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  1. There is a patch available from Microsoft that sorts all this out. Your PC supports it no doubt, most have since the days of the 440LX chipset, you just need to apply it.
  2. Of course. I have sound working from my digital out, but the amp picks it up as L+R signal only. The amp is a Marantz SR4400 which can handle Dolby Digital, Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS EX and DTS 2/Neo:6, as well as CSII and some other custom emulation modes. I have an NF2 Shuttle which i connect optically. If i use its 5.1 mode, i get the same problem; if i switch it to 5.1 Dolby Digital, all is well. It appears i will have to connect up to my amp using analogue ports using the 4 outputs on the soundcard for L+R, Centre, Side L+R and id imagine i could use the Rear L+R and let the amp sort out my single rear centre.
  3. I have a dedicated AV reciever setup, no subwoofer (no need, plenty of bass) and 6 speakers - Front L+R, Centre, Rear L+R, and rear centre. These are connected to my AV reciever via a Coaxial cable. Im having trouble with 5.1 or 7.1 sound. My amp appears to only recieve a L+R signal, and when i run the speaker tests via the nvidia utility, i only get sound from the front L+R. In CS:Source's audio tester, I get sound from my centre as well but the rear speakers make no sound. Is there any way i can get the onboard sound to send a proper multi channel signal digitally? Or is this what the old Soundstorm did on NF2? (and thus not supported by the NF3 :mad: )
  4. RMA's approved. Typical, they wait until the last post has gone to let me know! Hope theyve got RMA replacement stock, noones going to be fixing this board, thats a burnt out trace by the way.
  5. Its definately dead:- Have set up an RMA, hopefully wont take long.
  6. Had this board since yesterday, one of the lucky few in the UK that got one. I was happily going at 255mhz FSB with the 9/14 modded BIOS for 4v vdimm (was using 3.2v fine). Had installed windows fine at stock speeds. After a reboot it shut down and wouldnt come back on again. The fans rotate for 2-3 rotations before going back off again. I can only get it to switch on if i unplug the 4pin connector. The fans then stay on but the board still refuses to POST. Have done a 12-hour CMOS clear, tried 256mb Corsair XMS3500 and 512 OCZ 3700EB, and a TNT2 and Geforce4 in it. Going to try a Tagan PSU next. Specs:- 3000+ Claw CG 512k cache Thermalright SB-2 w/92mm YSTech plugged into 3-4pin convertor. 256 XMS3500 or 512 OCZ 3700EB Geforce4/TNT2 M64/9800SE AIW IBM 60GXP 60GB Pioneer Slot Loader OCZ Powerstream 470w
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