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  1. I had a client drop out of a deal and now i have a CPU for sale. Its an Athlon XP 3200+. If anyone is interested post plz.
  2. My first guess would be to try the BIOS flash. When i first got my LPb I had tons of problems. Flashed to the 6-19 BIOS all problems are gone. Thats my recommendation.
  3. Try this one: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-119-058&depa=1 Cheaper and it looks better.
  4. I hate TT cases there ugly and usually the TT logo is plastered all over em. stick with your antec or go with Cooler Master Cases.
  5. Here's my desk. The bg is something i whipped up when i got my new lanparty board to show my love for the nforce. err nvm my damn host wont let me remote link.
  6. Also the reason I think its a power issue is (i just discovered this today) The top row of USB ports dont work but the bottom ones next to the gig LAN work just fine. Which makes me lean more towards a power issue.
  7. I fixed the CPU problem. I flashed the BIOS and then slowly climb the CPU speed up to 2.2Ghz so im running a 3200+ now (Thank God). The 350 connects just fine snaps right in and runs. Can anyone suggest a good PSU that fits this board well thats around $50/500W. Ive been looking at an Aspire PSU on newegg its a 520 watt. But can you guys make some suggestions?
  8. Ok i just got my new LPb board with a 3200+ proc. I have like 3 probs with it. First, It only detects my proc as being a 1100Mhz and if i try to set the clock settings and multiplier manually it wont boot until i clear the OC settings. Will a BIOS flash fix this? Second, the rear USB ports dont work(but the front do) on the board but im wondering if its a power issue because the 480W i had bought for wouldnt work with it I had to wiggle the ATX connector around to get it to fire up but once i let go it would die. So i have a 350W hooked up. Would a stronger PSU fix this? Also about the above statement with the ATX connector. What would be more likely, a problem with the PSU or board cuz the PSU worked fine on 2 other machines? Thanks for the replies.
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first post on the boards. As the title of my post suggests this is the first time ive bought a DFI product. Ive read alot about the LPb and some of it kinda makes me wonder about how stable it is. But nonetheless i ordered it and am awaiting its arrival. I was gonna drop my specs by and see if you guys (since youve dealt with this so much) could point out any possible problems or give me any tips to avoid problems. Rig: DFI LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 400FSB Speeze Falconrock Cooler 1GB(2x512) Corsair Value Select RAM - CAS 2.5 ATI Radeon 9800XT Powmax Demon 480w PSU Windows XP Pro SP2 I believe i read somewhere that for the Mobo to recognize the 3200 that you had to flash the BIOS. What version should the BIOS be? Will i have to go in and set my memory timings or should they be set ok from the optimal settings? I appreciate any help as I want to make my first DFI purchase and smooth and good one. Thanks.
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