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  1. set dram frequency to 200mhz (1:1) in bios and everything will be ok
  2. no, its the setting, to which rm-clock switches in idle, it goes from multiplicator 7 @ 1,09v over 8 & 9 to full power 10x300 @ 1,5v automatically i only tested it on stability in powersaving-level to make sure, that al p-states are fully stable. 24/7 i have setting "performance on demand" rm-clock is the perfect c&q :nod:
  3. 2100 @ 1,09v (measured) runs stable too :nod: ram divider is 8 (262,6MHz) KLICK
  4. before i say, my sys runs stable, i get 2x 24hrs prime runs, blend for ram and custom fft´s in place for cpu.
  5. i have my 2. 0550 VPMW first made 2850 with ihs , didnt tested completely 24hrs 2. buyed pretested, payed too much but runs fine, details by klick in sig...
  6. i don´t know anybody who likes waiting... aber denk doch nur an die freude, wenn er dann lüppt
  7. nice, seems to be one of the best 165 i saw so far...
  8. finally i can use the 9/10 divider. dual prime blend after diverse testsessions successfull: changed back bios to e704-2bt, which shows cpu-temp ~10°C too low...
  9. pete_x did 3.3gig with titan1500 cooling: http://img402.imageshack.us/my.php?image=o...352537658xm.jpg
  10. i payed a lot of money for this cpu (buyed pretested in forum)...
  11. i´m selling my ce-5 because of the better ocz eb 200€ plus shipping... link to the thread of selling with screens in my homeforum: http://www.forumdeluxx.de/forum/showthread.php?t=221963
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