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  1. also how can i solve a prime95 rounding error, without underclocking?
  2. ok, i get into bios with 3.50 ghz and the ram at 320 mode, succesful memory test but when windows loads gives me the safe mode, safe mode with networking and last good configuration screen. I usually solve this problem by choosing start windows normally. But when i do this at 3.50ghz it locks at the screen and at 3.3 boots into windows
  3. i'll try 1.6, but sometimes in 3.3 i get into windows then it locks, and sometimes it barely goes in, it gives me that safe mode, safe mode with networking crap
  4. I have a 2.8 Northwood CPU, I want to set the FSB to 250 and the divider to 320. I can only get up to 3.3 Ghz anything more and windows refuses to load. My CPU core voltage is 1.55 and the DIMM is 2.6, I have the lock set at 33/66/100. Geil Golden Dragon PC3200 1GB 420 watts PSU Lanparty 875B revision B 2.8 Northwood 120 GB Maxtor Diamond Plus x2 What can be the problem, I used to be able to do 3.6 with my 8KNXP, I thought the Lanparty is the best OC?
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