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  1. POV 7950GX2 worked right away on my ultra-d , im on 406 bios.
  2. As in title , will a 7950gx2 work on the NF4 ultra-d motherboard ?
  3. Maby i will try this bios later today.. So far prime stable 4400+ @ 2750 (naked) Hoping fore som more mhz
  4. Thanks for helping! Have also tried 2 different psu.. actually 3.. but that one is dead.. same behavior with enermax550w and Cheiftec 360w. The problem started after shutting down the system, and then fire up after some minutes..
  5. Have tested with 2 cpues, same behavior.. Have 20 pins psu, has worked fine , also have a 20-24pin converter, used to work great with that also.
  6. tried with vga card in pci-e 16x slot 2, then there is only one leds that dont go off, and i get 1 long and 2 short beeps.. and no picture on the screen
  7. The 4 leds get red immideatly after powering on, then one get outs leaving 3 on. No lights in the keyboard or nothing.. but all the fans runs. Tried clear cmos, safe jumper, battery out, unplugged all ide cables and all extra powercables on the board, tried one ram in dimm 2, tried reaseating the vidcard, tried 5v jumper at both 5v and 3.3v, The board has been working superb fore over 1 monts. Any ideas? Regards Fosco
  8. I hope my Chaintec VNF works whit the mobile cpu.. PS2 port is cooked so i have to replace it first.. Because it`s a better overclocker :angel:
  9. I have DFI myselfe and are happy whit it.. But an overclocker is always interested in trying new things I have tested an tweaked all out of this compo now..
  10. Is DFI the only motherboard that works whit mobile prosessors? Have tested epox 8kda3j = no boot gigabyte k8ns= only 4x200 works So i wonder if there is anyone that have mobile up and running without DFI?
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