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  1. Yeh, I've allready tried it, but I need a 4Vdimm modded one to go with my Twinmos SP bh5 sticks
  2. Is there any 4Vdimm modded 04/15 bios out yet? And is it official (not the 4Vdimm one ofcourse )..? Cant find it anywhere
  3. Its just one thing that really bugs me with DFI 754; move the damn chipset away from the agp port! We want to put watercooling/high end coolers/TEC etc on it and when its placed like it is now, u simply cant Hope this can be solved on 939, then we will have a truly awsome board If the price goes up 50$ just because of true round cables, dont use them. I have way to many round cables and just want a kick butt board, not everything that comes bundled with it
  4. Only way to check that I know of, is to use central brain identifier If u have a version 0.6 and the romours are true, its a SSOI central brain identifier
  5. I belive 3400+ NC desktop cpu's after week 32 are using SSOI, a few people are talking about it over at xs forum. I have a week 33 3400+ NC and it does 2800mhz with only 1.65V xtremesystems.org
  6. Its not the first time DFI have problems with warm/cold boots, just look at the Infinity/LP for socket a. Took them many months before the problem was "solved", guess its gonna be the same with LP nf3 Sure they cant guarantee anything when u oc, but they could be a bit more helpfull updating the bios with fixes like they did for socket a. Hope DFI thinks that keeping the costumers happy is more important than earning more money, or else they will loose many faithfull buyers. One thing Ive learned from working in a computer shop, is that having a good relationship with the customer, is what counts. If they are happy, they will come back. If u care more about the money, u will loose many of them.. Anyways, thanks DFI for making another great board, just dont take us buying them for granted Sorry for my bad english, but its early here and Im not really awake yet
  7. Have trouble with warm boots myself, hope it will be solved with a new bios. It took a long while before it was solved on Infinity/LP b tho, so dont hold ur breath Anyways, this new chip is just awsome. Heard romours @xs that AMD started with strained silicon from week 32 and the one ive got, is a week 33 Havent tried torturing it yet, want to burn it in first
  8. Finaly found someone who bought my chip and got this one instead.. Havent tried max oc yet, but going to real soon :nod: Looks like a promising chip
  9. Well, got some good news and some bad.. Good news is I solved my problem and the mobo works fine. The bad news is that my brand new chip doesnt like high vcore what so ever :sad: Tried with a 2800+ C0 from work yesterday and booted into win with 1.7Vcore and runned prime for 20min without any errors or random boots. This sucks bigtime, cant rma my chip either
  10. Yesterday when I tried to go online, the damn puter suddenly booted. Went into bios and checked my settings, vcore wich was set to auto, was 1.55V. Changed it back to auto and saved. All I got was a nvidia raid screen loop. Changed vcore back to auto again and same thing happend. Think I had to set vcore to auto 5 times before it booted into windows, even then I had random boots when win was loading. After several times, it finaly booted into win. Every time I checked in bios, vcore was set at 1.55V even if it should be auto This is driving me nuts Gonna try a 2800+ C0 chip from work and check if that helps tonite. Hope for Gods sake it does or else this mobo is going rma.. again
  11. RGone: Have tried 09/14, same problems Maybe all the blocks in bios didnt get updated? Used awdflash bios.bin /py /sn /cc /cd /cp /ld /f ViperJohn: Dunno where I measure the vcore, need a pic. But Im in for a game or two amv1981: Had the same problem with my other board, didnt want to boot @3Vdimm or higher. Couldnt find any solutions, so I rma'd the board Gonna try another cpu in a few days, if it doesnt work, Im out of ideas :mad:
  12. If I try to set vcore to 1.525, it wont load win even if the cpu is at stock settings or underclocked (200x10). Vcore has to bet set to auto or else the damn thing wont load. Doubt saving twice in bios would help, but I could try Gonna try another chip in a few days. If the problem is still there, Im going back to my good old (working) K8NS. No more DFI for me
  13. First board didnt like high vdimm, now it doesnt like high vcore.. Is this a faulty board or a biosrelated problem or just lucky me? :mad:
  14. Yeh, it sux bigtime. Cpu is 28 and the chipset is 39 atm and Im real careful with mounting the waterblock Tried everything between 7x and 12x, not .5mp tho
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