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  1. took a quick look at the cpuz and it had several ratings for 133, 166, and 200, for the 200 it was rated 2.5,4,4,8 according to cpuz on the 256 sticks and 2.5, 3,3,7 is what it reported on the 512 stick

    we currently have it set to auto and it picked up on the 2.5,4,4,8 for all the sticks


    According to it its saying Prescott, but again Ill have to pull the stock HSF and take a peek at whats etched up on top, also he said the shop he bought the stuff from seated the HSF, Im assuming it uses one of those thermalpads, I told him we probably should scrape that off and use a thin layer of AS5 and see if it might help bring the temp down a bit


    Ill have a chance to inspect the chip then.


    So when you say divider, where is that in the bios, or more exactly how is it worded, because I dont remember seeing anything in there, other than the whole 200/33, 166/33, etc... that seemed to control the FSB stuff


    again my apologies on not knowing the intel setups

  2. Hi all


    I know its not a DFI board but a friend of mine just recently picked up an Asus p4s800 mobo and a 2.4 p4 prescott cpu. I need advice and help with it. He wanted to know if there was any overclocking that could be done with the combo. I am an AMD fanboy and since Im not up to speed with Intel and how they oc I thought Id ask some general Intel advice. Here goes. Ill try and provide as much Info as I can. I know my friend will appreciate this too.


    Taking a look at the bios it appears the chip is locked with an 18 multiplier. I have options for manual, 2400, 3600 for cpu speed. When choosing manual, it brings up a whole bunch of values starting with 133/33 and upwards to 300 something. Im assuming this is the FSB adjustments? Setting the cpu on the 3600 set the preset value to 200/33, I guess thats what this quad pumped thing is all about, where they get the 800 FSB claim? At stock the cpu is supposed to be a 533 FSB chip at 2.4 gig. But we tried the 3600 option and it posted at 3.6 gig. It got into windows but the Temp alarm was beeping and flashing up a screen saying it was over the limit. So we backed it back to its stock 2.4.


    That brings me to the next question, he has a stock Intel HSF. What would be a good recommendation for a replacement for the HSF and what Temp would be a good one for this CPU. Right now at 2.4 its around 70 to 71c according to Motherboard monitor. I installed that for him so he can monitor the temp all the time. I dont know whats a good temp to shoot for on these, or whats considered bad. I always have shot for 50c or less with my AMDs, so this 70 plus seems really high to me.


    Temps lead me into the next question, what voltage should be run with this chip. Its at 1.3 something, Im sorry I didnt write down what its currently setup at and Im going off memory. I just need to know whats considered normal and whats too much.


    Memory is 3 sticks of generic 3200 memory. Its just like I said, generic, no brand name on it, just a sticker that say 512 3200 and 2 256 3200 on the sticks. It doesnt list any timings or anything on them, or who made them or whatnot. Im assuming you dont run synched with the FSB on these intels?


    Ok, thats a start, any other important info would be appreciated. Again, my apologies, Intel novice here just trying to help a friend. Mostly need info on the voltages and temps for Prescott cores. I confirmed this with CPUZ. Any other info I didnt know to ask about you think is important will be greatly appreciated.




  3. wow, i cant read that, im assuming its in german, anyhow from what the pics show it appears to be a really nice setup especially if you have never done water before and want something already assembled out of the box, with that said about the only thing you would need to probably do is fill the system and leak test for a while before actually setting up the rest of the gear, best of luck to you sir, I would say go for it if its within your budget and your want something good to go

  4. interesting, on logans faq site I was looking at the pics of the board he has posted there, it I see it says made in taiwan right under the REV A part, now on my board theres nothing whited out or a sticker or anything, my PCB was never printed with Made in Tawain, so just to note a discrepancy with Shinbois statement earlier that all the PCBs said Tawain, I wonder if the PCB itself was originally was from Tawain and then they just sent all the parts and the bare boards over to China for assembly? It would be interesting to know if thats why they had to cover up that made in Tawain part, and then maybe later they didn't print that on the PCB so they could just skip the paint step, or if China started to make the actual PCB and so they just slap the gold sticker on the back

  5. Well, I'm of Taiwanese descent, but I actually reside in the US of A. Yeah, I'm one of them... haha. But your analogy is right, I often use use the UK/US when I talk about China/Taiwan. ;)


    As for the splotch, yeah, it's very sloppy looking. I'll take a picture later when I get home.



    thank you, you did pick up on my lil anaology there, like I said, I basically consider Tawain the same as China usually, thats all I was saying, now for the record, I wont go as far as to say the US is better than the UK, in some ways yes and some ways no, it depends on which side of the pond your on :) lately the 2 governments been awfully nice towards each other and so other than the difference of preference when it comes to which side of the road you wanna drive on, it would feel just like here if I were to move over there, anyhow personally I dont care where the board says it was made, its running, its been uber stable since I got it to post and Im quite happy with it :D thats all that matters right, if you have a stable board or not, ok enough thread hijacking, back to the post


    before I go though, just curious if you still consider anything coming out of Hong Kong now superior, I still do :) I know they dont really consider themselves Chinese even though on paper now it says so :(

  6. its the only place Im aware of that sells the little sockets, on the old chaintech when trying a hotflash one timeI gouged it with the precisicion screwdriver I was using to pry the chip out, and I thought I would have to replace it, I came across that site in search of one, but then I was able to bend the metal back into shape and it worked great since then

  7. go here, if interested in trying to resolder in a socket





    if your really brave you can buy the socket and try yourself, I would have someone do it that is good at soldering, thats if your interested, otherwise i know that website can have you send it in and they will do the work but as to how much and all of that you would have to ask them

  8. over at pcper we were discussing some dude being legal, he turned 18 and the thread as a joke, it was like dude, your 18 now and can finally get drafted, the joke being you can go to war, but you cant drink, anyhow inspired me to tell my why i stopped drinking story, but same format applies here


    if your not of legal age for adult material and or offended by this sort of material, please dont ask me to tell the tale


    if you are of age or not easily offended by that sort of stuff, I have a PM box and will gladly share, your on the honor system here folks, dont go asking and then complain later, if your under 18 and ask well shame on you


    with that said PM me and Ill tell the tale, I think its friggin hilarious now, but back then it wasnt so funny to me :)


    Cheers all

  9. grrr, i just got the SI97A in today, some clearance issues with the Infinity too with it, anyhow thats for another post, didnt know for sure with the A rev how the A64 retention mechanism worked, I was so hoping for a bolt through like AG was just talking about, sadly its a very stock like clip on design that uses the original mobo bracket, no naked a64 with that HSF in my future :( unless you can some how either replace the plastic rod with a longer one and or come up with a shim, but as AG is sayin, you risk the chance of cracking the core if you try and shim it too much :( I dont think ill try it, at least its not nessescary to replace the bracket like the XP90 or 120 forces you to do, it also appears like the SI97 will perform just like the XP90 so its probably a better option as you can skip that bracket step, and keeping the original bracket means more UV on the board :) anyways, just wanted to share that about the SI97a and naked a64s, dont look too good unless you mod it somehow

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