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  1. OK let me try this a different way:) How do I get an RMA through DFI ? I see no were on the official website about submiting for RMA.
  2. A freind of mine just went through the same ordeal...MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION It ended up being his PSU. It wasnt a cheepie either, it was a zippy 500w. So you might want to try swapping out PSU's if you can borrow one.
  3. Problem is it's not new I bought it back in FEB 05, vendor only has 30Day.
  4. Problem If Yellow DIMM SLOT/Sots/All Slots Are Populated With Ram Board Will Not POST Fans will spin, no diagnostic LED's light up, no HDD activity, no POST. Ram I've tried 1x 512mb and 2x512mb sticks in one or the other or both Yellow slots OCZ Platinum Rev2 OCZ 4000Gold OCZ 4000Goldr2 OCZ 3200 EB Mushkin L2V2 Twinmoss 3200 BH-5 {old school} Corsair 3200XL Corsair 4400C25 CPU's I've tried 3500+ NC 3200+ W 3700+ SD BIOS's I've tried {method used to flash} awdflash biosfilename.bin /py/sn/wb/cd/cc/cp Shipping 209 217 218 310 official 310p 313-1 313-2 313-3 314 316 315 326 331-1 331-2 331-3 414-1 414-2 414-3 510-1 510-3 Want to use all four. {yes i know it'll strain the mem controller] {yes i know it'll be at 2t} I dont care it's fine with me for what I want to do with my board. But at this point it's pretty much pointing to the yellow slots are only stuck on this particular board for LOOKS Have an Ultra-D that Yellow dimm slots work just fine with {think was 316 BIOS} and the newer 510's. But have a different use for this board and 4x sticks are not part of it's future. Am I missing something and the yellow slots are not supposed to work on this board ?
  5. My PDP with XBL's came out of the NEO2 doing 275x10 cas2.5-3-7-3-1t on 2.7v I cant get the same two sticks to run 240x10 cas2.5-4-8-4-2t any voltage, on the SLI-DR ....BIOS 125/201/209 not Prime/SuperPI 31m/ Same 3500+ NC from the NEO2 also ?? The same PDP sticks will Prime @280 on the UT 250GB...
  6. Why yes I did notice that matter of fact It's kinda like the fine print on a news paper add.... that reads 2005 Toyota Camray fully loaded $1,250.00 kinda makes you want jump up and head for Schister Toyota City :shake:
  7. Fine then someone should update the freeking stores that are missleading people If you look at NewEgg/Monarch/ZippZoom Ultra-D pics before you bought the board you would get the impression your getting the Bridge Card
  8. I've noticed that most online stores are showing the SLI bridge card included in the accessorys with the DFI NF4 Ultra-D ??? When I look at DFI's LanParty site only the LP SLI-DR and Ultra SLI-D has includeing the bridge card.. This is very confuseing
  9. Hay THANKS! for the link. Dont know how you found it
  10. Yea I've also read to use slots 2&4..dont make much since but what the heck Does any one know if winflash will work with this mobo ?? Thats what I use on my UT 250 GB and it has realy worked great.
  11. Just un packed and set up my LP SLI-DR last night, only useing a single Vid card for now. It's an R A01 and came with BIOS 01/25/2005.... and I'm not haveing any luck with stability with 2x512 sticks with TCCD mem modules. I have read in other forums that the BIOS to use is 0102 or something like that. Is that a moded BIOS or something ?? Because when I go to the DFI Lanparty site and select the SLI-DR board, and then click the BIOS link...it only shows 01/25.200 BIOS. Would prefer to only get my BIOS's from DFI so can any one shead some light on this .... Thanks
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