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  1. You may have to break the array in your old rig .
  2. You can try to see if you can build a new one. After you build it go ahead and clear the disk. I would install the audio.....just turn it off in bios.
  3. Well I may sound a little blunt here but.....No way in hell would I trade my NF4 for this thing. Girst off it is a little pricey. Secondly it doesnt have the features...like SataII.....Poor USB performance . What the hell was DFI thinking? DFI almost hit a homerun with this board if they just could have at least included SataII.... OK enough ranting for me.
  4. Maybe your firewire? If not using it turn it off in bios. Then delete from dev manager and do a refresh and see if it reappears.
  5. You will want the N4D623-3.exe if you want the latest official bios. The DFI does not fully support the SD core processors until 510
  6. You will have to delete the array. Go into the f10 screen if you can and delete the array...then rebuild it.
  7. First off you need to list you computer in your sig. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21207 I would also read that link or your thread may be deleted. What bios did you flash to? Can we see a cpu-z shot of the mainboard tab so we can see bios information. Also you may have to reinstall the OS to see both core most likely you have the wrong Hal.....
  8. Good luck with the build AG!!!! That thing should be a monster.
  9. Sorry guys if I sounded a little pissed off this morning...but I was :nod: . Like skip said it just gets a little tiring hearing how bad these dogs are when in reality they are pretty nice companions and work dogs. TBH I still have 1 pit left which will sadly be my last due to insurance restrictions...she is now 12 yrs old...so she will not be along much longer. She has however been a great ambassador for the breed and what all breeders should strive to produce. It really make me sad to see these dogs being driven into extiction by the ASPCA and the likes. What really makes me sick is they talk about cruely....... They rescue dogs because someone is so cruel by fighting them....then what do they do....put them to sleep because they are so viscious and useless. Excuse me at least they had some sort of a life in their previous home . Don't get me wrong I am not defending the fighting of pits just showing a sick irony and how hypocrtical the ASPCA is!!! Apparently they have some other motives? RANT OFF The only breed better than a pit is a Malinois :shake: :nod: Now this breed will really bite your butt :shake:
  10. First off guys this dog is not a pit bull. Look at the ears...they are standing up. I know some pit's ears stand but they are cut this dog has natural ears(not croped). I have owned pit bulls for 25 years now so I think I can speak on the breed intelligently. I have seen some pretty ignorant remarks in this thread. It just amazes me how people who have probabaly never seen one of these dogs except on the news can judge this breeds character . Of all the years and pits I have owned (over 50) I have never had 1 incidence. And yes some have been chained . The problem folks is not the breed...but the deed. Yes some dogs of all breeds are not a good example for the breed. You know if we used this senario with people some of the remarks here would be racist due to its sterotypical nature!!!! The problem 99 times out of 100 if you look close enough is the stupid butt owner!!! Nuff said!!!!!!
  11. Update your sig with the bios you are using. Hmmm I think it sounds a little suspect that both sticks are bad. Maybe need to try flashing to another bios.
  12. Hi Gary, Have you tried booting up with just the mobo,cpu,video card, and 1 stick of ram? Unplug everything else from the mobo and remove the psu from everything you are not using.
  13. Standoffs are the little things on the mobo tray in which you use to srew the mobo to the tray. If they are in the wrong place are you are not using any the mobo will short to the tray
  14. Make sure you have the pwr connected to the video card.
  15. I would take evrything off the mobo an reseat it..including the CPU and HSF. Also make sure all 4 pwr connectors are plugged into the mobo
  16. Did you try again with the old psu and ram? If not try the ram first then the PSU.
  17. I have a 4400+ and have not experienced these issues. I did have an issue with pcmark05 untill I installed the AMD X2 drivers. I have only played CSS so far though. I will have to load FarCry and UT2004 and check it out. Thanks to all for posting their results.
  18. First off I would flash to the 623. My reasoning is you want to make damn sure the board is OK before you go voiding the warrany right off the back. After you flash the reset cmos then load optimised defaults. Then you can do a windows install
  19. 9% scored higher (more nerdy), and 91% scored lower (less nerdy). What does this mean? Your nerdiness is: Supreme Nerd. Apply for a professorship at MIT now!!!.
  20. Sir useless is someone who doesn't do their homework before purchasing a product. Sure as . you will be back complaing how DFI is a POS because you made a poor choice. Apparently you don't want honesty sir. You want me to tell you what you want to hear. Now that we are through with that..... Yes you should plug into all connectors that are on the mobo. They are there for a reason not to just look pretty either . DFI also recommends 28A minimum on the 12V rail. Now I am not saying that the PSU will not work. What I am saying is if you have problems are instability the first culprit you will have to look at is the PSU. Even if if works for the first day...week...or month....you should be looking for a new PSU asap as problems will creep up on you most likely. That sir is the facts. You can choose to call them useless if you wish. You can choose to disclaim them also as rubish. My question is whay ask if you don't want to hear it? You are going to go against the advise anyways and do what you wish to do. Official Statement Regarding 24-pin Power Supplies
  21. I wont lecture just give the facts. If you are going to skimp and not get the proper PSU for the DFI dont get the DFI...Period!!!
  22. They can't have the internet!!!! After all Al Gore invented it :shake:
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