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  1. heres my 2 cents on the matter, a nice Porsche and a beat up ol VW bug, now each has an engine in the rear, one can do 100 mph with effort and it helps if its downhill, the other does 100mph and aint even close to hitting its top speed potential, now they both technically do 100, but which would you want to be doing 100 in? I think you see my point, why not set the bar a bit high and then that way you have the headroom for growth etc....


    sounds like a good idea to me

  2. really, i was about to install the most current Nvidia unified drivers. You think this 5.10 will give me better results? If you make and use your own remixed stuff can you either show me what to compile and or upload the appropiate ones my way maybe? I have not setup the infinity yet, Im still on the chaintech as I wanted to check in before I attempt it again, ill await your reply

  3. Hey that guitar was already broken. Steve Vai must nave come over and whammied it to death. No memory for you fool!;)



    hehehe vai sure can beat the hell outta an instrument, but so can his buddy Satch whom I happen to be a big fan of, but being a fan of Vai just makes the OCZ guys that much cooler


    ok, I dont want to hijack the thread, now back to the regular post :) so your saying the VX is CH based, interesting, Playah and Shinobi are highly suggesting something other than the UTT BH as it seems to not play nice with the NF2 Infinity so maybe I should consider a set of that, and save the Mushkin blue UTT BH for an nf4 later, it should behave much like the Gold I would think

    shoot golds cheap enough, maybe sell the mushkin or trade towards some gold maybe

  4. hmm

    well when i asked mushkin direct i had been told UTT BH, unless they made a change since then

    anyhow, i guess i had better ask them again, if it really is UTT CH now then it might be worth the investment for this Infinity once I get the some of the other issues tinkered out

    BTW it did post, see the other thread on my update

  5. OK gents, it posted!!!! After what about a 12 hour cmos clear and having the battery out of the board, I decided to give it a whirl, so I popped the battery back in, set the jumper to normal, fired it up and presto!!!


    It started to post, immediately went into the bios, looked at everything thourghally, grrrr much more settings to have to play with and memorize than with my chaintech, ok, so I went to load optimize defaults, then say yes and exit etc..... well when it tried to load my currently installed OS it bombs to a blue screen, so Im like grrrr, I have this old 10 gig ATA 33 HDD, I figured well I need to probably start with a clean install, and i have stuff on the raptor I probably should save to DVDR first before I wipe it clean, so I went ahead and started to install XP on the old 10 gig, well lets just say its obvious when you go from the raptor to the old school speed wise :) took forever and a day, ok so I get XP installed, I try and install these drivers from the Infinity CD, well the sound works, its sound storm too, I didnt even know I had thought ABIT was the only one to use it, cool


    Well, NO LAN, it installed the ethernet stuff, XP picks up on the hardware and id's is an NV lan adapter, but no NET, I couldn't get XP to hop on to the net, which meant I couldnt update Windows XP from there, I didnt have the Nvidia Video card drivers etc..... and well since I need to get stuff off the raptor and save to to some DVDR first and such, I figured I would probably download the latest and greatest NVidia drivers and add them to my DVDR so I can finally put this chaintech to rest, which yet again Im on to type this to you.


    But the fact I had the Infinity posted means I am that much further ahead, means my hotflash attempt last night worked, and so after waiting for the mailman for so long if I just had not been so tempted to just jump right on it and had paid attention and took my time, I probably would be up and running OCed by now on that board :) I do appreciate all the help thus far, Im seriously considering your suggestion on a cheapo 2100 stick of memory, so Ill keep an eye out for one of those, anything else you can suggest etc... I would appreciate.


    Now Im hoping the most current NVidia drivers will get the LAN to work, any help there greatly appreciated.


    Cheers for now


  6. yes sir, the monitor is on, and will say check cable, not connected until I actually connect it to the 15 pin Dsub, then it will go black, with the amber light on the front just like its supposed to, on any other system I have had this LCD on it exhibits the same pattern, once the system is initiated and posting the amber light should turn green, and then I get a signal, usually showing the 5900 nivida bios info splash, then followed by the boards inital screen, well all I get with the infinity is just the amber light and it acts if its not posting at all, which in my experience is typically a bios corrupted issue or so from what I have had hands on with, I did try holding the insert key, again same symptom, Im gonna try and get ahold of a speaker tommrow to see if anything does beep out of the board, that might help if it is beeping some error code and I just dont know it at this point

  7. i left the battery out last night, id say what 9 to 10 hours while i slept for a bit and was at work before i came home and tried again this morning, now im gonna try it again within the next hour, and yes 1 stick, tried each one independently and with each slot, no joy, ill try and get some other parts to just try and see if i replicate the same results, 2 red leds are good right, what exactly is thier purpose and how can they help me if any

  8. @ bowtie ... you sure its got the 2 extra dots in the middle. and not just one single dot in the lower right hand corner, if it is just one dot in the lower right hand that should be UTT CH, or so I think, . I cant remember all these different flavors anymore, shinobi, what did Dounger say again bout that? Also some companies re silkscreen thier UTT so its those dots that are the tell tell sign




    @ playah ... Umm redlines are UTT BH based memory, your telling me now that UTT BH based memory is looking good for NF2 when everything I keep reading, you yourself even told me so as well that UTT BH aint too good for NF2, now in theory all UTT BH should be similar to the old school stuff, so I guess it really is a Crap Shoot on this stuff, I was gonna consider the Redline and then passed on it thinking oh UTT BH, already have something based on that, I guess it doesnt matter anyways for me, that stupid Infinity wont even post, anyhow just my 2 cents and venting here

  9. no red anywhere, the progress indicator showed white all the way, and at the end exits me back to dos, with no error messages indicated, it appeared as it all was successful, im really starting to think something might have physically got damaged on the board within transit, just lightly wiggling the caps on the board the one right next to the 20 pin power connection appears a bit wobbly, now I dont know why they would cram the 20 pin connector right between cpu fan header and a large cap???

    other than that everything else appears to be ok, I dont see any physical signs of damage, at this point I can either contact AG I guess about trying to reflash this on an actual Infinity and or excalibur pc sells them, when we jacked up my friends Abit bios chip and hotflashed off my Chaintech before he bought a spare just in case hotflashing off mine wasnt an option for down the road, its probably not a bad idea to buy another bios chip and have a spare handy

    at this point thats about all i can do, this guys swearing the board was in perfect working order when he pulled it, he seems on the up and up so Im sure its just this bios chip issue, btw after the hotflash that appeared to work correctly and upon trying to post, its exhibiting the exact same symptom, no video, now the video card works flawlessy on my old board as Im able to type to you with it, I guess I can try and get another AGP card from somewhere and maybe try it on that board, at this point Im willing to try anything, also I guess even though it might not OC that ram shouldnt prevent me from posting but maybe I can get ahold of someone elses mem to just rule out that its not mine somehow, well back to the drawing board

  10. no joy, i was able to successfully swap bios chips with my chaintech board while the floppy was waiting for the bootable disc, once the bootable floppy gave me an A prompt, I changed over to the dir that had awdflash v 8.24f, and the bios file n24id619.bin


    I keyed in the command a:awdflash n24id619.bin /py /sn /cc /cd /cp /LD /f /tiny /E


    exactly as shown in the guide etc... no joy, I then got exited out to dos. Then turned off the machine and reset up the chaintech to make sure i didnt mess that bios up, well here I am, so I have not clue what to do with that Infinity now

  11. hey shinobi, why cant i just make a bootable cd like I have done with memtest, I should be able to run the AWDFLASH off of a booted cd right? I would think so

    grr I wont be able to lay down, tommrow is gonna be rough, I just want to see this thing post, I can try tweaking and all that much much later down the road, I just want it to post and be stable at a stock like speed for now

  12. well given this memory this particular thread is about is UTT BH based, and the muskin blue CL2 could very well be UTT BH based, like what 80 percent I think wound up with UTT BH dies on them, theres one common demominator there possibly, it would help to know what mobo your working with, what chipset, revision #s etc... stuff like that, basically in a Nutshel to what AG linked you to, make a signature of your goods man

    if you post NF2 that could be possibly the reason of your troubles as Im finding out UTT BH and infinitys dont play nicely

  13. well, 2 computer shops I stopped at said they dont sell those speakers by themselves, they suggested radio shack, went there and were like umm yea we have speakers that size but with bare leads, so I would have to find the 4 pinned block to attach it to the board :) Ill hit up some garage sales and maybe find an older computer case I can scavange one from :) probably get a floppy that way too :)

    I re read up on the hotflash and Ill try it tommorow after I get home from work

    gnite everyone

  14. yep yep, I know this aint the RAM to have, I been eyeballing some known good sticks and plan to keep these for an NF4 for down the road, or maybe trade these for a good set for the Infinity, but thanks for the tip, it is appreciated


    oh, I can swipe a floppy from an old machine somewhere, and LMAO at myself, this board has no onboard speaker, so Ill need to get a old speaker out of an old case anyhow as I have no audible beeps because theres no speaker with the Antec SuperLanboy case :) oh it just gets better by the min, I couldnt even have posting beep errors inform me of anything even if it were :D Ill keep chipping away at this


    FYI, heres the guys email he just sent me


    "Yeah this board was working and in perfect order. Never had too many problems with it. OK there is no way its not functional the last chip I had in it was a 1700+ Tbred B. There is no way its damaged trust me on that. Did you try it on static bag ? Dont use it on that static bag as they become conductive. Set it dirctly in a case or motherboard box. Also that board is very tempermental about cold boot. (as all DFI NF2s are) Keep on trying and trying I assure you it isnt dead. I mean like an hour or so of trying if not longer. I dont think you tried very long. Clear CMOS ... HOLD DOWN INSERT KEY BEFORE TURNING ON PSU this usually gets it. USE this insert key and keep clearing cmos try this over and over. Then when on try flashing to newest BIOS again. I did have problems with switching chips .... its not dead a 1000 % sure I just dont think you put enough effort into it. "



    :) over 6 hours of screwing around with it and I didnt put enough effort into it :) ok Im off to a local mom and pop shop to try and get ahold of a case speaker and a floppy so I can try and hotflash this biatch, but Ill probably post back tommrow because I have to work at 1 AM in the morning and I should be trying to be in bed no later than 6 PM tonight, so it waits yet another day, FWIW this board looks very nice, Im confident I can get it up and running, Im just hoping by some chance it didnt get knocked around too much by the postal service and something physically wrong got damaged somehow, anways, thanks again, been a big help and 6/19 it is then once I return from teh computer shop

  15. no, goddamnit, i probably didnt leave it in the clear for long enough, and now that you mention it, I didnt pull the battery till later on, grrr alright, @#$% it, Im gonna have to probably hotflash this puppy, its probably the only safe bet at this point, I have been doing this for years, I should have practiced a bit more paitence and really took it step by step, nope, I was too much in a hurry to fire it up :) hehehe

    I had better ask then, look at the specs below and recommend a safe stock Bios version to try to hot flash to first

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