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  1. Hey Thanks A_G. Keep me posted!!!! I am pretty excited. I guess I am the only one though
  2. Wooooooooot. Now who is gonna be first to test this bad boy? Who will be the first etailer to have this? Also what price is it expected to be?
  3. Well the PQI has been known to clock well if you follow the OCFourums thread. A couple of months ago when it was going for 185-200 a gig I would have said go for it. But at 250 a gig I say go for OCZ. The good thing about the Rev 2 is if your CPU is FSB limited you can run 2-2-2 timings then you can loosen timings and run hi FSB if the CPU allows. Pretty much I would call it a universal memory!!! P.S. I have some 3500EB I would be more than happy to trade to you when your memory comes in The bandwidth is awesome with it and it clocks OK but the heat is a pain.
  4. Cool Ice keep us posted!!!! I am actually thinking of building an AMD rig with that ram!!!!
  5. Actually yes. Because OCZ has the west damn support and warranty in the business!!! Go to www.bleedinedge.com and visit OCZ support forum and see for yourself If you ask me the OCZ is well worth $35 more.
  6. Woot Newegg will have them!!!! I guess I will have to try out my first AMD system!!!!
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