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  1. I just RMA’d my set of Ballistix’s with Crucial and wondering if my next set will die out on me again? After reading this thread it seems that this might turn into a big problem? Not sure what Crucial is doing about this problem but it seems that they need to recall and replace these modules with something that doesn’t die or become faulty after a few months of use?
  2. My Processor is keeping me from going any higher unless I raise the vcore to 1.7+ for an extra 30 -50mhz, which is not worth it? So, I’m happy with where it is, I’ve been able to push this ram to 295 with some tweaking of the settings and they would run stable! Since the FSB is currently at 277 not by choice, I decided to mess around with ram settings to see how tight they would go? Below is where I stopped. I can continue to keep tweaking but I’m fed up running PI32, OCCT, 3DMark01, MemTest and Prime95…….. it’s time to play some games This is my setup; FSB Bus Frequency - 277 LDT/FSB Frequency Ration - 3 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - 10 PCI eXpress Frequency - 101mhz CPU VID StartUp Value - 1.425 CPU VID Control - 1.425v CPU VID Special Control - Above VID * 113% LDT Voltage Control - 1.30v Chip Set Voltage Control - 1.60v DRAM Voltage Control - 2.7v DRAM Configuration Settings: DRAM Frequency Set - 200 (DRAM/FSB:1/01) Command Per Clock (CPC) - Enable CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 3 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 03 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 08 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 03 Bus Clocks Row Cycle time (Trc) - 07 Bus Clocks Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) - 11 Bus Clocks Row to Row delay (Trrd) - 2 Bus Clocks Write recovery time (Twr) - 02 Bus Clocks Write to Read delay (Twtr) - 02 Bus Clocks Read to Write delay (Trwt) - 03 Bus Clocks Refresh Period (Tref) - 4708 Cycles Write CAS Latency (Twcl) - 1 DRAM Bank Interleave - Enabled DQS Skew Control - auto DQS Skew Value - 0 DRAM Drive Strength - 8 DRAM Data Drive Strength - auto Max Async Latency - 7.0 Response time - fast Read Preamble Time - 5.0 IdleCycle Limit - 16 Cycles Dynamic Counter - Disable R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x Bypass Max - 04 x 32 Byte Granularity - Disable(4 Bursts)
  3. I haven't posted in this forum for a while and just recently upgraded from my trusty DFI NF3 250Gb. I cannot believe that some are blaming the manufacture for actions they took when they decided to flash their mobo with a beta bios? You took the chance, suck it up and learn from it. I’ve been Ocing for many years now, since the “intel-386” days. I remember when I took the chance for the first time to place a jumper in the motherboard that would raise my processor speed from 25mhz to 40!! That was great then and today after burning the hell out a few mobo’s and everything else. I simply will not stop. I cannot blame anyone but myself if I screw something up that is pushed beyond stock. So, please, people let’s move on and happy future Ocing. Thank you DFI, Oskar Wu, AG and the rest of the staff. Please continue your great work and support. P.s. when you overclock and screw up, then just sing along with this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=music
  4. Rabbi... on my system, it’s overclocking and NVRaid ports 3&4. No problems, except for some backup programs not recognizing the array as mentioned in numerous threads. The Sil 3112 should work fine also but, IMHO……. the NVRaid is better. It’s just one card less plugged into your mobo.
  5. I’ve had my koolance Exos for awhile now (2 Years) and no regrets…… it’s not as powerful as some of those high tech put me together kits but damn it does a great job. I’ve got the Proc, Video and Mobo chipset H2O’d. Here’s a few pic’s of my setup (water blocks) I took. I can add more if you like. Good luck. http://bellsouthpwp.net/l/t/ltlo77/
  6. shuRe... not sure where the pause is at? But if it’s during your login then disable or set to manual the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service, this problem seems to be common after installing SP2.
  7. ShRoOmAlIsTiC............ MAN!!!! I'm watercooled and you still have me beat My OCZ's EB's cannot hold tight timing's, I did the Uwackme's Burn-in and I have one stick that responded well and the other just refused to move any higher? So I'm stuck at 262 FSB with 3-2-2-10 @ 3.2 volts. Also, I'm still having problems gettin my Proc stable at that speed........... I may just have to drop it back a little. I was hoping that this 3700+ would give more of a punch but that was the chance I took when I purchased it.
  8. Rgone…. true Sata 1.5 speed is theoretical, and maybe some PCI Raid cards can stick with the NVRaid. It’s been my experience that the NVRaid has been faster then any PCI Raid card I’ve owned. But, then again it could be the tweaked benchmarks and too many beers while testing If it wasn’t for the other 3 SATA drives that I own, I would get rid of the SIl3114 card and solely run the NVRaid with my raptors and stick some IDE drives into the IDE ports. Besides my problem with NVRaid not being detected by some backup programs I think NVRaid is an exceptional performer.
  9. Uncle_Sam.... If you read the same link closely you’ll see that in most cases you’ll lose some speed going to a PCI card. I’m not going quote the back and forth comments………. but it’s in that thread. here's a review link that's in that thread also, it seems to be down? It might be back shortly? http://www.tweaktown.com/document.php?dType=article&dId=643 Here's a quote from that review. “nVidia has hit the nail on the head with their native solution – it is fast and combined with the fastest Serial ATA drives on the market you are going to have one very fast computer in the hard drive performance area. The other controllers here aren’t bad, it’s just that they are let down by the lack of bandwidth available through the aging PCI bus.”
  10. Uncle_Sam... read through this thread most of your answer's are there. Not sure if you are looking for a 2 or 4 port card. But either way a SiL Image chipset has worked best for me. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...15&pagenumber=4 2 - port http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-104-219&depa=0 4 - port http://www.pcmall.com/pcmall/shop/detail.asp?dpno=298880 If you decide to get any of these cards you can go to the Sil Image website and download the latest bios and drivers.
  11. gymrat777.... Go to the control panel look for Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management, right click on the 60gb HD and add a drive letter.
  12. gymrat777.... have you assigned the drive a drive letter?
  13. lh6461.... oops, I should have read your post a little better. Leave your battery out for a few minutes, I’ve read from others that it can take 20 minutes or more. What I normally do is turn on the computer, then turn it off via the power case switch ( hold it down for a few secs) unplug the power cord and hit the power switch as if you were turning it back on.. You should see the fans momentarily spin. Make sure you do this with the cmos battery out. Now move the cmos jumper to the clear cmos position. And wait a few minutes… and give it a try. Good luck P.s. try moving your memory around to different slots and unplug all your peripherals from the mobo.
  14. lh6461... are you overclocking? which port do you have your Sata connected to? Try Sata ports 3 or 4.... Also, try booting into the safe mode and run a chkdsk /f from the cmd prompt.
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