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  1. I have 6.1 surround speakers as shown in my sig. When I open up nvMixer and try to set them up correctly it only gives the option of choosing 5.1 or 7.1 setup. The 7.1 setting is not controlling the speakers correctly when I go through the Speaker Wizard. Any ideas? Thanks for any replies!
  2. Perfect! Thanks!! Funny I didn't find that post through my searching.....huh....
  3. OK, through searching I have learned that PWM IC = Pulse Width Modulator Integrated Circuit. My question is where exactly is this thing(s) on my DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR Board? I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the manual or other documentation. I have read many posts about the PWM IC and it seems I shouldn't be worried that the PWM IC reaches around 53 C at times (SmartGuardian), however I still want to know where they are. Obviously, there is no fan on the PWM IC on this board because I think I'm pretty good at identifying what a fan looks like and there is only one on the chipset, other than on the CPU heatsink, and also SmartGuardian reports no fan spinning on the PWM IC. Any help here will be appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the link! However, I can't tell which driver on that page is the right one. I mean none of them say they are for Windows XP???
  5. Yep, just found that....I disabled it in Genie BIOS and it went away from device manager. RAID was disabelled in BIOS outside of Genie BIOS settings, but it had been set to: SiI3114 S-ATA Raid Controller......SATA, RAID, 0, 1, 0+1, 5 In the Genie BIOS. Ok, so RAID is taken care of, but I can't find where in the BIOS I disable the ethernet controller. However, wouldn't it just be easier for mew to load the proper Yukon driver for it if that is what I need? Where do I get that driver? Thanks!
  6. I checked Device Manager and I have a Yellow Exclamation mark at "Other Devices" and below that I have Yellow Exclamation Marks next to "Ethernet Controller" and "RAID Controller." Now I'm not using RAID, and at least one of my Ethernet ports is functional because I am able to surf the net. I believe both of those things are controlled by NVIDIA's chipset drivers which I have updated but I could try reinstalling again I suppose. During the chipset driver install I made sure I followed the instruction from a critical post from AG and NOT install the SW-IDE Driver. I basically put this system together following this post #6 in this thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21248 Thanks for any help!
  7. Cool! Thanks for all the replies! Based on what I quoted above it deosn't look like I need to disable it. It sounds like any particular program will only use one device at any one time; either the primary or other one that you tell it to. It won't be simultaneously sending data to two sound devices at once; that's what I was worried about. Thanks!! To answer another person's question above: No I haven't tried using the Karajan output yet. There a bunch of other things I'm working on but eventually I'll test it out.
  8. I just put together my system and I installed both the Kajan Module on the Motherboard as well my SB Audigy 2 in a PCI slot. I am currently only using the speakers with the Audigy 2, but my question is should I be disabling the Kajan Audio Module somehow in the BIOS if I'm only using the Audigy 2? I'm just wondering if the Kajan is also using up CPU usage to process sound even though no speakers are receiving the output? Thanks for any replies!
  9. lowboy you were right!!!! I removed the MB from the metal tray and bench tested it on an insulated surface and now it does detect the VGA card!!! BUT…..it keeps rebooting itself just as it is about to get to the Windows desktop. It keeps doing this even if I boot in Safe Mode or “Last Known Configuration that worked.” I went in to BIOS and loaded optimized defaults and it still keeps rebooting itself in an endless loop while it is trying to load Windows. The only hardware difference to the MB since I previously had it working fine on the bench (prior to installing it in the case) is that I plugged in the Karajan audio module. I’ll try pulling that off and see if it makes a difference. As far as the VGA now getting detected as long as the MB is not mounted I have no idea why that is???? I mean all the stand-offs are in the right place, I don’t get it????
  10. Hmm, ok. I remove it from the plate and bench test again; I'll have to do that anyway if I have to return it.
  11. Ok, well I don’t know how I could have a stand-off in the wrong place? I’m not sure what you mean. I mean they can only go where the mounting holes of the board are, right? Well anyway, I just tested it again on a flat surface (still mounted to the metal plate, but removed from the case). I tried both my the video card in my sig and a brand new out-of-the-box X1600, in both PCI-e slots, and it will still not detect a VGA card. I can’t think of anything else, it would seem something bad happened to the MB, but I can’t imagine what. I was very careful with everything. Unless anybody can think of anything else, I guess I’m going to have to look into returning the MB under warranty. Although I’m not even sure what the warranty on these MB's are; I can’t seem to find anything in the user manual or any other documentation that came in the box that talks about the warranty…..
  12. I just got the system in my sig installed in my case after having already successfully bench testing everything. The problem is that now it’s not detecting the VGA card. The 3rd and 4th diagnostic lights stay red, meaning that it gets through detecting the CPU, then the DRAM, but then it can’t find the VGA card. I tried another video card (a brand new ATI Radeon X1600 Pro - 512MB) and it doesn’t get detected either. I tried clearing the CMOS, but still no luck. I did some searching and someone in the past thought that maybe the MB stand-offs are not the proper height and not allowing the card to seat all the way in. With my case design, I have the MB mounted on a metal panel that can be removed out the backside of the case with the MB still attached. I'm going to try removing it and bench test it again on a flat surface. While I’m doing that however, I wanted to post this in case anybody else had any other ideas on what might causing this and recommend anything else to try. Thanks for any replies.
  13. Ok, thanks. So I'll only have one HDD LED then. And I'll hook my 2-pin power LED wire to the 2 & 4 pin connections. I have the user manual with page 17 as mentioned above. Thanks.
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