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  1. Today I noticed something strange the three fans that are softwrae cotrolled ( Chipset, CPU, PWM) work fine in BIOS and up til windows in windows they stop. I checked Smartgaurdian, changed the settings to software controlled mode and set the slider to max, no response. Chnged it back to automatic mode, nothing happens. BIOS settings for the fans, CPU 25°OFF 40°Full CHIPSET 25°off 30°full PWM 25°off 30°full Any idea? :confused: :confused:
  2. well I'm just curious because the rest of the DFI UltraD I' ve seen had all the same brand (KZG if i'm not mistaken) brand as well my first Ultra D, while I was astonished to see that this one had two or even three brands.
  3. I'd appreciate If any one form DFI could answer me teh following question. I noticed that on this revison of my Ultra D there are two brands of capacitors while on my first Ultra D there was only one brand. I also noticed that on all Ultra D boards ( seen some 10 boards) all capacitors are the same brand. Is this normal? :confused: :confused:
  4. I flashed 5/10-1 fix bios but the bios date says 6/23. WTF??
  5. @THunDA no unfortunatley not , had to sell my old Socket A rig to be able to buy this. Tommorow a pal of mine will lend me his Kingmax Hardcore 466 SPD 2,5-3-3-7 and we'll see i f its the board or my memory. @wakeup which board revision do you have? R.AA0 R.A20 R.A30 R.AB0? it's written on the sticker thast on the side of the second PCI-e slot.
  6. Post, white or blue smileys or exlamation marks, restart. over and over and over again. I can't get into bios, on th e left top corner there's just a blinking cursor. With CAs 3 Board does not Post.
  7. cas 2 works. Cas 2,5 does not work with any bios, cas3 board does not post!
  8. As soon i select CAS 2,5 in the memory menu with whatsoever settings teh Board Posts but nothing after that. I cant't get into BIOS, if i don't try to enter bios i get just blue or white smileys or this mark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in various colours. Using 6/23-1 beta bios from Techpowerup. Tried just one stick does not help. This problem existst since i bought the board. tried all four slots No go! Ideas? :confused: :confused:
  9. OkK, i have a dillema, on techpowerup it says use -1 bios for TCCD but on dfi-bios.tk it says use-3 Bios for TCCD. Whom should I trust? :confused:
  10. TCCD chips rates at [email protected] and 2,[email protected] I ran them @260FSB on my nF2 Ultra B
  11. Had the same problem, after i moved the memory into the other slot it booted normally.
  12. revision is R.AB0, CPU Venice YBBE 0523 E3, 2 ×512 Corsair Xl (TCCD) enhance 520W at 220FSB everything is stable but 230FSB×4 HTT no way. BSOD and even there's nothing visible in the BIOS just a blue screen, then I have to use the cursors so that the settings appear. I'm really p***ed off! Oh yes it does not matter if the memory is 2,5-2-2-11 or 2,5-3-3-11 or 2-2-2-11. CPU VId set do 1,4 CPU special VID to 110% chipset do 1,6V. PCI-e 1,3V. memory to 2,9. I'm using 510-3fix bios, memory in Orange slots. Chipset is cooled by the Zalmam ZM-NB47J and a Enerax 120mm fan on 7V which blows over it. Any suggestions or should i just smash teh board into pieces. :mad:
  13. Got a new Bios but the problem persists. As much I hate to say this but it seems that as good DFI's engineers are for teh Harware the BIOS engineers can't keep up. OK so the solution would be to flash the 6/19, or any Bios that's older than the 11/24
  14. been there done that have a shirt. I removed teh battery for approx 15 minutes and no help. Could it be that because I flashed Hellfires bios even to teh DI block while the last official wasn't flashed to the DMI block that this is cousingthe trouble ( Couldn't flash the DMI block from DOS) Angry Games? Any ideas?
  15. Well here's the probl. AFter my Infinity died I got an LP ultra B as replacement,as tehe Bios that was supplied with the board was crap ( Warm boot problemall the time) i flashed Hellfire's Turbo bios, after that it corruptetd the system so that I couldn't get into windows neither repair the windows,. So I flashed tehfollowing bios N24LDB24 today and the board refuses to post it gets stuck at the Initalization of the clock generator ( fourth LED is on all others are off). What to do? Is there any other possibility than a HOT flash?
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