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  1. hehehe, here join us, ok sorry I have to



    team 734, the PCper.com folding frogs is the team I fold with and a very friendly bunch :)


    Folding 24/7 keeps your cpu at load, if your overclocked and able to run this uberstable your good to go 24/7 overclocked, its a great way to keep an eye on stability and not be always running benchmarks etc..

    Oced or not we would love you to join us, there is a DFI-street team too if your interested, the folding frogs wouldnt mind you folding with us but for the cause in general as long as your willing to run the program for someones team, thats all that really matters as the data turned in helps humanity in general

    Thanks for taking the time to consider it and set it up if you do



  2. yep its pretty boogered then :) a reinstall would be the best bet :)


    I see your on the 11/24 bios according to the sig, you might want to try the 6/19 at some point as it seems to be the one for mobile support


    work in .5 increments with your multi and .25 with your cpu volts, just try 10, then 10.5, 11, 11.5 and so forth until it seems as if maybe the volts are not enough, then go back and try the .25 increments, so if your at lets say 1.5, go 1.525, then 1.550, 1.575 and so forth until you get it to post, you should be able to hit 200 times 12 with something in the 1.6 to 1.7 cpu volt range, Im currently doing 200x12 with the cpu volts set at 1.625 and its running FAH all day long no sweat, my RAM sucks with these boards so Im not pushing any further for now, I dont forsee any reson of you hitting this at least either, 2.4 or anything over its stock rated speed is gravy anyways, so best to be safe and clock it back a tad for stability instead of going for the absolute, at least thats what I suggest

  3. ouch, done that before, had 12 stiches in my thumb because I was putting a plastic model kit together one evening and I got so involved with it instead of putting it down for the night I continued on and so at 3 AM in the morning here I am with a washcloth wrapped around my thumb and off to the emergency room to get stiched up :) Xacto knifes are pretty sharp I discovered, leaves a nice scar too

  4. keep an eye on the temps, I wouldnt let it go anything past 50c, and to me thats already pushing it IMHO

    i see you have a what should be a decent psu, but have you been able to see what your rails are doing??? just because the bios says one thing dont mean its whats really whats being applied, Im gonna assume you dont have a multimeter but if you can get ahold of one and or do have one a test of the actual volts being supplied at load would be a good place to start, for now what does the software tell you whats being provided, use the hardware doctor software if you dont have MBM or speedfan installed


    Some cpu's do not like voltage.. actually adding too much to one that doesnt like it can make it very unstable even @ stock..


    an excerpt from another post I was just reading, have you tried with less volts?

    maybe thats a tad too much, I have never had to apply that much to this mobile to get to 2.4

  5. yep, quite aware of it, been factoring that in if i bought the ultra-d it would be 145 total for a working sli setup with a bought bridge, so when looking at the eggs pics of the board and included accessories it sure looks like it comes with one by thier pics, must be a mistake, its still a great deal at 112 shipped from monarch, would have been sweet if it did come with it, hehe add the 15 dollar bridge and there you have it, cheapest sli board from DFI, like I said, I wouldnt even need the second lan I dont even see the point in the dually anyhow

  6. quick question, tried searching, maybe I keyed the wrong info in, on neweggs listing of this board, in the pics of the included accessories they show what appears to be a sli connector, now I was re thinking this through, Monarch is selling this bad boy the non ultra-d board for 112 shipped :) if it does come with a sli bridge that makes this a sweet board, I have no need for dually lan really, and to be honest, I would really consider this mod thing, so can anyone verify this thing might or might not come with the sli connector thing, even if I do get the board from monarch, the 15 dollars saved from the ultra-d at the egg might be golden as with the ultra-d you still have to hunt down the sli connector thingy

    Ill be happy if someone tells me yes

  7. yep updated firmware, same symptom, so i hooked up to the ide ribbon instead, its still behaving strangely, tryed my addin SATA pci card, same deal, then back to the onboard SATA, again same crap, Im noticing with either SATA adapter and or on the IDE channel its taking way too long to detect upon posting and so far as long as I have not had it hooked up on the board, its been running rock solid, min I try it again it freezes within anywhere from one min after XP is up and running to about 10 mins, so Im assuming this Drive is going south, just to verify my Dad said I can bring it by tommrow and drop in his machine and if it starts behaving strangely over there, well there you have it


    Curses my bad hardware luck, why me ? :(

    I already called the Samsung help line, they said an RMA is no problem if it still doing over at dads, Im sure it will, the SATA and the IDE on this board are two seperate things, it has to be the drive, but Ill double check it to just make sure :( its always something isn't

  8. hehehe its my chaintech reincarnated :) no seriously it is, exactly what I had to deal with as i was probably the one and only person in the world that ran a nforce2 board with a ram at 166 and the cpu at 200*12 for over 2 years :) never corrupted the bios, then I get this infinity thinking finally I can run at 200 on the ram..... and maybe more, just to find out UTT BH and Nforce2 dont play nicely together :( but at least at 200 it works ok, never did on the chaintech, but ok thats for another post :)

    back to this gents problem, I have to ask, whats your temps like on the CPU, at 1.65 if your cooling aint enough could be maybe reason its bombing? just a suggestion like stated above as for everything else, I dont forsee what it could be doing, I never figured it out on my chaintech, I wonder if maybe there were just some bad apple NF2 chipsets out there, others ran my old board just fine at 200 with 3200 rated RAM but my particular board never wanted to do so with any 3200 sticks i tried, its just a hypotheisis really if maybe you and I had bad chipsets, its the only conclusion I coudl come up with on that chaintech, as for yours other than the temp maybe I dont see why it wouldnt run correctly. Shinobi, Playah, I see he says hes on the 11/24, you think the 6/19 or one of the uber modded bioses might help him??


    one other thing I thought of, was this board brand new or second hand? whats the RAM voltage set at, could it undervolted or overvolted maybe? again just drawing at straws here, might be worth knowing what your running at though in case that could be part of the solution or problem

  9. As of the past 24 hours I have been having random lockups, no BSOD, just frozen screenie :( This was really bad in my old 95 days, happened sometime in 98, when I got XP and with the old chaintech it never happened so its frustrating to have this happen to me once again :(


    Ok, so I am like fine, I know the Mobile chip can do 2.2 without breaking a sweat, I had things set up 210*11 so I backed off a bit to 200*10, I have the Ram set to its spd and I have the volts at 2.9, I figured this would represent a non overclocked 3200 XP chip, surely this gear should be able to do that, its still crapping out, ok so Im like really starting to get frustrated, I zeroed in on the fact I hear noise in the DVDRW. Now I glance over at it and the activity light is blinking on and off, much like a blinking red light :( now why is it doing that???


    So I went ahead and disconnected it, now it has gone for the past hour without a lock up. I went ahead and reconnected it and bam, within a few mins, lockups :( grr, so I guess I will have to not use the SATA to IDE converter and just try it on the IDE ribbon, grr I hate those, I really like using the converter as it really makes cable management cleaner, but Im just trying to weed out the issue. If it keeps locking up on the IDE ribbon, maybe the drives going bad, I hope not, it was just bought note more than 3 weeks ago :( I hope Samsung's RMA is good


    So is anyone using the Infinity or LP b with a SATA native DVDRW and or one of the converters? And if so anyone aware of any issues with it and the Infinity/Sil3114??? I have a Syba 3112 PCI addin controller, I guess I shall have to maybe try it as well :( Grrrr because with this onboard the HDD had been doing much better benchmark wise


    If I have to resort to a add in controller Im seriously considering dumping this board :( and just biting the bullet going to A64 Venice with a NF4 board, Seriously because I cant get the onboard lan to work on this thing, if the onboard SATA aint going to work I dont like that either, I have UTT BH ram, I know its whats not allowing me past 210, I was hoping for at least 225, nope not with this stuff, I am seeing people with success with my exact RAM doing great on the NF4, I just bought that SI97A HSF, its just too tempting, playing BF2 a new vid card is a nice want, also know I can get another set of that exact Mushkin, have 2 gig and a board/cpu that supports it, BF2 from what Im reading could sure utilize it :)


    But I hate to throw in the towel prematurely :) I dont want to say screw this board until I know for sure, I am starting to wonder if it was a dud and the dude knew it and dumped it on the bay for that reason, shoot if I do decide to go on to the next platform, I would definately let this go for uber cheap, the Mobile Ill probably try and offload on pcper, but I might consider letting one of you fellas having the board first, check it out, see if you replicate what Im having trouble with, and if you do, let you probably just keep it, or if it works out, then arrange some sort of a payment, Im being serious too, if I had RAM worth a damn for this board I might not be so quick to say screw it, but if Im going to spend more money towards RAM I might as well just make the swap


    Anyhow, any insight on the SATA thing would be nice, I dont want rule anything out until I know exactly whats up with it, I think I shall install that addin card and see if it still craps out, if so then I know its this new DVD RW drive, I hope not

  10. ill second that on the syba, I had one of those for my old chaintech board and even though it was 3112 based, it is slower than this onboard 3114, for me its an improvment to move to this infinity, and here I keep seeing that this is slower than the nf7s :( but given the overal OC potential of the sista's you have to weigh that out, which is most crucial for your needs

  11. let me reassure you with all of the vantec products I have owned, a few aeroflow HSFs, thier UV light kit and a couple of thier 80 UV fans, and the Nexus Fan controller I should have never let go of :( I was very satisfied with in terms of thier quality, I would hope thier PSU line would be the same and if it were me I wouldnt hesitate trying one either, for your purposes, I think it will be just fine

    If your not worried about SLi compatibility you should have no worry I would think

    Do let us know how it works out. Thanks

    Good luck sir

  12. now in all fairness to these people, what happens a lot of times, lets say an example like this


    A teenager, lets say 15 years old. Wants to buy a Shirt from Abercrombie. However lives out in the middle of nowhere, nearest malls over a 2 hour drive to get there. Ok, fine I can use thier website, whoops, I dont have a CC yet so damn, thats not gonna work. I have the cash saved up though. Just that most commerical sites only accept CC for payment. Ill look on the bay the, oh wow, theres the same thing, and now wait a min, ahh yes they take money orders. Cool, so they can drive 5 mins up the road to the rural post office and get a US postal Money Order, and mail that puppy off. Thats a good possibility right there. My cousin is that particular example BTW if your wondering.

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