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  1. this is what i have been waiting for


    i have the earlier MSI mATX Ati xpress 200 board and it blows in the Ocing dept, I been laying low here on the street to see what the fallout was with the Crossfire Lanparty boards and I was considering going to that route, but I am kind of spoiled with this mATX HTPC setup of mine and my only regret is I cant push my x2 at all, its pretty much stock or bust with this crappy MSI bios


    I have been paitently awaiting this DFI board. Im thinking of seriously swapping this MSI mATX for one of these instead :)


    Thanks for posting the info on these Angry, it appears for the price and everything this board will be the one I have been paitently waiting for to go with over the Lanparty Crossfire one. I doubt Ill ever have 2 cards anyhow so a single card setup is fine with me. The x700 performs good enough for me, I just want to push the CPUs clock, thats all. I have some Mushkin Blue thats either UTT or true BH and this board appears to have the abilities to pump the correct volts, all in all Im really hoping they have a winner with a very oc able mATX board that will be stable and not full of headaches :) but hey, DFI usually means some growing pains, but the end result is typically a very oc able product. :D


    As soon as any more offical info on ETA and price etc.... is available, please post it. Hell, I would be glad to be a beta tester too, Ill even pay for the damned thing if they are willing to send one ASAP. LOL, have to try. Its about time some good Ocing mATX are coming to light. Overall this MSI setup as an HTPC has been great, I think the concept is catching on so Im glad DFI might have something up thier sleeve here that will fill the bill I have been wanting nicely.


    :eek2: So excited, Im glad Angry got one to screw around with already. Googling on the web has not produced much viable info, just speculation and vaoprware thus far :nod:


    Im pretty much sold on this one already, I need to push this X2 as stock speed just sucks knowing what most folks are doing with these this is the only board thats looking promising, the MSI was a good ride for a stopgap till this came along, hahaha Ill be scouring the web looking for when these are finally available. And Im serious Angry, if DFI can get you a spare one even sooner Ill glady pay for it and post my results here on the boards for everyone to look at. As soon as I can get ahold of a retail board at retail Ill also try and as quickly as I can post up the data for everyones benefit.




  2. fair enough, I have seen several sites claiming DFI is among the number of vendors building a board around tforce chipset, I have shot off an email to the address off of the DFI official site and we shall see if I get any response, FWIW of all of the options as it seems there are a lot of mobo makers jumping on this chipset I would probably give DFI another shot because now they will have an option to mate up a socket 939 on a mATX board possibly in the near future, a few months ago they did not, even if it winds up not being a ocing monster I would still like to give this company a shot


    Its just a wait and see game what all comes out in the next few months and where the chips will fall with everyone


    Thanks for your stance on it, if DFI does come through and produce a board based off of this chipset Ill definately consider it and if I do, I will share my experience for all here on the street


    I have been wanting a Nvidia based mATX board and although any of the boards coming in the next few months will probably be just fine, I think DFI is a good chance of maybe having some OC potential, we shall see


    cheers all


  3. http://techreport.com/onearticle.x/8804


    I hope this is true, it says at the bottom DFI has plans to build one too, lets hope so, Im eyeballing the 6150 version, if it truthfully is HDTV compatible and has the HD intel audio stuff then I forsee it being a great htpc setup, lets hope DFIs flavor winds up being OCing friendly


    Just passing along what I have found, as AG has stated time and time again, dont get your hopes up until theres an actual board you have been able to buy and have in hand, with that said, not trying to start any rumors, just sharing what I have found




    This is Directed at Angry Games...........


    Travis, because its very difficult to get a hold of you these days, I understand and totally support your reasoning on that, anyhow, I am posting this in hopes you seeing it.


    I am extremely interested in the possibility of a mATX nforce4 based board from a company like DFI. Is there a specific contact I can email, or call to talk to someone from the company to find out which of the 2 chipsets they are considering. Or is there a way to maybe start a subthread on the matter. This topic is of great interest to me, I would love to be some sort of beta tester possibly, I would even pay for a pre production board and give it whirl. I have an HDTV thats been itching to see some PC action, if they chose to go with the 6150 nforce 4 flavor I could definately try it out and give feedback etc... Anyhow, I would sure like to remove that MSI sig at the bottom and replace it with a DFI product #. I just dont see going to a full sized setup anytime soon and now that I have this nice mATX case and everything arranged in such that I want to migrate it over to the Home Theater setup, I would be glad to help them in any way.


    Thats if you read this and care to respond. LMK if I can be of any help. Send the word along there are interested folks out there and we value any insight and thier efforts. If not a beta tester, I would like to be one of the first as I have commited to building a proper HTPC and already a good step of the way there. It would be great to OC this 3000 finally and I have high hopes the DFI flavor will be the best bet in that dept. Im also assuming they are considering the mATX version of a board based on these, though it could be a full sized one, but I highly doubt that. I dont want to start any rumors here, so thats why Im asking for the horses mouth, Ill trust that.




  4. yea, been eyeballing that X2 3800 for myself, just sucks this MSI board blows at Ocing, it might be worth swapping it out for the Jetway and or a DFI or whatever else comes along, for the price, the X2 3800's have been hitting some good clocks on the known good Ocing boards, so if a mATX one came along it could really blend in nicely as an HTPC, you could have other tasks running on one core, and the other core can be doing the DVD decoding, or encoding of mp3's etc.... you can still have it running a point to point program like kazzaa or win mx in the background while not degrading your DVD watching, I see great potential for a good Ocing mATX board, having the higher clocks available on the cheapest X2 chip on an HTPC sounds good to me

  5. the si97A and the typhoon Im considering are both aluminum fins on the top with copper bases, they are very lightweight, and seem very efficient too, I just hope the 120mm typhoon fan can fit in that small enclosure, from what nomads saying I might look into the xp 90 or the 120, that is the non copper ones and go that route too, but the only one for sure is the typhoon thats a bolt through


    Zalmann makes both the all copper and the half and half ones so I might consider the half and half, I would not consider the all copper as its quite heavy

  6. I'll probably try and remove this thing sometime this weekend. Im debating keeping the SI97A which is a clip on type HSF and trying out the Big Typhoon. A good friend of mine just replaced the TT Bigwater watercooler kit with the Typhoon and it actually keeps his P4 prescott 3 degrees cooler than the Bigwater. Now I wasn't impressed with the Bigwater to begin with so I didn't think the Typhoon would work so well, but it does and its a bolt through design. So for a naked core chip I would much feel safer knowing it was bolted than just clipped and worrying the plastic bracket would keep the base from making good enough contact.


    If I decide to buy one this weekend and try this, Ill get a pic of the exposed e6 for your database. My only concern is being a mATX case the typhoon might not work, I'll have to really think about this before I attempt it. Once that IHS is off, its off.


    I must have a contingency if the SI97a wont work with a naked chip and the Typhoon winds up being too big.

  7. I just picked up an E6 3000 from ewiz.com and have been considering removing the IHS, been talking to thunda about it, Im not sure if my SI97A will make good enough contact though without it, I have an idea of how to compensate but I might look into another HS option, if I do I'll definately snap a shot or 2 and send em your way

  8. it seems to work just fine, I guess shinobi did point out that one is more aluminumn based and ones more ceramic, but each does have the ceramic on it. I only used straight up AS5 silver based on the CPU and NB, each having retention clips, only the SB required an adhesive since theres no mounting clips, and I didn't really think about using alumina on both parts, I just ordered it and had some ceramique already, I wouldnt have even considered mixing the adhesive with the silver stuff


    best of luck to you

  9. Just tried searching the forum for e6 venice, most threads returned were just about the original venice, then tried searching e6, nothing came up


    so I actually remember trying to search and got nada, so here goes my post


    I just purchased the e6 revision of the venice. The part # ends in BW and the actual chip info off my chip is


    AMD Athlon 64

    ADA3000 DAA4BW

    LBBWE 0530CPFW



    Sadly, this MSI board totally blows with Ocing options, its practically a plug and play by the stock settings board. Budget wise, its gonna be a while before I can get ahold of a DFI board to actually see what the potential of this newer e6 actually has.


    But I was wondering if anyone else has gotten one of these yet and had a chance to use and abuse one on thier NF4 board yet? Just wondering what the potential of this thing might be. For 119 bucks on ewiz.com shipped free Im not complaining though. For now its serving its purpose. I hope to get a much better stock clocked chip for this MSI later, maybe even a dually core by then and pop this into a DFI NF4 flavor later on. Thats the plan, this MSI will need a faster stock clocked chip as Ocing is out of the question.


    Until then, just wanted to see if anyone else has gotten the e6 yet?




  10. FWIW I would try the Nvidia lan


    I personally have had more issues with these stupid realtek onboard lan adapters than anything else, I tried everything I could to get my Infinity to work with the onboard lan, nada, and then I just got an MSI with guess what, the same damned Realtek onboard lan chip and it too doesnt love me, had to resort to a pci based nic, just my 2 cents, try the Nvidia lan as I think the realteks just plain suck

  11. Ill glady buy a spindle of discs and or send some money your way to cover the cost of a CDR spindle if you like, I for one think this is a great idea, get with Travis about making a custom DFI-Street.com logo to print and slap on the top and make it "official" :) ??? Just some ideas to throw out there, but yes, PM me with an addy if a spindle or some dough towards one would help you, and Infinity bioses would be great


    I'll even consider testing as I doubt Im gonna sell my board and chip after all and I have an a64 and MSI now, so I can afford to hose this one from time to time now :)


    LMK about the CDRs




  12. it pertains to IDE when you have an SATA hdd with a converter to IDE and choose to try and use the IDE, note how I worded that, I said SATA to IDE converter, not IDE to SATA, anyways I remembered reading somewhere about using onboard SATA controllers and overclocking can corrupt your drives and cause instabilities so I tried a converter back to the IDE and niether driver worked, or the converter didn't love me, but we have used that converter on other boards and it worked perfectly, so anyhow Im assuming your just used to seeing the converters from IDE to SATA, not the other way around, does this clarify now for ya ;) actually shame on me, when I was saying stick with the ole ribbon I was being sarcastic, my bad



    I was just saying whatever it natively is keep the device like that, maybe the converters to SATA work fine, but I had no luck converting back to IDE




  13. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...esive+ceramique


    is the thread where it was mentioned to me about using a mix, I originally just used the blue ices thermal tape, but then later on purchased a tube of the alumina like playah suggested in my thread and it worked out great, its tougher to remove but it does hold on its own, just mix equal parts of the adhesives 2 tubes, and then approx the same amount of the ceramique and presto, there you go, or at least this is what i did and I have only tried removing it once to see if it worked, you can always pm playah for his advice if he dont post in this thread soon

  14. i ditched the thermal tape on the SB and did a mix of the adhesive and ceramique, as suggested by a few folks around here to me in the past, works out good as its sticky enough to hold but not permanent, IMHO the thermal tape is not the way to go, if you dont want the option of changing out whatever you decided to slap on there, the adhesive is the way to go, if you need flexibility in case you want to change, either the mix of adhesive and AS and or stick with the thermal tape, no pun intended :)


    Either PSU would do you fine, but I would personally pick the OCZ if it were me, good luck

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