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  1. hmm, mwave, 117, add shipping 126 bucks, the egg, the ultra-d didnt see this new board there yet btw, 129, 3 dollars shipping, so your saving what 7 to 8 bucks, if your already having to buy the sli bridge and some conductive paint etc... i guess 8 bucks is 8 bucks, sounds good to me, curious if the egg and some other places will get this 4th flavor of the board soon, probably the way to go


    quick question, in your honest opinions, whats the best to use for connecting the contacts, would just a bead of solder between the 2 be ok, im a pretty steady hand with a solder gun, or just use a #2 pencil, I would feel more better with something more substantial than some graphite that could rub off

  2. wondering if its the same blue he mentions i bought, mine i got at outpost and its on brainpower pcb, peeked under the spreader and it is unmarked chips with 2 dots, talked to someone at mushkin and they said its winbond UTT, he told me with the DFI I could throw as much as 4 volts its way and being BH quality, it would take it, but he highly suggeste to me at the time if I did get on that upper end of the voltage some sort of airflow over them would be highly recommened, I woudl think IMHO at 4 volts wether he had stated that or not I would have rigged up some sort of fan, now this mem I bought wasnt being touted for the DFI, since the redline is being billed as "For the DFI" knowing this boards a volt monster I guess they sided with caution, I would think most folks would have figured on some sorta airflow as well, speaking of which, didnt thermaltake make some sort of ram air cooler at somepoint awhile back? from what I understand even though it all might be built with UTT chips, Mushkins actually slapping this redline stuff in a board and verifying it at said speed etc... what I bought like I already stated was just slapped together and assumed it will behave like BH mem, Im so looking forward to finally getting this board and seeing what I can do with this stuff

  3. notice on mushkins page it says you should be actively cooling these modules, i just recently purchased some muskin 3200 with winbond UTT BH chips, I talked with a Muskin rep over the phone when I bought them and mentioned I want to get the DFI nf4 and he said that same thing to me, if I were to get the board that can throw volts at it I should consider some airflow over them if I started upping the volts like that, so keep that in mind, i get the impression what I bought is just untested slapped together BH quality chips, Ill probably fry em but it will be fun to play with, this stuffs been tested verified etc... and explains the difference in price form what I got

  4. ok cool, so none of the goodies come in the UT flavor SLI board, and then the non SLI ultra simply is the UT minus the connection thing and a clipped contact, I a long time ago did the pencil trick on one of my Athlon Tbirds so I could unlock the multipliers and overclock it, I wouldnt be opposed to doing this on the Ultra flavor and I thank you for the link to your post about it, I guess you have to decide if all the extra goodies are worth it, by the time you price out the front X and the sleeving etc.... its really appropiately priced but if you have all that stuff already and or dont intend to utilize that material, then modding the standard flavor board is a good idea ok cool thanks

  5. looked at about 10 pages of posts before i post this, thought it might have been asked already so my apologies if it has been covered already, title says all


    eggs got 2 sli boards listed for dfi, one says UT, one doesnt, I didnt see anything obviously different, but then I probably overlooked whatever its supposed to be, so whats the difference other than the price?


    shoot, ill probably just get the ultra one and try the pencil trick, did it on an athlon along time ago so im not opposed to it, but Im not wanting to hunt down that sli connector either, anyhow sorry again if its already been asked covered

  6. u mean this memory




    i think i saw something OCZ is also claiming to run at or close to 600 but i dont remember the link offhand


    bitchin memory if it runs at these speeds


    ahh technology


    i wish i had money for stuff like that


    1:1 at those speeds + drooling hehehe :D if you guys can nail down the bios tweaks oh boy, what a cool day for computer enthusiasts


    what next ?


  7. looks fair nuff


    but thats why im interested in this DFI board anyhow, if i didnt do a single bit of ocing it wouldnt bother me


    but since its supposedly the god of ocing, or at least thats the way i have read it a few places so far, i might dabble with it some


    the PSU I just got, I dont want to get another one right away again, besides, this psu has to be better than that older no name one i had before that came out of a cheapo case


    anyhow, as for the memory someone has offered me a kingston hyperx pc 4000 set of gig 2 512s


    that should be more than sufficient for the board right??


    thanks for the replies thus far



  8. HI


    Names Jeremy. I hang out alot on the PCper forums, formerly known as the AMDMB forums. Theres a few guys over there that have gotten the new DFI 754 board and have given me thier take on what I should do, but I was looking for official DFI representation and I did a google search and found this fourm, PCper is a great place and so not that they would steer me wrong, they never did, I am here to ask the same questions and pick you guys brains if you dont mind. Chaintech boards are reperesented over there and as nice as it would be to have that over there, they dont. So here I am




    Ok with that little intro all said, heres what I currently own and would like to know if you think I should or could reuse this stuff as this upgrade is gonna have to be done on the cheap, or as cheap as I can go.


    Currently running a Chaintech 7njl1 Nforce2 board with an AMD XP 2500 barton cooled by the TT volcano 12. I think a good A64 chip and board would be a significant upgrade to this. The DFI board is already a given, the Chaintech has UV reactive PCI slots, I went nuts with the window case and UV fans, and the UV ultra PSU etc.... so the DFI is a must, I want all that UV goodiness, now the dilema is the chip and HSF to slap on it.


    suggestions....... Im thinking a 3000 for price vs performance etc... and either the TT volcano equiv for the 64, I think its called the Venus or Im considering something Thermalright, what is it called the 900 or something???? Or would the stock HSF be ok for the time being, I dont intend to OC right out of the box yet, not for a bit, because.......


    Ill have to reuse the 1 gig Geil Value 3200 I own. Will this RAM be ok for the time being, or must you use something much faster. Im dumb when it comes to RAM and timings and all of that, it confuses the hell outta me. Sorry :( My XP board and chip and the ram all run at 400 fsb happily but the A64 isnt quite the same concpet so if someone can shed a bit more light that would be great. Ill probably split the pair and use 512 on each machine for the time being if i could.


    Suggestions of 1 gig or RAM would be nice though so I could look forward to that upgrade later.


    I already have a raptor so thats covered.


    And a SB live 5.1, I guess I could either use the onboard of the new DFI or drop the SB in, thoughts, comments on that please most appreciated...............


    I guess thats about it unless I forgot something.


    Mainly most concerned wether the Geil will work or not, or I should really consider better mem, I would in a heartbeat if money was no object. I just need to know some good sets to look for so I can start shopping around from some.


    But most importantly what HSF and CPU combo should be placed on this board.


    Overclocking is not a high priority, sure its nice to get more for less, but the main reason Im only considering this board is the UV goodiness, I could have bought any other board long time ago, I been waiting for this board. I have an ol Vantec TMD fan off an aeroflow, great fan, quieter and so it sits on the volcano currently, the TT fan off the Volcano is just sitting on the desk collecting dust as a paperweight, should I slap that on one of those 900 something heatsinks vs getting a TT Venus12??? or go with something entirely different, or use the stock HSF for now???

    as other than the memory and chip, this is what im most concerened about, id hate to burn anything up.



    Im sorry I ramble so much


    Cheers and thanks for any suggestions that you might want to add that I might have not known to ask about



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