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  1. OK I will try with the very limited info given. So the system booted up originally after the W/C system install. The last thing he did was plug in a usb device? what did he plug in?.....Maybe he should unplug whatever he plugged in and try to boot again. It seems logical to me
  2. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...t=usb+boot+disk
  3. Ummm the board did not nearly kill the chip...it was user error the nearly did
  4. Cisco Everything looks pretty good except lose that sony writer and get an NEC instead. You will get better performance and save money.
  5. I agree. For me when I would run PCmark05 I would get a score of 0 on all mt HDD test which would make me score about 2500 points. I then installed the driver and now get 6300 points :nod: . I can't say everyone will get the same results but it did help with my performance. Just don't enable the CNQ features in the bios and you will be fine with full performance
  6. Mostly they cool well and don't look gaudy. No offense but I think that navigator case is gaudy. Case decisions though are one of the most personal in choosing system components. To each his own heh?
  7. I would reset cmos and try again. It is always a good idead to do that when changing modules.
  8. Nice one bud but you edited your sig . You had a Thermaltake 480 in there Thats why it is good to read the rules first before posting. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10
  9. Is thermal throttling enabled in bios? Do you have cool and quiet AMD drivers installed?
  10. I voted no also. Same reasoning as AG no need to state it again
  11. Boot with one stick and try boosting the Vdimm and see if that helps. You may also need to play with the timings.
  12. I would use the latest drivers from AMD site. Nake sure they are for the X2
  13. Hi Terataki and welcome to ths DFI support forums. Yopu need to read the rules before posting here. Failure to do so may get your post deleted and possibly banned if you dont do so. I have included a link. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10
  14. Hmmm are you sure it isn't that weak 20 pin power supply with 18A on the 12V rail?
  15. Try with 1 stick off memory in different slots
  16. Sweet RG!!!! Very nice bandwidth I take it that is at a 2T CPC?
  17. :nod: Yep that would cause a cpu to die.
  18. Thanks AG for confirming that for me.!! No use to waste all that money when my x2 doesn't go past 240 anyways. I know and realize I will have to use a divider to get there but like you said not a big enough performance hit to worry about. The advanage over my 1 gig should be huge though
  19. I really think AG is right about timings and dividers and more importantly CPU MHZ being king. If this is so AG would'nt I be better off with the 2 x 1024 sticks of OCZ platinum and running a divider...because all I need with my X2 is 240 like you. I am not wording this right I think. Maybe better is not the word...instead use cheaper...with no real world performance hit?
  20. The problem is running 2 monitoring programs at once. I can assure you if you kill ntune mbm will be fine also.
  21. I complete agree with the advise given to you by cantankerous. I have an X2 4400+ that does 2.6 and it is fast as hell. No way in hell would I use a single core cpu ever again. Then again I am a heavy multi-tasker. The work you can do with this thing is simply amasing. Then again a cantankerous said if all you do is gaming the go for the FX. Although I still consider it a foolish choice since in the not to distant future apps will take advantage of dual core. Some will want to disagree though and that is fine.
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