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  1. Ooh, nowadays I watch alot of Carnivàle. Love it! Not like any other series out there. Other than that, I've been getting the League of Gentlemen on DVD. Great, sick, hilarious british humor at it's best
  2. Yeah, let me tell you; I've been messing with this stuff for weeks. Refused to work regardless of all the times I flashed and reset the bios. I was on the verge of giving up... I'm not a spiritual person at all, but this was just downright scary! The guy is the luckiest person I know of, so.. eh, yeah.
  3. Well, get this: I took out the battery, set the cmos jumper to reset, and left it overnight. Tried again this morning, and it didn't work, then, my mate came over. So he asked what was wrong, and I showed him; sat the vdimm to 3.3v, and BOOF, it worked. So now I'm using 3.3v just fine again. This is really, really weird. Just all of a sudden it worked! Perhaps it has to do with my mates good luck - which he always seem have
  4. Yeah, I have tried pretty much everything. I will try again now, and leave it overnight and see what that does. Thanks for the tip though.
  5. Well, I'm on the verge of giving up on this now, so asking here is sort of a last try for me. Okay, I have the setup listed in my sig, which ran all fine and dandy till I tried to flash to the new 1-28 bios, with hopes to use bank interleaving. So, I flashed to the tictac modded one, with 4v vdimm, and everything seemed fine - untill I tried to set the vdimm up to 3.3v, which I've always used before. It freaking drops down to 2.5v when I set it to 3,3, it's 2.6v at 3.4, 2.7v at 3.5 and etc. The maximum working vdimm is now all of a sudden 3.2v, which is 0.1v too low to stabilize the settings I've used since I got this board. Soo, I thought "borked bios, let's just flash back" But no, it's not working with 10-15 either, which is always worked just fine with. Now I've tried about ALL bioses out, I've flashed back and forth, taking out the battery, flashed some more, reloaded defaults - yeah, you name it. It's refusing to do ANYTHING over 3.2v. It almost seems like anything over 3.2 "resets" the voltage scale, so it starts at 2.5 again, and works it way up. So now everything is screwed up. I've already clocked it down a considerable ammount, but it's still unstable as hell. If I just had the money I would throw out this POS and get something else, but I'm a studen, with far from endless resources. Therefore I will have to stick with this board atleast till the summer. Anyway, does anyone, ANYONE here have idea what could be causing this? I've never, EVER heard of a bios flash doing something like this. It seems like the board has gotten borked because of that 1-28 bios. So please, if you have any suggestions, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.
  6. The POTs on both the True Control and PP&C PSU's don't have enough adjustability to be worth it, really. If you really don't wanna do a vsense mod to your PSU (which in fact is really easy) You're best off with the PowerStream, which has a an adjustable 3.3v rail up to 3.8v or so.
  7. Right now: Lost. I think it runs on ABC in the US, I get it from... Uhm... Other sources It's a GREAT series. Like a mix between x-files and survivor. I'm totally addicted, and I wait in anticipation every thursday for a new episode. Other than that, The Sopranos and the mini series Band of Brothers are outermost excellent.
  8. Good luck man. It's the only route to go when the problems build up like they have for you. The sad thing is that I am much in the same situation as you. My college grades haven't exactly been very good lately. I'm always tired as I go to bed very late, sitting on the pc. And on top of that I have insomnia, so I just can't sleep. Because of that I can't consentrate on anything, including school work. I know I need to shape up, because the way it's going now, I might end up failing classes. This year is especially important as it's the last year of college. Next year I'm probably heading for university. I have been addicted like this for 4 years or so, and still I have done okay at school. But this last year has been very hard, and it really requires some efford. So what am I doing about it? I just ordered a new CPU. Yeah, that's how weak I am. Damn computers
  9. You're cursed with those harddrives too, lol. I think you need to purchase a bag of luck or something!
  10. lol, I'll post it here as well, as a comparison. 3904 in Everest, and 3907 in Sandra, so it's pretty damn close: All at 255HTT 1:1 3-2-2-10-1T 3.2V, all timings tweaked.
  11. Meh, why not: As you see, I'm consentrating really hard on cutting a slice of pie. Mmmmmmm pieeee
  12. thunda, dude, you're going to hell Bwhahahhaha! I bet you like it. Not too long before you sell all your custom setups and replace it with a shiny new dell dimension!!
  13. Ah, that thin. Well, then it shouldn't be a problem getting a cpu without it to fit properly under my mcx6400v. Might not have to grind anything in fact
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