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  1. Non-Realalisticly FIghter Pilot billionaire tycoon (aka Bruce Wayne) Solid Snake (fighting rogue villains who want the world to themselves) Realalisticly A Stable, intresting, cutting edge, higly paid, with no boss, engineering job College Professor /tutor/essayist
  2. [R]BENDER

    Staying Safe

    Hey I use Linksys router with built in firewall comodo software firewall and spybot I really should download ad-ware though it is a great program
  3. FOr Pc : the earliest game I can remember playing was a racing gmae called "Stunts" also along with wolfenstein 3d and DooM. For the Console (PS): Metal Gear Sold and Resident Evil.
  4. Well like most I was shocked at what happened at VT, and really felt sad. I was only in middle school when columbine happened. Looking back I think I felt a distance with that incident because I was so young, but this really hits home. I am a sophomore now in college. I can't imagine what bring someone to do something like that, especally in college. Two of my suite mates have friends at the school, lucky they are all ok, but my one suite mate went home today to be with his brest friend and his family. Of course my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who have friends there and the familes involeved there. I think VT is a great school, with great students (just like at some of the students who were involved and what they were studying). Now I think that community will heal with time, and those students there will be closer together than ever before, and no terrible act or event will ever change that. VT will always "Invent the future." TO VT: Ut Prosim Latin: "That I May Serve"
  5. Hey Well I think if you game enough you will eventually be good at a game on the big screen. I mean you once adjusted to the game (playing for it for the first time) so you just have to get used to playing it with more screen. I would go with the 19 lcd, they look good and are some what inexpensive. BUT in you have to over stretch your budget then go with the 17' lcd. Having dul monitors is always cool
  6. Hey Well if your going to Lans why not make a big poster with a logo on it, then make that logo into a window applique and stick it on your window (if you have one) This way you got two things you can market your parents company with.
  7. Man I looked at he coverage of her and this is nuts. I feel for those living on the coast, I give my best wishes to those of you who know ppl living down there, I hope they keep safe.
  8. Hmm That email is really a sleezy trap for consumers. Which sux for ppl who don't know better. As for Tiger Direct, I must say I have lost a lot of repect for them. When I built my first computer ( 2+ years ago) I bought some compnets from them. Then they seemed more trust worthy. Now a days I try not to order from them, or make sure it is a inexpenisve item. As for Lite on, I trust them a lot. My dvd burner I bought like a year and half ago is still wroking great. While my great brand name Pioneer dvd burner (which is less then a year old) has stated to have problems. <_<
  9. Hey Wow Congrats man. I hope you have fun ob your B Day
  10. Hey A switch is a device used on a network to share bandwidth between computers. What it does is divides bandwidth evenly between pc's that are connected with it. Usually poeple have there inernet connection going to a router then a switch then there pc's are connected to the swtich.
  11. Hey Yeah sharing bandwidth causes bottlenecks. If your P4 is on a wired connection Then I suggest you pick your self up a 4 port switch. The Switch will divide your bandwidth evenly to your computer. Making for a happyer online gaming experience.
  12. Wow how can you pass up a free t-shirt!?! 3 to 4 weeks seemed a little long, but survey hinted at the company making quality products or at least I hope so... Anyways getting something in the mail is always fun
  13. Hey Usually this means you have a corrupt sector on your windows install First trying booting directly from CD w/ windows install disk If that fails you have use boot disks to get around the ntldr. This worked for me, I kept getting the error on a 2000 pro machine and booting from cd would not work So I ened up having to use boot disks
  14. Yeah thats real creepy But On a lighter note I think it is cool that your principal has a BS in Electrical Engineering. At least you know he is some what of a geek
  15. WOW That is mind blowing video. I suggest everyone take a look at it. I still can't get over the fact of where this kid is. I mean what if your friends saw the tape and your superior officer? oh my that would be troube Still amazing though
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