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  1. Tmod, Great disk, this is a keeper for sure. Now someone come up with a cd label and we will be set. cranky
  2. I think you will get the ram faster through Newegg. Just go online to your account and RMA it back. They will usually send you a new set, when you receive it just put the old ram in the same package and send it back. Good luck either way.
  3. Im not going to vote, and this is why. Its like asking who is the best son, they all are the best in my opinion. This place is like a family to me (even though I havent posted in some time) and everyone deserves a BZ (BRAVO ZULU, Great Job for you none military types). Keep up the good work and "CRANK THAT SUCKA UP".
  4. Hell why not, shot it my way Rabbi.
  5. You guys need to read this. http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35821
  6. It really sounds like a simple Bios reset. Maybe tell us what other indications, like hard drive light, or cd/dvd light blinks. Is the red power led on MB lit, is the ram led lit? Try starting with just the Vid, mem, and cpu installed, then clear Bios by unpluging, setting jumper and removing battery for 10 minutes. If all else fails, it is the bios chip and would require replacement. Try these things and repost results.
  7. Think you might be stressing that "Value Ram" out a bit!
  8. Evil, From what I know about Value Ram, it is a hit or miss since they use winbond, micron, hynix and samsung IC's depending on what is avail and what the price is. Now with that said, you should be able to get yours up to 400 at 1T (yes cpc on). I said should, this may require you to up the cpu voltage (since that provides the memory controller power) and ram voltage. I wouldnt go hog wild but just a moderate increase may do the trick. Your timings seem about right 2.5-3-3-? (i would try 10 on tras since that works the best for most). I see you tried 10x220 with 9:10 divider = 198mhz on ram, that is still 200mhz in the real world, might want to try the 10x200 with the 5:6 = 180 mhz and see if that will get ya running.
  9. I believe the problem stems from the memory controler being able to process "Banks" not sticks of memory. IE typical stick of DS memory in first slot would populate banks 0 and 1 second stick banks 2 and 3 and so on. Now you can get around this by simply using larger sticks of memory IE 1gig vice 512meg sticks. This way you dont overload the mem controler and prevent the use of 2T setting which we all know kills performance. Silent you are correct, if you can find single sided memory you can achieve the same thing, ic's only on one side is single bank memory. Seems kind of a waste to me but then that is just MO.
  10. mdzcpa, Very nice results. Any problems re-seating that chipset cooler. Can you post what rev# your board is? Thanks
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