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  1. i just upgraded to the 704-2bta and now when i put in 3.4 I get 3.12 :nod:
  2. hahahahahah good one aint i stupid :nod:
  3. I cant get this ultra d to over 3.6v I am using a 520x powerstream, kingston hyperx and x800gt
  4. so kabong you just popped them in and selected xfire and away you went. Which card did you use as connected to the monitor.
  5. NP man we all trying to help each other out. I am just getting fed with this board and ati in general. I think I will rma the vidcards and sell the board, its of no use to me if it doesnt work as expected and with the new sb coming out in january it just makes me angry. I want to try the asus board with the uli sb may be a better board all together
  6. Theinq was running the same cards on the asus crossfire board using 5.11 cats no mastercard. Ati even said so no mc needed.
  7. I have 2 x1300 cards but cant get crossfire to work. They are supposed to work without a mastercard but no luck so far, its really getting irritating.
  8. ANy way to get over 3.6v. My bh5 loves the volts, using ocz 520w
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