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  1. The Blue Ice on the SB is keeping it at around 33 to 34c, I can live with that, that 40 plus and it being more than the CPU temp was alarming to me, what is a safe respectable temp on the SB?

    Im thinking if I did get that AS adhesive it would probably be just a tad bit better than the thermaltape stuff? what do you think?

    as for the Jab Tech order here is my current shopping list





    for sure


    Which of these 2 would be better over the thermal tape for the SB HSF?





  2. hehehe my additiction on ebay is guitars, I have bought and sold quite a few over the years, never a problem, but then most people who are musicians selling guitars over the net know what they have and wont let it go for any less than about 30 precent below retail new usually :) rare to see that no reserve listed anywhere on the auction

  3. umm we all run mobiles on the NFII lp B and the Infinity, bascially the same board minus the UV and all the goodies, where are you basing this info that unlocking a mobile wont work with NF2, if im wrong i apologize but mobiles are already unlocked, why they are so sweet, and what do you mean though by unlocking a sempron, if you have somehow unlocked it and it really is a mobile now, or supposedly behaves like one now then your good to go, make sure you run the 6/19 bios to start with at it seems to be the best for mobile cpus and these boards, give it some time, i know a few others will chime in here, IMHO your better off with the Nf2 flavor if you can utilize it

  4. yep i have


    since i lapped the bottom of this thermaltake anyhow i think thats why i see hardly any improvment over the white junk and the AS


    any Thermaltake I have every seen could benefit from what i did to this one, they are not the best out of the box when it comes to the base finish

  5. started by removing the stock sb heatsink, wow it was only really making contact Id say about the size of a dime in the dead center, the rest of that sticky stuff DFI slapped on there was really dirty, which means it was hardly in contact with the sb at all, upon further inspection, the included sink is a bit warped on mine at least, no wonder it got so hot on its own, I unplugged the board, let it sit for a few moments to dissapate any power in it, and got to work


    carefully used a clean brand new razor blade and scraped what was making contact off, then used 91 percent rubbing alcohol to swab the surface of anything remaining, now just for my peace of mind I ran the board without the stock sb hs to see what it would do. It actually was reporting 2 degrees less without my 120 fan blowing at it and its right on par with the fan blowing at it when the stock sb hs was on there. :( so nice attempt DFI but in reality its actually useless :(


    Im gonna test with the new blue ice I bought with its included fan, which by the way is almost slient :) I cant hear it, Ill then test it without the fan and no 120, and then without the fan but with my 120 blowing at it, upon visual inspection it is flat and should make much better contact with the SB and for now Ill just use the included thermal tape, Ill have to see what the temp does with it, if I dont like the result Ill include some of that AS adhesive stuff with my HS order which Ill probably place tonight, I just want to double check on everything and make sure when I order I order everything at once, Im considering a few other items to throw in as well


    Thanks again all


  6. noted :)


    I also have some small heatsinks that were supposed to be used for BGA ram with a Koolance GPU waterblock, but my best friend never bothered since the card originally never had any kind of ram sinks to begin with and he was going for the ultimate quiet machine with no overclocking intended of anykind, so I have those as well, figured since I gonna have it torn down and installing the other why not these as well

  7. Jab Tech immediately replied to my email of questions for them :) I think that sealed the deal and so far I have yet to find any negative comments about them, I have my decision, now I need to decide on a fan, upon thier recommendation I think Ill go with the faster fan that has the RPM monitoring and have them sleeve it for me, that way I dont have to mess with it at all. Well, my thanks to playah who was the only one that happened to have chance to respond before I decided, Ill let you guys know once the cooler arrives what the new A rev is all about, Ill setup that blue ice at the same time. Just plugging it on the board to test the sounds its not loud at all, and the blue leds compliment the blue ones on my vid card :)


    It comes with some thermal tape, since Im gonna be placing an order with Jab Tech I might consider the AS epoxy stuff since the SB has no holes and Im afraid the tape might hurt my effort, the AS expoxy and or a few dabs of Superglue and some AS 5 would do the trick right? I have never messed around with AS expoy? Anyone have any insight? Or would the superglue in the corners be the ticket?


    I need to browse thier site too to see if anything else tickles my fancy :) before I place this order :D

  8. I was actually thinking JabTech looked to be my choice, this is the fan they recommend with it


    They say 3 pin fan tail supports it or you can choose the 4 pinned molex and Im guessing it wouldn't then, I would most likely opt for the 3 pin, they also will sleeve it for a couple bucks more and that seems very reasonable to me, so Ill probably opt for that too


    Ill check out the ones you suggested, I guess depending on shipping and who's the fastest options in that dept wise is who Ill go with. I dont think I can probably go wrong either route, so thanks dude. Ill kick it around and decide sometime tonight.

  9. Well, I went out and looked locally to see if anyone had this heatsink, nope, but I did find this coolermaster blue ice chipset cooler, i suspect its more for a NB but its not too big and seeing DFI was really nice about leaving the SB area pretty clear of any components for the most part, should work as a SB just fine. My current setup caseless works great with the 120 mm fan parked right at the boards edge blowing past the SATA connectors, but once I reinstall into a case I wont have the option of having that much airflow being directed right at it, plus that 120 is typically what keeps my raptor cooled down, right now without active air over the top its kinda toasty, so since no one has any Thermal Right locally


    What Online etailer would you trust/suggest? The egg doesn't have the SI/97A

    So Im left with a hand full of choices off the TR page as resellers I have never dealt with before. Of the ones I checked out heres the ones that seemed legit based off thier webpages, any experiences or successful transactions with these folks guys?







    They all have the A revision in stock and are priced all the same. Which company would be best.


    Also, probably going to go with one of the Panaflo recommended fans. I want to order this tonight so it can maybe get here by Sat if Im lucky. Otherwise, it wont be until Mon because of Sun.

    LMK guys thanks

  10. yeah, I didnt even know the Chaintech was UV reactive, rumor was DFI might have been contracted to manufacture them, but like I said, rumor, I dont think its true. So when I bought the board and got it home I was like cool, yellow and black. One day got the itch to buy a UV light, and boy was I surprised :)

    Anyhow, why the DFI has always appealed to me since that time. The UV just looks friggin cool :D !!!!! Im glad they have continued the trend with future boards. Why I was really hoping to get a Lanparty board instead, oh well this Infinity boards working out great now, if this guys really seriously interested in getting another board and doesnt matter if its the LP or the Infinity I might consider getting a Lanparty and letting him have this Uber cheap, and or even possibly just tell him to cover the shipping expenses :D I miss my UV goodiness


    If interested, I have a PM box :)

  11. YES YES AND YES, I agree with shinobi and playah on this one, the PSU must come first, its the heart and soul of the pc, some say the cpu, but my 2 cents, your brain yes is important, but food is extremely important to keep it alive, same for a cpu, its squat if its not given the juice it needs to thrive, thats why a PSU is the single probably most important part of any pc rig, a lesson learned by me the hard way


    as for the 6600, your looking at the 6600 vanilla flavor card, its got a whopping 300 mhz core clock, not much really for these days games, now the GT models are stock clocked at 500, you will notice some big gains there alone, the mem is also clocked stock higher on the gt's, you can always overclock them too, the BFG 6600gt comes oced right off the factory line, in other words thier stock clock on the card is 525 on the core and 1050 on the mem makes it pretty damned fast for its class of card

    but at 200 plus dollars a bit off your budget

    but this


    if your buying off the egg would be probably your best bet over the one you linked to IMHO, good luck with your decision


    oh yea forgot, your original chaintech only had composite video out, that evga for just a small amount more has proper component out for HDTV and it also has SVGA, really golden if you ever want to do the HTPC thing or have a big screenie and wanna play some HL2, it looks so cool on a Widescreenie TV :) just food for thought

  12. yep yep curses not a damned lanparty b was on the bay when i decided to buy this infinity, now theres a few :) shoot I would even consider buying a LP b off the bay and send him this board, even though I spent all this time working with it :) I think I have a rough handle on it now, I could tackle a LP B


    My old Chaintech was the only other UV reactive board known to man and I have a nice UV setup when I run it in the case, I wouldn't mind the Lanparty for that purpose, I still might get ahold of one and keep this board as a backup

  13. pull the cmos battery, leave the cmos jumper on clear, let it sit overnight give it a good clear and all then try it again, upon successful post immediately go into bios and load optimize default, when i first got my board i thought it was DOA but the long cmos clear and pull of the battery did the trick

    btw thanks for the suggestion playah

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