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  1. You may need this bios or later 3.16 http://home.no/trac3r/Bios/DFI.LANP...F4/NF4LD316.zip Enable the 1+3 yellow slot dims Enables all 4 DIMM slots
  2. From first post You really need to get rid of that PSU and get OCZ :nod:
  3. Touch them and if the feel hot to the touch it is too much. Place a fan on the dimms and then you can crank up the volots if need be PS ypu really need to put your rig in your sig as per the forum rules
  4. Yep nice and simple. Looks like no rounded cables and what not so I am guessing it should be kinda on the cheap side?
  5. I guess the next question is where can you find a socket 479 CPU ? Hmmm
  6. Nice A-G. Now you gonna smoke this thing yet or what?
  7. Here you go bud http://www.zalmanusa.com/usa/product/view....dx=143&code=009
  8. Hey A_G you get a chance to test this puppy out yet? If not send it to me I will run it through the ringer for you
  9. Almost 4000 unbuffered!!! Nice What does the cpu arithmetic look like at that speed? What do you think is stopping you from being stable? Keep up the good work!! I have been following your post all over just not talking to much Now I need to get one of these so I have something to say. Also need some of that rev 2 ram it looks like cause these EB's cant hand with that
  10. Look what Jacky posted http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=1662&page=1 4.1G on stock cooler!!!! WoHoo you can do it A_G
  11. WoHoooo Thanks for the link Jacky!!!! Man you guys are just twisting my arm to buy this board aren't you!!! I will tell the wife Jacky did it. Yep thats it. :angel:
  12. Cool I will have my eyes peeled to the forum! I hope you get a golden CPU so we can see what this board is made of. I saw Oppainter had 285FSB Not bad at all 1500MHZ OC. But he was using extreme cooling so we cant expect quite that. Half would be a nice start though on air
  13. How is it going with your setup A_G? I know you have at least OC'ed it a little!!! With the big bucks you make working for DFI dont worry about heat. ROFLMAO Lets see the sparks fly!!! If you are scared say you are scared. LOL Just picking on ya bud. Just checking back to see how you are liking the board. If you don't hurry up BigStan will beat you to OC'ing the snot out of this board! He has his on order
  14. Hi Budster. Performance mode is a perk of 875 chipsets. They are different I can assure you. I have a 865 chipset which can run performance mode if set right with the right ram and can see a difference in benchies. I do know that 875 will not run performance mode with 4 dimms. You would need to read the intel whitepaper to see what enables performance mode
  15. Hey Tony Thanks for the reply!!! Hopefully DFI will fix the ram issue. I hope Oscar is on this project!!! Although I am a little disappointed it still is not to bad cause it seems that 915/925 loose their pci lock at about that speed. although a 3.4 at 250 would be damn sweet in my book!!!
  16. Well I guess we can 86 that ram He wants 2-1G modules. Hmmm Let me see what I can find.
  17. Dohh. I din't notice. Seriously though the 3200 Rev2 works real nice on the A64. http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2198&p=8 they reached ddr 616 with that same Ram.
  18. For memory I would go with the OCZ 3200 EL PE Rev 2. Why? Because it can run 290FSB @ 1t with killer Bandwidth with 2 dimms!!! Good luck with the new system!!!
  19. Hey A_G build that thing already would you I am about to have a stoke in anticipation. Seriously when is all you equipment coming in?
  20. cool clock the snot out of her. What about the gigabyte rocket cooler? I hear it is OK. http://www.short-media.com/review.php?r=260 http://www.hardwarezoom.com/viewcontent.jsp?ReviewID=223 http://pcmoddingmy.com/content.php?review.98 http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/hardware/1448_4.html Well that should get you started. I can't wait until you get home!!!! Keep us posted.
  21. Hey Thanks A_G I guess if I really want to find out I will have to buy one myself ? I really hate to be the guiena pig but the board does look solid. Nice big caps and beefy mosfets and an awesome bios with lots of voltage control. Grrrrr my wife is gonna kill me but my birthday is right around the corner
  22. Hey A_G or RGone I have a question for you guys forgive my brashness if I sound rude. I have posted about this board in various forums and it seems like there is not a big interest in this board for some reason. I haven't really gottem any negative replys about it just the silence is killing me :eek: since I am very interested in it. Do you guys think maybe DFI is not marketing this board enough? Still havent seen any reviews on it neither except a small blurp from OCZTony Which basically only showed the bios options and stated the bandwith was better that most intel board at the speed it was run. Are their any reviews coming out in the near future for this board? Thanks for your time. P.S. If you need a reviewer I would be more than happy
  23. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-136-148&DEPA=0 I am pretty excited about this board!!!! Just waiting a bit for others to test it and of course get the funds!!! Shouldn't be to bad though just need mobo and CPU!!!! You guys that are really on the Bleeding Edge let me know how you like it!!!!
  24. P.S. A_G OczTony is testing it out now as we speak. Check out this thread http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4525 Looks pretty good so far I can almost gaurantee I will get 1 like this. I was thinking of going with the 754 board but I think this is more what I was looking far!!!! I like intel and 915 and 925 (ie ddr2 and pci-e) dont impress me yet. Good Job DFI on the 875 T!!!!
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