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  1. fair enough, but considering that what I want to do is probably go the A64 route and do the 939 nf4 thing, that much I know is clear, Ill be most likely getting a xp90 for it, Ill continue to use this Infinity but down the road I am also thinking of retiring the Socket A at some point, Ill run it till it physically gives out, by then Socket A should be history and there will still be lots of socket 939 boards out, the A revision just gives you that extra backup just in case, I can keep the SI 97a as a just in case. I decided thats what Im going to do. Even if I just bought one of those Sempy E rev and threw it on a DFI nf3 250 board I think the SI would be better than an AMD stock sink

    It seems to be otherwise the exact same sink, I wouldn't mind a bit more quiet around here either

    :D Thanks for the replies guys, Ill probably order one on Fri



  2. the sp 97 and the SI 97 are completely different beasts though, the only thing I like about swapping is that the over hang of the wings of an SI 97 on the infinity wont provide any ram airflow like on the NF4 board, but will help get some air over the northbridge cooler, thats one reason for consideration, the volcano 12 spits the expelled air out from left to right, well the socket is sandwiched between the rear I/O ports and the 20 pin connector, so the airflow is restricted really and Im just wondering if the SI design would probably benefit me more, I think it will, now that there is a socket 754/939 version that also works with socket A, I might try it, also worth mentioning the Ultras modular 20 pin connector is a solid block of plastic, so its more restrictive then a typical 20 pinn connector, basically in its current config theres no real active airflow over the NB, which brings me to the next consideration......


    A quick question, where is the case temp sensor on this board. I always assumed they were in the NB but on this board as long as I have one of my 120 mm fans aimed at the SB, the case temps been around 30c, if I dont have the 120 blowing that direction, its spikes to 45c which seems extremely high for the case temp, this is running the rig out in the open on the desk, I have never in my life had a case temp run more than the CPU temp


    Are these Infinitys accurate with thier readings, this is using the Hardware Doctor program included with the board and the MotherBoard Monitor software, each seems to be consistent with the reported readings, Im considering a SB HS or HSF replacement, any ideas or products known to work, it seems companies dont really make SB cooling products, and now that the NF3 and NF4 has one chipset I doubt anything will be produced for a SB ennviroment, so its improvise time

  3. hmm interesting then, well either try a different video card or another board, thats the only way to isolate which of the 2 is the culprit, I would suspect the Vid card most likely, and I doubt you want to setup another board, so Id start there, do you have any other machines that can provide a temp donor?

  4. If you need a piece of glass just go to any hardware store that cuts glass and see if they have any small scrap pieces laying around, I would say a piece around the size of a DVD case is perfect, just small enough to not really be in the way later on, but you dont want it too big either, it really is nessescary to have a flat piece of something to lay the sandpaper down so you get a nice even bottom on the heatsink, good luck, oh yea that wet dry stuff gets messy when you get it wet, expect a nice blackish ink stain on anything it touches, so I wouldn't wear any clothes you dont want messed up

  5. is there a way to set up any resolutions on the monitor off of its internal controls, could something maybe have been changed right on the panel? does it have a self test mode or anything? Im just thinking thats another avenue to possibly consider if all else fails, might not hurt to take a look if your panels able to access the menus without it being hooked up, is it self detecting or do you have to manually address wether its to be using the DVI or the Dsub connection

  6. I have a Syba Sil3112 PCI add in card for SATA. I used with my old Chaintech and the 74 Raptor. It is a lot slower due to the PCI bus than the onboard SATA solutions. I have noticed some gain with the Raptor attached to an onboard chip now. Not a whole lot, but some. Ill hang on to it in case I have any issues like your having down the road. It should work, just go into the bios and make sure boot other devices is enabled and then treat it just like any onboard controller, also make sure you turn off the onboard SATA in the bios so theres not any conflicts. At least thats what I would do first. Hehehe, I have to laugh at Tmod, I have not been able to get the Onboard Lan on this Infinity to work correctly and had to drop in a PCI lan card. Its a shame you have onboard tools and can not use them. Then I see this guy having to rely on the PCI bus for his SATA too. Whats gonna happen when PCI is gone, I hope they continue to make this gear on the PCI express bus or we be screwed

  7. Im not having near as much luck with the UTT BH. What are your exact RAM settings in Genie if you didnt mind.


    Did you buy your Mushkins as a kit or in single packs? It turns out some of the newer UTT CH has those same dots now and it would be hard to know which was used. If they were bought as a kit, they are BH but if individually, you could have one of each maybe and not know about it, theres no way to distinguish the new ones. Or you could have both with CH. From what I was told by a Mushkin Employee the CH was only used on the single packed sticks along with a few BH chips. If you got the CH it might explain why your able to do more than I can do. They all been telling me the UTT BH is not for these boards. So it makes me wonder if yours are the BH or not. But then again, my knowledge of mem timings especially with all the options on this Bios I maybe just haven't hit the right combo of settings yet.


    Would you mind showing me what your settings are for when you use your Mushkins. Id would be happy to hit 225 at this point.

  8. You noob Jeremy, you don't know TIM??? Hes an overclockers best friend.


    Arctic TIM is my favourite, Shinetsu TIM aint bad either. Just make sure you stay away from that Generic TIM, hes a bad un...



    oh I know the stuff, been hooked on AS since 3, using 5 currently, I havent used the white stuff in a long while, the first thing I do when I get ahold of something new is bust out the 91% rubbing alchohol and cotton swabbies :) I just never heard it referred to as TIM, I always have and heard it called heatsink grease :)


    Charlie, looking pretty good I would say as well for a 14 dollar sink



    if im understanding you correctly, you are going to try a new psu too?

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