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  1. thank you everyone for the advice, now ill just watch for a good deal on either board, for my purposes either should work ok, just wanted to ask first :D


    a new PSU is a must as well so Ill be on the lookout for a good strong PSU


    off to go keep playing with my rs482 board and media center, its really coming together, all I have is the silly sound issue but Im on the right track with that one :D, its either more system memory to see if that helps the onboard optical or get a dedicated soundcard for the pci slot :D

  2. borrowed an old CRT, drug it up these 3 flights of stairs, my lord you forget how heavy them sons of you know whats are.......


    anyhow, it enabled me to get the posting screens back, so I went ahead and wrote everything down in my bios so I wouldn't forget it and have to remember again, went ahead and installed my new radeon x1600 HDMI card that came in today, and now instead of using the onboard GPU its so far been working fine with displaying post and the winders splash screenie etc... on my lcd tv, took the CRT back so knock on wood it solved the issue by going to dedicated video instead of the onboard, forgot to ask if you folks were using the onboard video or not and having these same issues, it might just be the onboard gpu that does this, I dunno but the onboard got me by till I could get this new card, I wanted that HDMI card so I could hook it all up correctly, nowthis widescreen lcd tv is in all its glory, just that silly sound drop off issue still, I might just try a dedicated sound card later on but for now ill just deal with the occasional sound drop offs, now that the dedicated video card is in there and the system ram is not being shared by onboard video its appearing to be less frequent, so maybe its just a resource thing, if that is the case I might try 2 gig instead of 1 gig of system memory next, that might just be it as the onboard video shared the main and I might have just been experiencing the sound studders from insufficient memory :D


    but for now adding in the dedicated video card appears to have resolved my bootup post screen issue

  3. well this is for dedicated folding only, no gaming on this particular station, they just announced the release of the folding on a gpu core thing and its tommorow officially out, so........ im pissed at my bfg board, looking for an excuse to get new toys so i wanted to do some brushing up before i made a choice, i didnt read up on this bfg and so shame on me or i wouldnt have this pos in my possesion :D


    Angry, I mean Happy you really are not impressed with your Crossfire boards? Sounds strange coming from the official representation, but........... you would know your own products best, any other suggestions elsewhere then? Been uber happy with my new RS482 minus that intial post and winders splash screen dissapearing and my reciever hating the optical, but it loves the coax spdif, go figure, but thats so minor and everything else has been up to snuff and then some so thats why Im looking at these options first. FWIW that yellow plastic is just uber sexy especially under UV lighting and I still have all that happy horseshit from my previous Lanparty NF2 board in that case, so I wanted to maybe utilize it again. Thats the least of my worries though, I want something stable. Again, not really wanting the board for overclocking the chip and board, wanting it for the dual ATI cards for Folding Purposes so if it runs ok at stock or mild oced speeds, thats ok folks.


    Thanks thus far for the links and suggestions.

  4. well boys and girls, even with a few quirks on my infinity rs482 im very happy with it, extremely actually and glad to have returned to having a dfi board in the house


    my BFG nf4ultra has pissed me off forthe last and final time so screw it, im either selling or trading it somewhere very soon


    Ill need a home for my x2 3800 sitting on it though so Im looking to the DFI boards now.


    I have become a fan of ATI again, part of my requirements is that I want to be able to do Stanfords Folding at Home on a Radeon graphics card. Im eyeballing a couple of x1900s or better and so the crossfire thing is of most importance. Stanfords only supporting ATI cards at this time. Seeing that my new RS482 is ATI and my last 3 cards have been ATI, my Nvidia based BFG boards turning out to be a POS Im done with that green company, but not AMD. Hey AMD and ATI are in bed together so its a good thing?




    So here I am clueless with whats up with these two Crossfire boards from DFI.


    Intially the RDX-200 is looking tempting because it cost less, but.......... is it worth the time or should I be looking at the newer cfx-3200?


    I for the moment plan to use one of my x300 or my new on the way x1600hdmi card in the interim but plan to get 2 x1900 or better class cards later on for the sole purpose of folding, this current rig I am wanting to replace is a dedicated folder only, so no gaming at this particular box. However with 2 of these badboy cards I realize a Crossfire or SLI class PSU is of upmost importance. Ill probably need to get some different memory too most likely. I have some Mushkin UTT and some PQI turbo that supposedly TCCD based but Im too lazy to pull the spreaders and look. They behave like it though. Probably is. This board will not be overclocked or if so midly so keep that in mind, will either of those two memories probably work or will i have to buy yet another set of RAM, if thats the case I might tempt fate with am2 and ddr2, but i have a chip and memory good to go, just a nvdia board that has really gotten the best of paitence lately


    Im trying to weed through the postings now, from what Im seeing as long as you get the later revision RDX-200 you should be ok right. This would be for dedicated folding only and Im doing this in stages, for non gaming purposes would the RDX-200 most likely fill the bill or would you really recommend the the extra 40 to 50 odd bucks for the CFX-3200 instead?


    Any other Crossfire 939 DFI boards Im unware of to consider? I won't cosider Nvidia because of this current pos bfg board and the fact Stanford only supporting ATI, so please dont go suggesting SLI boards. It would be a waste of money for my purposes.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  5. hmm problem is i have flashed to the 7/11 and yes this is with using an lcd TV grrrrrrrrrrrr


    my fear is that if i do clear cmos and i still get no video upon boot up how am i to go about resetting up the bios again? grrrrrrr this boards been perfect


    i guess i had better contact DFI for a possible RMA if it dont work and have that RMA for just in case


    so your saying if i drag a regular crt montior over here or take it to a crt somewhere it might get it back?


    if its going to always do this with an lcd tv monitor then perhaps i need to find another htpc board, grrrrrrrr too bad i really otherwise like this board but i dont like the idea of losing the video upon boot up for the bios etc.........


    sort of need that for tweaking etc...

  6. title says all


    when i boot up my rs482 now it stays blank throughout the entire bootup process until the login screen for windows xp pops up :( i dont know what happened, i was installing some updates and it required me to reboot to complete the installs and thats when it went south


    very strange, any ideas what happened? should i try doing a clear cmos and see if it comes back, i would sort of like to see the bootup process and be able to get into the bios if needbe

  7. i feel the same way about this rs482, its perfect in every aspect other than the fact it doesnt like to play nicely with the onboard optical out, at least its stable, i feel for ya, random crashes blow, i had a chaintech once that was like that :( it wound up being a bad stick of ram


    have you memtested your ram? just another suggestion to try, I always memtest for ram reliability on a new board, my tccd did not like this rs482 board but my bh5 flys on it, doesn't mean the rams bad per say but just means that particular board/ram/cpu might not play nicely, in theory the mem controllers are in the amd chip and it shouldn't matter about the board, but the board because of the bios can be the culprit too, perhaps your mem timings are not setup properly, are you telling it to auto default everything? perhaps the ram requires a touch more voltage, if this is the case it will cause lockups and restarts like that, im just trying to suggest things in the past that i have been snookered with with similar symptoms, speaking of power ..........


    also i see your using an enermax psu, just a long shot but in reading up on this rs482 board of mine there were alot of folks complaining about restarts and lockups with the enermax liberty psus, perhaps this lil problem exists here too??? again i dont know but you might want to comb other postings of this board around here and places like xtremesytems and extreme overclocking forums etc.... and see if anyones complaining about enermax psus and this board of yours, do you have any other bran of PSUs to try and verify its not that, do you have a multimeter or know someone that can help you with one, check your psu out to make sure its operating within spec, anyone you know that you can borrow a different psu to test and verify with, like the gent and yourself said above, do the absolute nessecsary to post with, vid, ram, cpu, get into the bios successfully and set everything to auto, then run memtest, please do this ill bet its the mem, at least in my experiences its always the mem usually :( i would worry about the mem 100 percent checking out before your worrying about raid, IMHO YMMV of course, these days RAM and these chips and boards are finicky, long gone the days where you just slap in mismatched sticks of pc100/133 and let it fly :) im sure you just have to find the right combination of things and the parts are fine, just got to get them talking nicely on the same page, good luck




  8. thats absolute worst case man, for grins installed my sb audigy and it worked fine in coax mode, starting to really think my optical on my reciever is the culprit, i went ahead and ordered that sapphire hdmi video card, with the coax pass through to the header im hoping the onboard can just pass an spdif through without a hitch, the system doesnt take much to pass that signal on down and so normally i would agree onboard sounds usually not worth it, unless your just passing a signal along, we will see how the video card thing works with it, i hope so


    thanks for the suggestion though

    im very happy with this board, im also thinking of trying the antec neo he psu in this guy, so far i have not read of anyone having issues with those particular psus, the enermax liberties though were one i were considering but i have read a few reports of those and this rs482 being finicky


    i hope the antec can fill the bill

  9. also one other thought, being my new htpc and i would like to keep it that way, theres hdmi video cards coming out now, sapphire has this one


    and supports coax spdif out, your supposed to use a connector cable between the spdif header on your board and or pci sound card, basically being matx and with 4 block off plates, im considering this route because a. realizing the onboard graphics are acceptable, but not all that great for gaming and b. a spdif bracket only blocks a plate, most likely the pci express 1x one, because i need both pci slots for dual tuners as media center doesnt support combo cards etc...... that also blows a pci sound card out because i only have 2 pci slots on here, the curse of matx and sff, these are the tradeoffs, you have to bank that the onboard will suffice and right now for me its not in this configuration, and i would rather not block that 1x slot because i might opt for a different video card and with the coolers on some of these beasts that 1x slot might be useless anyhow, especially if i ever decided to drop an double slot cooled card in there etc.. in theroy though doesnt the onboard optical port and the header for a coaxial one run off the same thing? possible the coax would do the same, at this point though the boards not doing it elsewhere so im suspecting its my av reciever and this board, just hoping its affecting the optical only, ill just have to try to get some form of a coxial connector on the board somehow, either stand alone or one of these newer hdmi vid cards, and try it and hope for the best, anyways



    rant off, if anyone has anything to suggest please by all means

  10. i figured i would start a new thread with a clear title so those who were searching etc... can find it easier if they are in the same boat


    ok in the nutshell, my optical output from the rs482 and my panasonic av reciever dont seem to like to talk or something, periodically at random i get sound dropout for a split second or two and its starting to get annoying, and this is with everything, watching dvds, playing mp3s, playing games etc...... even has done it twice when winders fires up and theres that greeting music that plays upon successful bootup to the desktop, in other words its anything utilizing the sound functions, heres all i have tried in this order


    updated the bios to the most current off the dfi website when initally building the pc, no joy


    updated the os and all drivers to the most current as best as i could when setting up , no joy


    went back and double checked to make sure everything bios and driver related current, no joy


    tried several different toslink cables afterwards, no joy


    taken the computer to several friends houses, ironically no issues


    started to think perhaps theres some form of incompatibility with my av reciever and this board, had friends bring computers over here to try my av reciever, ironically no issues


    so thats where im at, at this point im considering getting an coax rca bracket because the board has the header for one, also considering just saying screw the onboard sound and dropping a pci sb audigy i have handy, but i would really prefer to use the onboard if it all possible as i had other plans for that sb card and it irriates me its not working, at least with this av reciever


    or thats the other alternative, get another reciever but...... it would be costly to go that route, sadly all of my dvd players, cable boxes, etc........ have always had coax only, so this is the first time i am trying to use the toslink on this reciever, its possible its been jacked up from day one and i didn't know it, i have had this one too for quite awhile, still though im not ready to throw the towel in on it


    so with all that, what do you think would be my next best move??? i also considered RMA but that is the last resort, if there truthfully is a compatibility issue with these 2 items, another board wont solve anything and why waste mine and someones money and time for a useless RMA processing etc....


    i have tried googling etc... too and searching these boards amongst some others, so far nothing of the like i have run across, if you have seen something of interest related, please point me the right way, any new ideas would be swell at this point




  11. grrrrrrrrr


    tires cost more than i anticipated, a new psu will have to wait, FWIW at stock its a fantastic board, the optical out is nice, the sound onboard is good, the DVI onboard is sweet, for what it is as a potential base HTPC it rocks, but I know theres a beast ready to be unleashed in it


    so............ psu plans are on hold, but........ i have read up where some certain psus cause rebooting issues etc...... has any one specific psu thats got decent juice for ocing seem to have become a clear winner in not causing the random reboots??? preferably a modular type?

    maybe the tires are a good thing so I have time to research this out, I want a PSU that will allow overclocking and not be a bottleneck

  12. board arrived today, FWIW its a cool board, sadly someone slashed my tires today so I was forced to have to deal with that instead, only had time to setup the board and I am letting run at stock for the moment, the time I was planning to spend with it I had to deal with the tires issue GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR im so mad, anyhow


    quickly went into the bios and took a gander, wow, im scared of it, for a matx board its alot of control over things, did i read it right???? 1.85 on the cpu volts??? wow you would have to had some damn good cooling solution to go that much on a cpu??? wow, overall im impressed with it, it appears of high quality, I love that dvi and optical spdif out, once i have time tommrow to play with it some more ill report back, cheers


  13. thanks sir, ill be needing advice, i have winbond bh5 muskin sticks so that 3.2 should be somewhat useful, i also have utt bh but i would prefer to use my bh if at all possible, supposedly the pqi i have is tccd but i have never pulled the spreaders to verify and it works fine in my other setup so i dont want to disturb it


    ill have a manchester and a toldeo x2 core to work with so hopefully one of the 2 will fly on it

  14. im so hoping my toldeo x2 3800 can do about the same your at sir, im going to need help, are you willing to give me some of the settings you dialed in, as you can see in my sig, I have Mushkin BH5 ram, I finally pulled the spreaders to see for sure, or some PQI stuff that I was told is TCCD, but I have never pulled the spreaders to verify as Im running it on an MSI board via the SPD and CPU on stock settings. Im hoping either of these two sets of ram will work like that in a high FSB setting for the RS482 board. Dividers would be ok and I can run the ram at lower speeds etc..., I just want things to be folding at home stable at the highest cpu overclock I can get as Folding thrives off of the cpu mhz more than it does the rest of the setup

  15. so its just a matter of finding the right psu??????


    can i ask a dumb question, some of these psus dont have that 115/220 switch on the back, what is it called, active something fc or whatever, is it possible all these psus that bomb on the board flucuate because of the self aware thing? just throwing an idea out there, dont mind me, im just wondering why some folks have this issue, scares me because i didnt know this before ordering the board

  16. im just hoping this is the matx vehicle that will push one of my 2 x2 chips into some extreme frequency :D no stock htpc forme, i want to squeeze as much out of it as i can, folding 24/7, most matx blow in the ocing dept so im glad these guys released one worth a crap, or so i hope


    its looking promising from everything i have read, i hope i wont have to rely on your expertise around here too much, been ahwile that i have looked in a dfi bios, the options will be overwhelming

  17. The Title says all.


    Should have never steered away from DFI. Oh well, lesson learned the hardway. Got myself another x2 3800 and an Infinity RS482 on the way. Been reading up here and elsewhere on the board, after a few quirks cutting its teeth it seems this board when it arrives to me is proving to be a damn fine ocing matx board, which is exactly what I needed. I have some Mushkin BH5 and this board it appears can pump some volts, I hope this mem works for me like im counting it will


    Wish me luck this boards a gem :) and not a dud :(

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