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  1. How come all of Prom's replies are gone now? :confused:
  2. Thanks a lot Prom. BTW, I took the troubles of taking out my board from the case just to check the sticker. Here is mine:
  3. I really think DFI should make an official statement about this matter. It is very confusing for customers and this definitely may affect DFI's sales since the boards are already out for sale in some places. Worst when no one dares to buy them since they are not sure if the boards are final retail version. Here in Hong Kong, the boards have been out for sale for 2 days now and they were sold directly by the DFI's authorized distributor. I will be very upset if they have been selling pre-release version. I believe they all came with BIOS dated Jan 19. And I was also told that the second shipment will be arriving early next week. Why on earth DFI keeps shipping out boards that still need hardware changes? It just does not make any business sense. We still have a thing called RMA, right? Prom, please tell us the BIOS version that comes with your so-called final board. Please?
  4. Sorry, I can't do it now since I don't have the RAM anymore. But, I will be getting 2x512MB of the same RAM soon so please wait for couple more days. If I remember correctly, I used BigToe (OCZ's Tony) setting for TCCD posted on XS.
  5. Yes, Adata DDR600 will probably fit the bill. I have given it a short run due to the time constraint. It was on loan for one afternoon only. So no Prime95 test yet. The max was 320 1:1 with 2.9v vDimm.