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  1. Hahaha. I have a lowly SLI-D with 4 sata ports. I need at least one for backups :drool:
  2. Can anyone give me a hint on what program to use to shrink the pics to post
  3. OK here are my results on HD Tach couldnt download ATTO for some reason. 2 80G Hitachi SataII in Raid 0 on the Nvidia controller. AG I told you it was fast :nod:
  4. Thanks AG I know one thing the Hitachi SataII with raid 0 is dang fast. I can definately fell the difference
  5. Issue resolved. Either one of 2 things I did fixed it. I downloaded feature tool for my HDD's and made the sataII. I dont think that did it. My 2 optical drives are installed on seperate ide ports. My dvd drive is on ide2 I was trying to install from my DVDRW the first time. Change XP disk to DVD drive and Bam :nod: . Thanks for the help guys even though I figured it out :tooth: :shake: . Priming now at 250X10 Now in the word or a great Rgonian "time to make this rocketship fly".
  6. Roadie just running this to show it is stable when I installed it was at 200
  7. Ummmm not 100% sure AG but the bios sees both drives so I assume it is fine. Posting of NF4 now and running prime. No raid Also both drive working properly in windows.
  8. Loading on single drive for now then I will run prime to show it is very stable :shake:
  9. Tried the original f6 drivers that came with mobo and also the newest version from dfi that is linked to in the tutorial No utilites with drive they are OEM
  10. Window xp pro sp2 slipstreamed also tried my original xp pro
  11. It shows my drives in bios shows as a good raid array 153G when I get to the last pic on second page of your tutorial it freeze there on windows setup
  12. Yes it did load on a single drive Nope no overclock yet and memtest stable Brand new drive didnt do anything to them Yes memtest stable yep cleared cmos with battery out nope havent used reload. Setting are in correctly
  13. I am trying to build my raid array. I have followed AngryGames tutorial. right before I get to the part where you format the drive it hangs on windows setup. I can load windows without raid. Any ideas?
  14. Hi OZ IMHO I would go with the OCZ3200 PE Rev2. It is only $180 last time I looked and have seen 2 different pairs so far run 300MHZ memtest stable. Of course that was only on a 7 multi though. One pair is TCC5 one is TCCD. You can spend the extra $$ on a gauranted speed if you wish but you will come very close to 300 if not pass 300 with the 3200.
  15. TRy This Use the 310 Official BIOS or any -3 Beta BIOS variant for best results with Samsung TCCD. In DRAM Configuration Section of Genie BIOS: 200 enable 2.5 03 07 or 8 03 07 or 8 16 or 14 03 or 02 03 02 or 01 03 or 02 3120, 4708, 0648, or 2560 (4708 works well at high overclocks) auto enabled auto 0 level 6, 5 or 7 level 2 7.0 auto 256 disable 16 07 disable In Genie Bios: 250 4 16 16 10 100 disable 1.500v 1.300v (This is about 1.57v, if you need more or less adjust, but do not go past 1.45v here, use more the 123% below, there is a reason ) above VID * 123% 1.30v 1.70v 2.8v (2.7v-3.0v may work for you)
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