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  1. ok, didnt realize your one of our neighbors up north :)


    best of luck to you then, a quick look at thermalrights website and only bigfoot is listed as the one canadian online etailer of thermalright, and thier site only shows the original version for 44.98, Im assuming thats canadian dollars too, sorry bud, wish I could direct you somewhere, the original flavor is still a great HSF, and if you really dont have any plans soon for swapping over to A64 then Id say go for it, getting those temps down will surely up your ocing cap and prolong your cpus life




  2. my rule of thumb is 50c or less, preferably 40 or below is best IMHO, the original flavor is fine for socket A, but FWIW having the extra A64 clip and the extra mounting hole is nice for future upgradability, otherwise its the same HS, you must have the A rev base, just obtaining the clip wont do, but its all up to you my friend, so far it seems to be the best option for socket A users right now, unless something else comes along, anyhow just be wary of the cautions I mentioned and you should be fine


    good luck


    jab tech was great to work with BTW and shipped it very fast, I would highly recommend them to you if you chose to try and get the A flavor, BTW how much is your local shop asking for the original flavor, Id try and do some comparision, get the most for your money if it were me

  3. hmmph, my onboard lan has never worked since i took possession of the board, Im debating purchasing another HDD and keeping this board now and continuing to use it along with my new a64 and MSI board, I guess Ill try and swap this HAL upon the fresh reinstall when I do it, maybe it will make the LAN work finally, and I can up the FSB some

    good tips, I shall book mark this and remember it when the time comes

  4. yes sir, the si 97 A revision also comes with the A64 clip so if you decided to upgrade your setup later it can be reused, recently from www.jab-tech.com I purchased an SI97A, a Panaflo 92 mil hb1 fan, and a tube of AS for just over 50 dollars, I think with shipping it came out to 57 something, anyhow, money well invested, only 2 things to note, the heatpipes come right up next to the back printer/serial rca out back ports, when installing into a case be very careful, it fits, but very snuggly, secondly if your motherboard 20 pin connector off of the PSU is some odd size, like my ultra Modular for instance it bumps against the HSF as well, putting even more pressure on that back port, but still over the stock HSF it netted me a 10 to 15 degree drop in temps depending on my ambient in the room, just something to consider if you go that route, best of luck to you

  5. It must be Karma for buying that silly MSI board :(


    I was installing a copy of Far Cry as a friend of mine brought over his Rig and we were going to do some LAN gaming last night. After the game installed of course Winders wanted to do a reboot so of course I say ok and let it reboot, the whole shutdown and restart process works like its supposed to, upon the video card resetting itself and trying then to repost, NADA, the board shut itself off. Now I thought ok for whatever odd reason instead of interperting the Far Cry installers command for a requested restart, it sent the shutdown command instead.


    So I go and try and fire up the board again, all the fans and the PSU spin for about 2 to 3 secs, and then nada, board shuts off. Wonderful. So I start with assuming maybe something died. Removed all but the essential to just get it to post with one stick of RAM, Video card, CPU, keyboard/mouse, nothing, fans spin for 2 to 3 secs, instant shut off.


    Tried both sticks of ram singlularly and paired in every config possible among the 3 slots. Tried another PSU of mine to rule that out. BTW each PSU checks out ok with my Antec PSU tester. Im doubting that is it. Decided that I would need to cart the parts other than the board itself to another known good machine. Tore down the setup and also decided a good clear CMOS might be a good idea if something decided to get out of whack. While the CMOS was being cleared, popped everything of mine into my friends machine while he was there, it all checks out. So whatever it is, it must be the board.


    Battery, and PSU were disconnected overnight and all day today while I was at work, a good what 14 something hours, I figured that would be more than ample time to dissapate any charge. Reinstalled the battery and returned the jumper to the normal position, resetup the rig, after making sure everything was installed the way it should be, crossed my fingers and pushed the button




    2 to 3 secs the Fans spin and then nothing. Board shuts itself off. I have been watching the red LED and once the PSU is connected the lower one lights up and stays solid like it always has, the RAM one near the top does light up for the 2 to 3 secs before the board says goodbye.


    So Im at a loss, have I forgotten something? Could it finally be DOA, its Karma I tell you for buying that MSI. Its been rock solid for over a month now, I wasnt even pushing it, I had it at 2.2 gig as I hadn't really been doing anything other than web browsing as of late, hadn't even played a game in forever, when I finally decided to, well you read all of the above. How could Far Cry fry the board?


    Thanks in advance for any insight


  6. hehehe, interesting poll and follow up posts, I for one would definately have considered the DFI mATX if it were an option, I just recently bought the AMD E6 rev of Venice 3000 and the MSI Radeon board, that stupid having to buy that damed PCI express card too prevented me from going with the DFI Lanparty NF4 and the chip too all at once, this way I can use this MSI board with the chip for now, the Vid card is not an issue until I can save up for the Card and the DFI board. So its a temp board at best for a few months. I plan to hang on to it though with the intent of possibly building a HTPC for my Widescreenie Samsung HDTV, that would be sweet. Im not after any Overclocking speed records with the board, just rock solid stable at stock speeds for now. Now if later on DFI made something in a small form factor or mATX that did OC and catered to the HTPC crowd, I woudl definately dump the MSI board and consider it. Thanks for the poll and I hope your right in what you say the REPs are saying. But time and time again, Angry has said when either he or Rgone have a board in hand, then its for real. Please dont argue with him, if the home office hasn't made mention of it yet to him, how can he know about it. It sounds like vaporware to me still. Once they have a prototype to send to him then its given. Its probably on the drawing board as we speak. So please dont go flaming and such for a most likely non existant product yet. Travis works hard to babysit this site and its been a wealth of info and I would hate to see it disappear.

    My 2 cents on the matter.

  7. ok, cool, thanks it will be sad if DFI is not considering this niche of the market and that link is all hype, I think they could produce something that could walk all over the current crop of mATX stuff, I realize those guys are saying DFI reps are saying yes and all, but I have read Angry say time and time again dont belive anything until himself and Rgone have boards in hand, then Ill believe it, I wont be getting my hopes up just yet, well hopefully these Reps can place one in thier hands like they say when we have in hand, then its for real, until then cya, anyhow thanks for the link

  8. hehehe, i feel like a traitor but I needed a intergrated video solution until I can afford the PCI express vid card and a DFI Lanparty, so I bought the MSI Radeon one in the meantime. FWIW once I got my Ultra Infinity up and running its been great. But the time fr change has come and so A64 it is. If DFI had an intergrated solution I would have considered it in a heartbeat. I almost jumped on that NF3 939 board but seeing all the hooplah people are jumping with on that board Im glad I passed. I think DFI overal has proven themselves. This will be my first experience with MSI so wish me luck, but Ill be back. The Ultra Infinty whooped up on what my Chaintech could handle. Asus and Abit I have no use for ever. Bad experiences. Everyones entitled to thier opinion. Since then Abit has been great from what I have read so its not entirely thier fault the cap companies were up to so shady stuff, I might consider one again. Asus done it with me years ago. The way I was talked down to on the phone by one of thier techs and 3 RMAs DOA and being told it was me, I was an idiot and not had a clue as to what I was doing left me with a bitter taste. I wont repeat what I really think of them. This is a public forum. Anyhow Best of luck to everyone.

  9. DFI, AG, Rgone, or anyone with DFI, any possibilites of DFI producing anything AMD based on the mATX format, I recently bought an MSI based on the Radeon chipset in mATX, I would have considered a DFI but they dont seem to have any plans for a mATX AMD board. I think it would sell well as DFI have made a name for itself and is known now in enthusiasists circles. Its just a suggestion, I wish they had one catering to the HTPC crowd. I plan to only briefly use this MSI until I can save up for the DFI Lanparty NF4 and a PCI Express card, the vid card the only reason thats held me back for so long. Well that and the 24 pinned PSU but anyhow, just my 2 cents. Any possibilites in the forseeable future, plan to utilize this MSI as an HTPC later on but other options would be nice to consider.


    Sorry I post here, but ASK DFI seems to be off limits to me right now for whatever reason




  10. the main goal here is to get to the DFI NF4 SLI or at least a modded one :) but I have been wanting an HTPC for a long time and since DFI hasn't jumped on this bandwagon yet with a mATX board this is the next best option in having something now without having to buy that damned PCI Express card and then having a nice HTPC board for my project. Ill be back, this has been the one and only other board considered over the DFI Lanparty Nf4 ones :) I knew buying that stupid SI97A HSF would get to me knowing it would sit happily over the A64 :) Im wanting to sell the DFI and chip, so not to try and post a want ad here, if interested theres always the PM. Hope Im not violating anything here with saying that. Im hoping this boards worth a crap as when I get the DFI Im so counting on it becoming a good HTPC setup. By then I think the X2 should be more in my price range Im willing to pay. Im hearing good things about these E6 revisions of the Venice, so I hope its what they are saying it to be. Especially since I yet to know what the RAM I have will really do and this MSI aint been billed as an OCer. Thanks again.


  11. I have just purchased the newer E6 rev of the 3000 Venice and a MSI Radeon X200 based mobo. I really really wanted the DFI nf4 of some flavor but having to buy that damned PCI express card too just made it cost more than what I can budget for right now. But I'll be back. This is just temporary, this way I already have the chip. I can get the PCI express card next, and be able to use it, then get the OCZ powerstream or equiv, and finally then the DFI nf4 flavor board. Possibly SLI at some point after all of that. I dont want to leave DFI, but financial reasons prevent me to buy all of that at the same time and I can't wait for the A64 any longer. Just wanted to thank you guys for the help on my Ultra Infinity woes and Im selling it finally. Ill be back to DFI, best of luck to you fellas and Ill check in from time to time and try and continue to help others best I can. I just want to purchase each item in an order where I can use it now instead of it just sitting in the box waiting on everything else. If only DFI made an Intergrated PCI Express solution, then I would have gone that route. If Angry sees this maybe he should pass that along to HQ as I think it would sell well.




  12. found an ultra d and a sli bridge for 119 on pcper, if im lucky and the first guy backs out i yelled second dibs if he does, even if i have to wait on the chip for a bit having the board and sli bridge will be worth it for that price, ill take a chance on it, so if im lucky and do get it, ill be hanging out on the 64 bit column, i have decided one rig at a time so for the short brief while this Infinity has been in my hot hands, its been good to me and Ill be abolishing socket A finally, having this Si97a is just too tempting knowing it can be used for either or :) I may sell or donate this stuff to computers for soliders over in afghanistan, they already put my old chaintech to good usage :) wish me luck, its been fun to chit chat with you fellas on these but the time to move along has come Im afraid. I have been saying by summers end I wanted an A64 setup and I hope it works out.

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