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  1. I ran an xp 2200+ in my lpb for a while before purchasing the xp-m 2600. But I haven't ever tried the 2600 in a different board. When I get some more time I'll try that out. For now I'm ok with running at 185x13 (2400mhz) b/c I have to start practicing hard core for a local q4 tournament here in st. louis. Thanks for your help guys!
  2. medianOCer, I have a bios saviour installed so I should be able to recover from bios corruption if it happens. Shouldn't though as long as I clear the CMOS every time I flash. I do know that my ram is TCCD and that the timings need to be loosened when going past 200fsb. But my biggest problem is that I can't even get my system to run at 200 fsb! :confused: I swapped different types of ram out and each combination I tried still only let me go as high as 185fsb. So until I get to 200+fsb I don't think I need to worry about loosening my timings. It seems that my problem is more related to the processor. Everyone keeps telling me that even the crappy xp-m 2600s will boot at 200 x 10, but thats not what i'm seeing. any ideas on the L12 mod?
  3. ok guys, I've tried quite a few things and I am still not able to boot at 200 x 10. First I tried to rule out the ram. So I attempted to boot with 1 stick in the dimm closest to the cpu, no change. Next I tried the ram in the dimm furthest from the cpu, no change. Then I used a different piece of pc3200 from another computer I have and put it in the dimm closest to the cpu, no change. So I think I can rule out that the ram is causing the problem. I then reflashed the bios to 7/28/04, loaded optimized defaults, set all ram timings, voltages, and clocked the cpu at 185 x 13. This booted and seems to be rock solid. I installed 4 new panaflo case fans and a microcool southsink and that combination is keeping my case, cpu, and board extremely cool (CPU 35C (idle) 38C (load), Case 26C, CPU Diode 25C). So I think my heat issues are resolved. I then decided to try some of the modded bios' out there. I flashed to the following bios' : Hellfire's 3EG-Rev3 (Lanparty B) Hellfire's 6/19 Turbo (Lanparty B) and neither of them allowed me to boot in at 200 x 10. So I have to conclude that the mobile I got is just from a bad batch. For some reason it just won't handle 200 fsb. I am glad that I can now boot in at 185 x 13 which gives me a decent overclock (2400mhz), but it still doesnt let me utilize my ram's full speed since its better to run at 1:1 cpu to ram fsb. I looked at the L12 mod a bit and some said it gave them the abililty to boot in at 200 fsb, but then I also read that some bios' enabled this via software. Does anyone know of any bios' that would do this? Thanks for all of your help guys.
  4. I agree that the ram shouldn't be a problem. The issue is that it won't boot in with any fsb above 145. So I would put it at 200 x 10 if I could, but it won't boot!!!! My first steps are probably going to be to reflash the bios and double check that its not corrupted in any way. I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't boot in with 200 except that maybe the mobile 2600 that I got is a crappy one and won't hold more than 185fsb.
  5. You might also invest in a BIOS Saviour. I had the same issue as you a while back on my LPNF2B. Sent my bios chip in for reflashing and then I bought a bios saviour so I would never have to do that again Its not too expensive maybe $20 at most. Check this review for more info http://www.techspot.com/reviews/hardware/bios_saviour/
  6. I actually have my chipset voltage set to auto now. Forgot to update my sig. That's probably a good idea. The only thing that makes me cautious about that is the last time that I went installing new hardware on the board I got the 4 LEDs of death. I'll make sure to set to defaults before swapping out the ram so I'll hope that will prevent it. I'll keep my bios saviour handy though I'll take a look at the L12 mod. When you say 'L12 to 166' I'm guessing that fsb? Thanks for the suggestions, i'll let ya know what I find out. Oh I also put a box fan up to the side of my case last night and I was running extremely cool at 185x13. My cpu was at 38C - 39C all night and I never had any sound drops after playing Q4 for about 2.5 hours. So my problems there are obviously heat related. I'll see how the southsink does when it arrives. I also have 4 of the high power panaflo 80mm case fans coming as well so hopefully that will help with the airflow.
  7. I just went into BIOS knocked my multiplier down to 10 and left my fsb at 145. Booted into windows and attempted to set my fsb to 200 in clockgen. Instantly froze up. I left my ram at tight timings b/c these ocz sticks are meant to run at DDR400 (200mhz) at 2-2-2-11 and I'm using the 1:1 cpu fsb to ram fsb. Update : Just tested loosening the timings from 2-2-2-11 CPC Enabled (1T) to 2.5-3-3-11 CPC Disabled (2T). I then booted with with 145 x 10 and attempted to raise the fsb to 190 in clockgen... froze up again. So I don't think its my ram. Any ideas? Maybe APIC would make a difference? I've just heard people trying to disable it, not sure what it does really. It's really weird that the processor won't go to 200fsb. It runs really cool at 185 x 13 so I would think the SP-97 I have on there is working really well (41C load). Could it have anything to with the fact that I did the warmod? I thought the warmod only made the lpb's recognize your chip as a mobile and nothing more. Any help from anyone would be awesome! thanks!
  8. Damn charlie those are some hella nice speeds. What do you have your voltages set at (chipset, vdimm, agp, etc.)? I'm trying to get my xp-m 2600 stable and I'm trying to find the perfect clock for it. I noticed you have your ram timings a bit higher 2.5-3-3-7 as opposed 2-2-2-11. Maybe I should try uping my ram timings to see how much higher I can get. The highest I've been so far is 185x13 and thats with clockgen post boot. Can't get it to boot in at any fsb past 145 no matter what the multiplier is.
  9. Thanks for the response guys. king of nothing, I'll try the desk fan and see how it holds up. Will the fan really help if the SB doesn't have a sink on it? dr_bowtie, You may be right about the way I have it overclocked. I am oc'n via the nvidia clockgen utility so I haven't tested trying to boot in with 185 x 13. When I was overclocking previously I had issues booting in with any fsb higher than 145, no matter what my multiplier was set at. It might be that I need to try one of the more specialized bios' out there to achieve the clock I want on boot. What do you think?
  10. Hi all, I'm currently trying to get my overclock stable and have been running into some issues with sound dropping after extended periods of use. I'm running at 185 x 13 (2400 mhz) on my AXP-M 2600+ and all temps seem fine. My cpu temp is stable at 41C and my board temp is stable as well at 39C - 40C. All seems fine except that after a few games of Quake 4 the sound drops. I check the temp on my southbridge by just touching it with my finger and it was incredibly hot. I'm assuming the sound is dropping due to the heat generated by the SB so I have a southsink from microcool in the mail to try and resolve this. Any other ideas? Once the sound drops things still run just fine, I've even run Prime95 for about 30 minutes and its seems solid @ the clock i mentioned above. Is there anything else I should check related to the sound going out? Thanks, Dave
  11. nvidia's 6800 series is the way to go for doom3. The x800 seems to run better in hl2 and the 6800's work better in doom3. I would base my purchase on which type of game i'm more into. Are you a hard core doom3 player?? Either is a good choice, but you can get a better deal with a 6800 than paying an arm and a leg for a x800.
  12. 8am - 4:15 pm baby!!! Love checkin dis forum during lunch at my desk
  13. yah i had a 5200 before i got my 6800GT. Doom 3 ran like asszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'd recommend getting at least a 6800 if you want to be able to enjoy doom3 properly.
  14. If the 100 fsb jumper doesn't work you could try the war mod. Do a search in the forum for 'war mode' or 'wire mod' and see what you come up with. It's really easy to do and should make your board recognize your mobile if thats what's causing the problem.
  15. Its in the configuration section, you just have to turn it on. I believe its tools/configuration.
  16. Bill, Thanks a bunch, i'll probably fiddle with these next week sometime. I have a big lan to go to this weekend and I can't afford to have my box go out on me three days before!! Thanks again man.
  17. Spritzup, I have relaxed the timings to make sure that wasn't the problem. I went from the SPD timings of 2-2-2-2-11 to 2.5-3-3-3-11. I've seen these ocz sticks go to at least 233fsb @ those relaxed timings so i'm pretty sure thats not my problem. Electric Bill, Thanks for pasting all of your settings. I have very similar settings to you including all of your ram timings. I've tried every known combination of voltages and still i can't get it to boot at any fsb higher than 155. I was thinking about trying one of hellfire's bios', maybe that would help me boot into windows and also give me a few more fsb on any oc i try. I'd be interested in trying both N24LD619-3EG-REV3 and N24LD619-3EG-REV2 if anyone can send me working links to them. (Hellfire's site seems to be down , wonder why since so many people are hitting it!) god_of_war, Yes, i believe the jumper he's refering to is the 100fsb jumper thats near the cpu socket and NB. Try that and see if it boots.
  18. what do you mean by 'flash' of the 4 LEDs. Do all 4 come on instantly when you boot it up? do they stay lit after that or do they cycle through blinking in different combinations? If its the latter than thats normal, but if the 4 LEDs come on instantly then something is the problem. It's most likely a corrupted bios, but i'm not sure how you would have done that if installing for the first time. You might also want to make a sig with your specs in it so people can see what you have and can troubleshoot for you more easily. I would suggest making a new thread as well.
  19. I don't think its the board b/c it's been just fine for the past 4 months running my axp 2200+. There seems to be a lot of variability in the mobiles so i'm thinking i just got an odd one. It can't do much fsb, but it can sure take alot of speed with a higher multiplier. I still need to do some more testing, but i think i need to get some better case fans first, my box is getting hot with all those volts flowing through the board Right now i can't boot just fine with 155 x 13 so i'll just keep it there until i do some more research on other bios' and once i get some panaflo case fans.
  20. persivore, do you have any of the hellfire bioses for the lpb instead of the ui?? If so could you upload them as well Thanks
  21. Just to catch up... Hellfire's most recent bios release is the 8KA Rev.2, correct? Can't wait for his next release, should be promising As far as all of Hellfire's bios' go which have you all found to have the best mix of oc ability with stability? I'm in the process of oc'n my axp-m 2600 and can oc it pretty decently in windows with clockgen, but can't get it too boot at any fsb higher than 150 via bios. I'm hoping one of hellfire's bios' will fix this and allow me to boot with the desired overclock settings in place. Any suggestions as to which bios i should try first? I'm currently running under 6/19, so if i try any of hellfire's bios' should i start with his first version and then go from there, or should i start with the LanParty 8KA Rev.2 and then flash to his new one once its released?
  22. All, I'm not so sure that my mobile is sheet yet I've actually been doing some more testing and i've been getting much better results. I have my voltages at 1.9vcore, 1.7agp, 1.9chipset, 3.0dimm. I can go all the way to 190 x 13 with clockgen!!! Thats 2473mhz!! I've been doing some benchmarks, running timedemos in games and it seems stable. I just ran doom3 and got 99.3 fsb in timedemo demo1 with some lower settings, but still!! 99.3!!! :-D Ok, so i guess my biggest problem right now is that i can't boot out of any fsb higher than about 160. I'm guessing this is because of the way DFI sets the voltages on boot since i can run just fine at 190 x 13 in windows by using clockgen. So my question is will flashing to a custom bios get me around this issue? Will using hellfire's bios help me get past 166 fsb when setting within bios?? I'll probably try and prime for a while at 190x13 and see how it turns out. I'll also look into hellfire's bios and some of the other bios threads in the forum. Let me know if you have any bios suggestions!, Thanks! UPDATED: It's been priming for over 3 hours now without errors at 190 x 13. It's at about 50C, does that seem hot for running at full load?
  23. If you can find a SP-97 anywhere for a decent price that would be ideal. If not I think the SI-97 is pretty comparable to the SP-97. It's clip on instead of bolt thru, but it should still be pretty performant for what you need.
  24. RGone, So you think i just got unlucky with this specific mobile? man what luck... first i have tons of trouble even getting it to work and now its even more trouble... I guess i'll just find a decent speed that I can run this thing at and leave it at that..
  25. Prostock62, Unfortunately i am still having problems I really appreciate all of your help and everyone else's! I just tried your suggestion, I set vcore to 1.8v, chipset to 1.9v, agp 1.7v, and dimm to 3.3v. Booted back into windows, opened up clockgen and hit a wall at 200fsb. Does this tell you that its not a heat related problem or that it is? It doesn't seem to go over 200 x 10 no matter what I do... Anything else I can try? EDIT : Figured I might post my psu rails just in case that might be the issue : 3.3v : 3.28v 5v : 5.0v 12v : 11.88v -12v : -12.19v I also pulled the codes off the chip thinking this may help as well : axmg2600fqq4c y942201g40434 aqyha0421fpmw again, thanks for all of your help.
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