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  1. hehehe on pcper a guys selling a fresh unsealed RMA ultra d and a sli bridge for 119 shipped, I was the second PM and hope the first guy backs out for some odd I doubt it reason, I yelled dibs if he does, even if I cant get the cpu for a while having the board and the sli bridge for 119 just is too good to pass on, I hope to be replying to this thread again soon yelling it works, the mod works :)

  2. liquid sound? this is the first i have ever heard of that one? do you think its defective maybe, is that what you are saying? I dunno sir, if your running this out in the open like the pics in the first part of this particular post I cant see why it would be so high? what did the bottom of the sink look like, where there any major nicks or dings possibly? mine came pretty clean, I didnt even bother lapping, just wondering if maybe yours might have gotten warped or something, does it appear to be flat with few machine marks?

  3. im mainly interested in the HDTV out as I have this nice Samsung Widescreenie here that would make a great monitor, but my 5900 has DVI out, but my HDTV only has component, burned my butt when the next years model had DVI :( and Im not about to drop that much money again for a newer HDTV just for DVI ports, now they have this HDMI thing and it just never stops :) much like computers. :) LOL


    A 6600 GT with HDTV would finally allow me to play games on the Widescreenie, been considering turning this into an HTPC setup anyhow, so thats what Im making the descision from. I would be able to afford the 6600 before the 6800 too


    any, nuff highjacking, back to the post, so whats new charlie

  4. hehe, yes WOW is quite mem intensive, so I hope you can find a happy medium with getting the tightest mem timing possible and not upsetting it :)


    also BF2 loves lots of memory :D been forcing me to think 2 gig now, grrr money I dont have


    In the long run 2 one gig sticks matched in pairs is probably your best bet, but for all the effort your putting into the sticks now if you decide to try and sell them you can let potential buyers know what they will do


    best of luck sir

  5. yea, typically I dont even hardly have to push the plunger, I can usually just place the tip of the tube on top of the core and utilize the wicking effect more or less to drag out about a bb size myself as well, most people I know still think you have to slather it on there like your frosting a cake or something :(


    could his temp probe be messed up or something do you think? I just cant see an xp90 not performing like its supposed to be, BTW dude, how are you monitoring the temps? MBM or speedfan? or the included software? just wondering if his application is not setup right or not and his temps are fine, just being misreported, I just doubt the XP 90 could be defective, but then I dont know for sure if the heatpipes can fail or not

  6. i need to study a pic of your board, the only issues i had were clearance on the io port side and the mobo connector and wedging that HSF in there, if i had a normal 20 pin connector it probably wouldnt be as much of an issue, but Ill just give you a heads up, from what I can see you shouldnt have a problem with the board like i did and the connector


    edit duh i just remembered you had good pics of the setup on page one of this posting :) looks good, your 20 pins out on the edge, and your socket is more centered over the NB, looking good, that HSF will blow some excess air over the NB too and should help there a bit, also looks like you might get a bit of air around the top of the ram at least, so I think you will be good to go


    best of luck to you sir

  7. just drawing at straws here, but since he already mentioned making sure the 4 power connections are plugged in or not, would the jumpers on the SLI selector cause it not to boot if its one card and setup for 2 cards? this is acutally a FYI as Im curious about that anyhow, but if its setup for SLI and you have one card, you might want to make sure its setup for one card instead


    also make sure your RAM and everything else is properly seated, and especially your HSF, if its just turning right off might be its overheating right away? anyhow just throwing some ideas out there that I would start double checking on if it were me



    NEED A MOD to Move this PLEASE

  8. yes sir, highly recommend the shim too, you can install without it, but i dont see the point, they include it for a reason as the base doesnt quite even cover 4 rubber pads on the corners, the shim helps keep it from rocking and possibly cracking, crushing or chipping the core, I think you will be pleasantly pleased with the performance


    I think 215 times 11 for that board is pretty good since its not one of the sistah ones

  9. couldn't wait, went ahead and bought the zalman from compusa today, wow, big difference, in the 50s now, very nice HSF and no clearance issues :) also didnt have to remove the Mobo, very quiet, I would say we are good to go with the temps now


    so with that said we shall try that 200/33 now and see how it responds to 3.6 at a full load, ace, you been a great help, thanks


    now i just need to convince him to get a DFI board next time :)


    I think thats all, thanks again, if we have any more questions Ill be in touch ACE


    have a great day


  10. ok, thanks for the tips, even though its supposed to be a 533 cpu it seems to be able to run the 3.6 at 800 just fine, we temporarily ran it again at this speed to see what it would do temp wise once we ditched the thermal pad crap


    it was running at 73 to 74, so like right at the cut off of when the board started to complain etc.... before it would shut off, so maybe theres hope being a prescott core with some better cooling we can have him run with 3.6, that would rock, for now set at close to 3, its what a 664 fsb it seems to love that, i told him why run at 2.4 when its running at 3 just fine it seems, if he buys a HSF and can keep the temp under 70, I think we will be good at 3.6 on an 800 FSB, so thanks again


    Ill change those bios settings next time im over there hopefully on fri if we buy a new HSF, I dont think he wants to wait for mail order so whatever compusa has onhand should be good, anything has to be better than that stock HSF, the coolermaster hyper48 and the zalman cnps7000 are always instock when I go and what appears to me to be good choices compared to the xp90, i just wish thermalright would do more retail then just mail order so you didnt have to wait a few days for ups, oh well, no one around here sells them locally


    have a nice evening sir

  11. si97a, panaflo hb1, AS ceramique or silver, 55 dollars to your door, I highly recommend :D from jab-tech.com very pleased with my recent purchase of this setup from them :D


    the only difference of the A rev is a small dimple on top of the sink and an A64 compatible clip, its the exact same as the SI97, IMHO its the way to go as you can have the option for the A64 later on :)

  12. ok, we pulled that HSF, scraped off that thermal pad crap, i applied some AS5, it dropped the temp about 5 degrees, but i know scraping off that thermal pad helped alot, even if we just had used the normal white grease, im hoping once it cures and has been turned off and on a few times the temp might even drop a bit more once its settled


    ok heres the info off the top of the chip


    intel p4, 2.4ghz/1m/533

    sl88f costa rica





    ok a few things I would like to mention,

    cpu external is set to 166/33, the 33 should mean the pci bus is at 33, this is the only way i can see in this bios to set the pci at 33, thats correct right


    cpu vcore it set to 1.3750, cpuz and the asus software also reports its at 1375

    so that should be good


    spd is 2.5,3,3,7 not 2.5,4,4,8 like i originally stated


    this option im not sure of, chipset clock mode set to asynched, what does that mean?


    finally, theres an option in there called delay transaction, this is set to enable, what is this?


    ok thats what I have to report now, the computers running at 3 gig, we are just going to leave it at that for now. It seems stable, temps are high 60s now, but its not beeping at us and trying to shut it off. Once we can get ahold of a HSF thats a bit better we can maybe try for more but he doesnt want to chance burning up the chip.


    I really really appreciate the advice. Let me know off that info if the chip really is a prescott. CPUz says it is, so I would assume so.


    As usual, any other info you can think of would be greatly appreciated.




  13. hehehe first thing he said was ouch was in complaint to 40 something bucks for a xp 90 and a panaflo fan, i was like look dude, you will be out whatever that cpu cost if you burn that mutha up, whats it worth it to you now, i think i have him convinced to buy one, he will just have to wait next paycheck i guess, maybe ill be nice and loan him an advance, i posted on a few other forums and they were all like wow, thats way too high of a temp, so Ill try and help him out there, once we have the fan popped off, we can confirm the etching on the chip, so until then he will just have to run it as is and we can entertain the ocing efforts then, cheers all


    thanks for the tips, really cool of DFI guys to help a feller out without a DFI board


    oh yea im still not sure of this divider thing, this bios is retarded if you ask me, not as friendly as some others i have looked at




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