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  1. Did you read this tutorial and follow it step by step? http://www.angrygames.com/nf4raid-1.htm Here are the latest raid drivers called f6 floppy http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/NFORCE_R.exe
  2. You need to try with a minimum setup. That means.....PSU, Mobo, CPU, CPU Cooler, Vid card, 1 stick of ram in the orange slot closest to the edge of the board. If possible try outside of the case on the mobo box.
  3. Like tom said the panaflo will work nicley with little noise . You don't need massive amounts of air with it as it doesn't seem to help. The 4000 gold would be my next choice and should do fine for you
  4. What display drivers are you using...if it is the 81.xx get rid of them....threy do thT FOR ME IN FAR CRY I ROLLED BACK YO AND all is fine
  5. I would do as tom stated...if that doesnt work may want to look at ram. This board is picky about ram. Maybe you could borrow some different sticks and see if that helps.
  6. This is the OCZ memory you want if you have to have 2G and OC. It should do 270 or so which should be plent for that 3700 sandy. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227225 Also keep in ming that running on a divider does not impact performance that much with an A64 CPU. SLI-D has 4 sata ports and the DR has 8 Sata porsts. That is about it for the difference. I also think the DR comes with 4 sata cables and the D only 2 The cooler should be fine....Persoanally though it is hard to beat an Thermalright XP-90 in bith price and performance.
  7. No I wouldn't flash again. I take it you are using an IDE drive? So did windows install go all the way through then on bootup it doesnt see the hard drive? Does it see the HD in bios? Is your boot order set up properyl?
  8. Excellent thoughts there AG..and exactly what I was thinking in my head when I read the anandtech review. I really don't mind paying a premium price for a mobo...but.....It better damn well perform at least as good than my current board...and not be a downgrade in feature....exspecially ones I use such as USB and sataII. I as you don't understand what DFI was thinking when making this mobo. I also could justify a bad butt OCing mobo with no feature like lan, usb, or sata1 or II but not at the price premium of this board it would have to be cheap
  9. Yep I am sure it could be done but probabaly more problems than it is worth.
  10. From the looks of Acegoober he may have requested them :shake: My God that is the ugliest avator I have ever seen :eek2:
  11. Yes I would give it a go......If you were not on the right bios it may have originally installed as a single cpu...then you changed bios and recognise the other core partially. Can't hurt and would help rule out some things
  12. Also in his CPU-Z screenie the processor selection is greyed out. Question.....Is this a new build ...or dod you originally built with a single core cpu....then added the X2? If so an OS reinstall may be needed!!
  13. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...73&postcount=13 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...74&postcount=14
  14. 2 very glaring problems stick out with just glancing at your sig. 1 the power supply is too small. You need at least a 480W with 28A on the 12V rail....It also has to be a native 24 pin pwr supply. Does your PSU have a 24 pin connector? Do you have all 4 pwr connectors connected to the board(i.e. 24 pin, P4, Molex,and floppy) The next thing is your ram. Not sure if it is compatible or not. Do you know what kind of ic chips was used in it?
  15. Um Skip he is talking about DFI Street not Sesame Street :shake:
  16. There is nothing wrong with that..... all that means is the ram is running at 200.9 instead of 200.....That is just the way it is with some cpu ram combos.
  17. Nice dog VectorTensor!!! Hmmm are they from schwikert or gappay? :nod: :shake:
  18. Well I don't know exactly what SLI broadcast aperture is for but I can tell you that I always left it at default and havent had any problems. As the saying goes "if it aint broke"
  19. You didn't list a PSU!!!! May I suggest an OCZ Powerstream 520? At any rate make sure you have a native 24 Pin pwr supply with at least 28A on the 12V rail and a minimum of 480W!!
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