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  1. hm,my danger den setup was cheap compared to german sellers oO mainly cause of the good dollar but i would go again with danger den.
  2. its just the luck of the draw...some swear by 0352...but most of the newest iqyha´s have been great overclockers either
  3. first you need to find out-if its your mem...relax the timings,and prime it [email protected] same fsb+vcore,but lower multi-you could even dropp the vcore a bit... memtest isnt really accurate
  4. mushkin basic was ch-5 or ch-6? try seting the mem timings by yourself-like 11-3-3-3-2(2 for cas)
  5. www.yes-computer.de i see your out of germany-i bought there allready 2 mobiles-both iqyha(1x2500+,1x2600+). both where able to hit 2600 mhz and crap out somewhere about [email protected],9 vcore(my vcore isnt stable if i trie more than 1,9-so without moding i reached my max clock).
  6. agp voltage is 1,6 volt atm...and single i get them to work up to 248 fsb errorfree...without dual channel 242...but they have been stable @238 fsb dual [email protected]
  7. i tried everything from 1,6 to 1,9...it gets more stable if i use 1,8 or 1,9...at least for fsb 225+
  8. so,it must be something overheaten...with air,235 was rock stable,even in the sommerdays. now with water i m @ 225x12=2700 mhz with 11-2-2-2-2 timings and 38-39 C load [email protected] volt. but cant get out some more fsb:( could be another thing perhaps? i applied as-5 on the northbridge some weaks ago,and wasn´t oc ing that much-cause my room temps have been about 30C+...perhaps the layer is too sick?
  9. i just switched to watercooling and wanted to give a little bit more juice+mhz... and it seems like my system is stable up to 2700 mhz-but only with low fsb(2 volt vcore bios seting)... i could run 200x13,5=prime stable 4 hours(didnt test any longer) 235x10=prime stable with low voltage(think it was 1,6 vcore) 235x11=not prime stable(testet with 1,8 1,9 1,95 and 2 volt vcore...) and i dont know why...my nb has gotten really hot-so i put a fan over it(stil stock-waiting for an thermalright cooler to arrive). my memory keeps memtest stable up to 242 fsb with 11-2-2-2-2 timings... so,what could it be?
  10. 2x256 mem modules will get you some more fsb...but you want to have 1 gig of mem minimum-if you play games...
  11. hm,i thought that x800 would even be stock much faster then an oc ed 9800 pro... but seems that 2001 is really fsb related.
  12. hm angry-that score is a x800 pro? i think you posted the wrong screenies,or i misunderstood something^^
  13. hm,my nb gets up to 37C with stock cooling(applied some as-5)@236 fsb,temps taken on the cooler. but my airflow is great...aircooled rig,with an extra 92mm in the side panel. my watercooling setup is staring at me(DD RBX set),will put it [email protected] know how my temps will increase...
  14. hm,every new amd processor(non mobile) is multiplier locked-correct me,if i m wrong
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