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  1. Yep NCSA. I use coolbits to OC and you can OC 3d without 2d thats why I figured it. No used to OC 2d anyways right.
  2. I am gonna run RTHdribl and see if it changes to OC 3d settings give me a sec downloading now
  3. Maybe it is reading 2d mode since you are not 3ding at the moment
  4. Working here. Freakin most excelleny work XHP :nod:
  5. Dual core useless? Hmmm thats news to me!!! If you don't multi task and just game it will be useless to YOU. For people who mulitask it is very useful. For instance I can put out 700+ points a day with folding at home with this one rig in sig. How much can you do? I can also fold and play CSS and not lose any FPS or slow down in folding. You simply cant do it on a single core. In fact I would drop work units if I tried to game while folding on my Venice at 2.4
  6. Hi Chris. I guess it all depend what you are wanting to do with your PC. Personally I like the X2 4400+ . Mine OC's quite nicely. 2600 rock stable and can bench at 2850. If you want to multitask go with the X2. I am sure more apps will take advantage of dual core once they become more and more common. If multi tasking is not a priority for you I wouls go with the 4000+ San Diego. The NF4 SLI -DR should work just fine for either of these CPU's I like TCCD ram for OC'ing OCZ 3200 Rev 2 works just fine for me.
  7. Yes it is enabled by default. I find that out by testing a clawhammer CPU out with the new official bios.
  8. Agreed all the answers are there if one reads the thread. Also pretty much all relevant info is in the first post
  9. Also make sure you keep ACPI SRAT to enabled or it will reset your cmos values for you
  10. Most likely you will have problems with 2 different pairs of memory. My ADVISE is DON'T DO IT you are just asking for unnessesary headaches and trouble. With the Venice and San Diego cpu's you can run at 1:1 with CPC set to 2T with 4 dimms. If you insist on 4 dimms make sure the are the Same Brand part # and all and hopefully manuf. as close to the same date as possible. One thing to keep in mind also is that this Mobo is real picky about what ram she will work with so choose wisely.
  11. Well flashing the bios shouldn't be a major ordeal if you plan it out carefully and have a back-up plan if for some strange reason you have a bad flash. Protection? Why yes!! contact Tmod he is a member here and can sell you a bioschip flashed to any bios you want. That way if it fails as I stated above you are not dead in the water .
  12. I am not sure. All I know is it got me 2000+ points in PCmark05
  13. If the Serial Pretence Data on the chip is programmed at different timings you will have problems getting it to see 2 gig. Can you post a screenie with the spd for 3200 and 4000 ?
  14. In cpu-z try the spd tab and see if you can see all 4 dimms. If all 4 are there check the timings and see if they match.
  15. Better put BIMG tag for that pic before you get screamed at
  16. Right click on the ? and go to properties...update drive....window will ask if ok to find...say yes only this time and see if it can find a driver for you.
  17. I doubt you will get it working unless it was an NF4 install on that HDD. Looks like reinstall time.
  18. The thing is XP recognises it as a hot swapable device is why you see it
  19. Well there are many variables. Did you go in display properties and set antialiasing and anisotropic to off and image settings to high performance. Shut down any uneeded services etc... ?
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