave options). What makes this kinda funny is that I removed the heatspreaders from my RAM the same day I did the BIOS update and just after removing the spreaders I started testing my naked RAM with Superpi.. I was a bit terrified when my computer shut down itself in the middle of SP8M because it seemed obvious that I had damaged my precious [email protected] ballistix while removing the spreaders A few days later I bought some WB UTT RAM and the same thing happened again. At this point I figured out that the new BIOS could be causing this and flashed back to old 9/14. That fixed the problem and my board has been stable even during prime torture test or SP32M. Now I don't know how should I configure my system.. 10x270 CL3-2-2 with ballistix or 11x245 CL2-2-2 with WB UTT Stupid BIOS update didn't even help my SP1M time at all.. I'm still stuck at 32s
  3. My ballistix is really sensitive to heat. Before setting up a fan next to the chip my max clocks were [email protected] and after the fan i got them up to 220.. I tried clocking them with my bedroom window open too (case temps at ~17c.. It's -20c outside) and got them to run at 265mhz/2.5-2-2-10 @3.3v. Without the winter-ubercooling the chips max out at 255 (cl2.5). good luck
  4. 10x260mhz CL3-2-2-10: 3dmark2001: 22248, SuperPi1M: 34secs 12x220mhz CL2-2-2-10: 3dmark2001: 22124, SuperPi1M: 34secs
  5. Here's some helpful(?) images that show various INCORRECT ways of mounting a cooler and applying thermal compound. http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=30&pid=106 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=46&pid=181 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=24&pid=58 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=18&pid=43 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=8&pid=17 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=16&pid=39 http://notlikethis.hole.fi/view.php?kid=12&pid=34 Just read all the instructions and you'll be fine
  6. Have you tried to run 2 sticks with CPC disabled? It costs a few hundred MBs of RAM bandwidth but might solve your problem.. You could also bump the voltage up to 2.9 or 3.0 just to be sure.
  7. Errors are not happening at "the end" of the test. That's just how memtest reports them. Errors that occur _during_ the test are printed out at the end of each loop.
  8. Warning: Post contains stupid suggestions, which you have probably already tried. Try clearing CMOS for a LONG time (atleast a few hours). To be certain that the thing is actually cleared take out the battery too. Make sure that BOTH of the MoBo power connectors are connected (I actually forgot the 4pin connector when I was building my system for the first time ) Try booting with older videocard (one that doesn't need extra power) or try another PSU. My Lanparty/R9800pro/Antec Truepower 480w -combo did not boot because the 12v line on Antec was not strong enough. I got it working after replacing Antec with a 400w PSU from another manufacturer. Good Luck
  9. I got it running after a lot of cmos clearing, card switching and stuff like that. Everything was ok for a while but after a few boots the same thing happened again.. I figured it could be PSU related and replaced Antec TP with Nexus nx-4090.. That obviously did something because the board came back to life and everything is running smoothly now! I always thought that Antec was better PSU manufacturer than Nexus..
  10. I just put together my lanparty setup but for some weird reason the mobo is rejecting my videocards. When i power it up with only cpu & 1 ramstick, it seems to be starting up normally. The fans are spinning etc.. But when i put a video card to agp slot the board stays dead. Cpu and power fans make very small movement when i press the power button but they just don't start spinning. This happens with Radeon 9800 pro aiw & radeon 9700 np. I'm unable to test this with other videocards because i don't own any. The weirdest thing is that the first time i powered up the system with radeon in place, it did the same thing BUT after about 20 pushes of powerbutton It booted up without any problems. I was able to load bios defaults and check if it recognizes my cpu correctly etc. Now it just stays dead, no matter how many times i try. My psu is Antec Truepower 480 which should be enough for this setup. Clearing CMOS does nothing and i already have the board on a piece of cardboard so suggesting that is not really helping me out at all. Any ideas?
  11. CPC (Command Per Clock). Enable = 1T, Disable = 2T
  12. Will xp-120 fit into my LanpartyUT if I use Zalman's zm80c-hp + 80mm fan on my videocard? How about Zalman cnps7000b-cu & zm80c-hp? Thermalright products are overpriced IMHO. There's no way I'm paying 85 Euros for heatsink + fan when I can get Zalman cnps7000b-cu for about 50Eur. The xp-120 can't really be that much better(?)
  13. Hello to everyone and sorry about hijacking this thread but i have similar questions. I'm getting new hardware from Japan in a few days and need to know which athlon64 3400+ processor is the "safest" one to get for Lanparty. All these threads about some clawhammers not POSTing are making me a little nervous because if the cpu wont work, returning it to the store is going to be real pain because i live in Europe and can't test the system before I get it home. Here are the different a64s I've found from various stores in Akihabara: Athlon64 ADA3400+ (2.2Ghz/1M/S754) Athlon64 ADA3400AX (2.4Ghz/512KB/S754) Athlon64 3400+ Model C (2.4GHz/512KB) (I'm guessing that the 512k Model C is a clawhammer that has some cache disabled(?)) so what do you think? Which one has best success rate in getting the system running and which one is the best overclocker of the bunch? I'm a gambling man so I can take a 1-2% chance of cpu DOA but if the possibility of this happening is closer to 10-15% I'm gonna have to buy another board. I have another quick offtopic question too. Which one of these ramchips would be the smartest choise for my new 3400+/lanparty: RAM1: ADATA Vitesta DDR600 512MB CL3 PC4800 RAM2: CRUCIAL BALLISTIX PC3200(DDR400) CL2 RAM3: "noname" 512MB RAM with BH-5 chips RAM4: MUSHKIN PC3200 512MB (BH-6) RAM5: "noname" 512MB RAM with Samsung tccd chips Thanks for your time & patience..
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